Chapter 1039: Injection Stops Working

The injecion started working, and Maolin felt his body fill with overflowing energy!

Scorpion didn’t lie- it really did work! He felt like a superhuman right now!

Looking at the short man, who didn’t seem to be afraid of Maolin- he struck first, sending it at the short man!

A slam sounded, and he hit it onto the short man- but the short man did the same to his chest!


Maolin paused!

This fist from the shot man was packed with immense strength- but in reality, it didn’t hurt at all!

Yes, from Maolin’s senses, he felt as if he’d just gotten pushed a little, not punched!

Maolin didn’t understand. What did this mean? Was the short man having mercy on him, or did he pull off a fluke?

But he pushed that thought aside!

Mercy? Of course not! One look at this man and he knew he had no mercy. He had already killed two people, why would he let him live?

No way it was a fluke either- no one did that in black fights, they just fought to the death in places like this! Flukes would get you killed!

Also, Maolin’s strenghtened punch seemed quite strong as he hit on the short man, and he felt it filled with much energy than usual…

And the short man even staggered a bit!

He didn’t expect this Maolin to be so powerful, coming at him with a trade of punches! His punching power was also strong, too, even though the short man was almost a golden class, he still felt pain from it!

“I’ll kill you!” A trace of anger flashed in his eyes as he sent another punch.

It hit Maolin, and Maolin hit back at the same time!

The way these two were fighting made the crowd cheer! The majority of the crowd, however, were thinking that the short man would win for sure, and Maolin trading blows like this would not end well for him.

They cheered, ‘Red Dragon, go!’ for the short man who was wearing a red dragon mask.

Maolin wore a grey dog mask but the mask, itself, didn’t cover all of his hair, revealing some of his green hair. No one gave him any calls of encouragement, for as far as they were concerned, this man was a dead man!

Red Dragon had already won two games seamlessly, and this Maolin had nothing special to him, yet still he was trading blows with Red Dragon! No one thought he would win.

Yet Maolin was really starting to wonder. This second fist felt like some girl slapping him or something, this was beyond unusual!

If the first attack was a fluke, what about now? No way he’d be fluking again, right?

Could it be that this injection even gave him defensive properties? Otherwise, why would he be feeling nothing when this short man punched him? He felt extreme joy at the realization.

So he was now imprenetrable! That meant that he had the upper hand! Not only was he extremely strong, his body could take strong hits as well! He was superman!

With that, he roared loudly and launched attacks at the short man, not a care in the world!

No matter what the short man did to him, he didn’t care- he kept punching and punching!

The audience didn’t know what they were seeing- what was going on? Did this man not fear death? What sort of fighting style was this?!

Maolin’s chest was already caved in from the short man’s attacks, but it was as if he didn’t feel it- he kept rushing the short man!

An Jianwen, who was watching the game, frowned. He looked at Scorpion, “Can this guy do it? Why does it feel like he’s gonna get killed?”

Scorpion was starting to get a little doubtful, “All the other fighters we injected this with were all able to win…”

“It looks like he’s about to die before even killing his opponent!” Jianwen felt that something was wrong. He turned to Doctor Yin. ‘Professor, Yin, what’s going on?”

“This opponent is too strong. This medicine is only in its initial testing phase, and it would be able to beat any normal man with no problems. But this man in front of him might be a practitioner!” The professor frowned, “We should get Fighter Li to ask him what’s going on.”

“Practitioner? No way, a practitioner entering an illegal arena?” Jianwen paused. He turned to Scorpion, “Go get Fighter Li, ask him what’s the matter with this guy!”

“Yes!” Scorpion said before leaving.

He came back with Fighter Li a moment later, “Master Bin, you were looking for me?”

“Yes. Take a look at this guy- why is he still unable to win even after the injection?” Jianwen said as he pointed at the ongoing fight.

Fighter Li looked at the screen. “From what I can see right now, this person seems to be a physical practitioner, not yet reaching golden class. Professor Yin’s injection wouldn’t be enough for him… Unless the injection entered into someone who had very strong constituion in the first place…”

“Oh? So you’re saying that this Maolin can’t win?” Jianwen frowned.

“Indeed!” Fighter Li said certainly.

“Fuck!” Jianwen cursed. “They betted almost twenty million on Red Dragon already, if he wins again it’d be one to one, I’d have to pay up so much!”

“Don’t worry, Master Wen! I’ll go in the arena the next fight!” Fighter Li said, waving his hand, “With my strength, killing this Red Dragon is easy.”

“Hm… Okay! The bets would be higher if Red Dragon wins again, then the fourth one would get me rich if he loses!” Jianwen nodded, relaxing.

Maolin was dead! He didn’t even know how he died- he couldn’t feel pain, and just rushed and rushed with attacks, not realizing that his ribs had already been completely shattered, his heart had been punctured and burst out blood!

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