Chapter 1040: Fighter Li

Even as he fell down to die, his brain was filled with thoughts of attacking and attacking- that he would win three hundred grand if he just kept hitting!

Even though Maolin seemed to be a stronger fighter than the previous two, Maolin didn’t care! The injection was strong, but it was still in its testing phase, unable to create someone with the strength of a practitioner! They were more than enough to deal with normal people, but they lost all advantages when it came to fighting a practitioner!

This wasn’t a smooth win on Red Dargon’s part, and it took some difficulty, along with multiple extra injuries compared to before… But he wasn’t hurt! He was a physical practitioner, and was already with a strong body in the first place. Maolin wasn’t bad, but he didn’t hit any of his vitals at all, so Red Dragon simply raised his hands to welcome the crowd’s cheer!

They cheered- the one they betted on won again!

“Mister Li, how much did you bet today?” A fat boss asked the boss beside him.

“Not much, heh, five million!” The boss said it wasn’t much, but he was still happy.

“Then you’d win ten million right away! Congratulations!” The fat boss said, envious. “I only put in three hundred grand- if this Red Dragon comes on stage again I’d bet five million- no, ten million!”

“OH? You’re not worried that you’d lose all that ten million?” The boss asked hesitatntly.

“Lose it? Why? Red Dragon would win for certain- just look at his strength!” The fat boss said, “Look at what happened today- his opponents weren’t weak at all, it was just that Red Dragon was too strong!”

“Hm… That’s true, but they might make Red Dragon fake his fight and lose on purpose!” The boss said, worried.

“Lose on purpose? Impossible!” The fat boss said, “Look at the previous fights, all of them had one death per match! The one who wins always kills his opponent, so of course they wouldn’t fake it! Unless Red Dragon was an idiot, pretending to lose even though he’s so strong- he’d die if he faked the fight! What was the point of all his benefits if he died?”

“You’re right!” The boss said, “Then I’ll put in more tomorrow- but I’ll have to see how many games he’s fighting tomorrow. If it’s still three, then I’ll bet on the later ones and look at the situation!”

“Heh heh, that’s quite cunning!” The fat boss said, “I won’t be looking at the situation though, I’ll be betting right away! Then if he really kept winning three in a row, my ten million would turn into eighty million by the end! Hahaha, eighty million, I’ll buy a yacht and get some mistresses, that’d be great!”

“Heh heh, I may not be betting on the first match, but I’ll be betting on the later ones! I’ll put in a hundred million!” The boss made up his mind- that was how he was. If someone were to encourage him while he was indesisive, he’d make a big decision without a pause.

“Hmph, then I’ll bet twenty million! That’s all my money!” The fat boss said.

In truth, all the audience members were having similar conversations, all of them were people who had just won money. They discussed whether they should bet tomorrow as well.

Of course, among the crowd were some of An Jianwen’s men, lsitening to the situation of the bets…

Although, one didn’t need ears in the crowd for this information. It was obvious now that everyone would bet on Red Dragon tomorrow!

Jianwen was quite pleased with that. He would lose a lot today, but tomorrow he’d earn it back tenfold and even a hundredfold!

“Fighter Li, I’ll be relying on you tomorrow!” Jianwen said to the fighter, “If you win tomorrow, I’d be able to get a godly amount of money!”

“No need to thank me, Master Wen. This is all for the Firewolves!” Fighter Li said with a wave of his hand, “But, I do have one request. Can you help me with something?”

“Oh? What request- do tell, Fighter LI!” Jianwen said.

“You see, there’s this girl I have an eye on…” Fighter Li said with a laugh.

“Haha, that’s within our nature! Not a problem, since it’s someone you like, I’ll ask Little Scorpion to send some men to get her for you!” Jianwen said casually, thinking that it was no big deal.

“Master Wen, this girl is from a proper family, there might be some problems if we just snatch her!” Master Li wasn’t an idiot- if doing it like that was an option, he’d have done it himself!

“Oh?” Jianwen paused. “What’s wrong? She has a background?”

“Not a background,” Fighter Li shook his hea.d

“Then what are you worried about?” Jianwen didn’t understand, “It’s not the first time we’ve kidnapped someone, we’ve done it multiple times, and we’re still fine!”

“This is different!” He shook his head, “Master Wen, we’re getting this girl for me to play with, and I can’t kill her before I’ve had my fun! This girl looks really special, and I really want her to be my mistress for the long term. What I’m worried about, however, is if she ran out and told the world about this business we have running!”

“Hm, you’re right!” Jianwen nodded, “Then we’ll use money.”

“Master Wen, this is what I’m thinking- we could let LIttle Scorpion make her father come to our arena to make bets, and make him be in a huge debt to the point where he can’t pay it back. We’ll have him offer his daughter on his own at that point! Then the girl would be here voluntarily, and she wouldn’t be able to run!”

“Ha, you’re quite the cunning one, Mister Li! Just like me!” Jianwen started laughing at the idea. He was thinking of taking advantage of Pengzhan when he was forced in a corner, and Fighter Li was intending the same thing!

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