Feixian battle zone.

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Hengduanwu mountain.

"Son of a bitch, I finally found a treasure!"

The big blackbird rubbed his golden claws excitedly, his eyes shining.

This is a hill filled with light golden mist, only a hundred feet high, on which the rocks are rugged, the plants are made of gold, golden, it is beautiful.

At this time, Lintian stood in front of an ancient rock halfway up the mountain.

In the crevice of the rock, there is a straight grass like a sword.

It is one foot high, thumb thick and thin, bright and pure as God, gold like stem with a wisp of natural clouds, on both sides of the stem, in turn, with nine thin as cicada wings like leaves.

A closer look, the leaves are like golden ladder, layer upon layer, on the vein of each leaf, there is a ray of golden flame beating.

"Nine leaf golden spirit grass!"

"Every thousand years, a leaf can grow. Every three thousand years, there will be a doomsday between heaven and earth. Only those who can survive can continue to grow."

"It's a holy treasure raised by nature. It contains the power of the golden spirit. With a little sacrifice, it can turn into a peerless flying sword. It's extremely powerful!"

The big blackbird was full of joy. "The most wonderful thing is that this treasure can also be used as a congenital divine material, which has immeasurable benefits for the sacrifice of the holy soldiers of this life!"

"At present, this nine leaf golden spirit grass has been heated for 9000 years and has experienced three times of natural calamity. It's the best time to pick it."

As Lintian listened, he had already started.

Like the "night sky jade vine" that I saw at first, the Daowen forbidden array was also arranged near the nine leaf golden spirit grass.

Big blackbird reminds in the side: "boy, according to the original agreement, this nine leaf golden spirit grass should be given to bird Lord."

Xiaoyin and Xiaotian are contemptuous. With the master's temperament, they will be greedy for your things? This thief bird is just a gentleman's belly with a villain's heart. It's disgusting!

The big blackbird just ignored it. It's always very cheeky.


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At the same time, in a world far away from the Feixian battle scene, there is an immortal mountain.

A group of golden crowns flutter their wings and shed a magnificent golden light, plating a layer of sacred golden glory on the ancient buildings on the mountain.

"Damn it, that shameless thief is clearly planning to take all the treasures we raised in the" Feixian war zone "

On the top of the mountain, Jiang Zhen's teeth itch with hatred, and his beautiful eyes are full of anger.

Her face is as beautiful as jade, her eyes are as clear as a spring, and she wears a water green dress. She stands alone in the cloud sea on the top of the mountain, just like a fairy who doesn't eat human fireworks.

Even now angry, there is an amazing beauty.

In front of Jiang He's body, there is a Eight Trigram plate polished by tortoise shell, which is floating and condensing a light curtain.

Lintian's figure was reflected in the light curtain!

This is the "medicine guide fixed star disk", which is connected with the Daowen forbidden array near the "nine leaf Jinling grass". Through this treasure, we can observe the growth of the nine leaf Jinling grass.

At the beginning, it was with this treasure that Jiang Zhen found that the "night sky jade vine" was picked by Lintian when he inspected the magic medicine raised in the "Feixian battle realm".

"Younger martial sister Jiang Chen, Feixian battle scene is related to the legendary Kunlun ruins. It's a strange and secret place. Every hundred years, we can open a tunnel to the void."

Next to him, a white robed man appeared out of thin air and said, "we have used it once before, which means that we can't do it any more."

The figure of the man in white robe is thin, with hands on his back. His hair is gray, his eyes are sharp, and his whole body exudes a great and boundless dignity.

He is obviously very young and handsome. He doesn't have many years of vicissitudes, but his momentum is more terrible than that of the supreme saint!

"Elder martial brother, in the past few days, the little thief has stolen several kinds of congenital treasures, such as" cold blue and white flowers in the dog days "," five Yun roots of Phoenix plume "and" Xuan Guang Kun wood. "

Jiang Heng was indignant and said, "plus the" night sky jade vine "and the" nine leaf golden spirit grass "in front of us, the treasures raised by Xuanji Taoist sect are almost stolen by this thief! Are we just watching? "

The white robed man, who was known as the eldest martial brother, laughed with deep eyes and breathed a frightening spirit. He said:

"compared with the pagoda on this son, these treasures are nothing. When the opportunity of Kunlun ruins opens, I will make him spit out what he has eaten ten times and a hundred times! "

His voice is clear and clear, like the sound of the morning bell and the evening drum, but it shows incomparable confidence.

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Jiang Chen's eyes brightened: "yes, the thief has a flying immortal order. He will go to the Kunlun ruins in the future. Then, he will have a good account with him!"

"That's right."

All of a sudden, he thought of something and said, "elder martial brother, what is the origin of the pagoda in the hands of the little thief? How can it resist the attack of the big sun thunder wheel?"Dari leilun is one of the most precious treasures of Xuanji daozong. It was born in the congenital chaos of a Leigang world.

Many years ago, in order to subdue this treasure, an emperor figure of Xuanji daozong went out in person and directly refined the "Leigang world" of that side. Only then did he seize the opportunity to subdue this treasure and absorb it at one stroke.

After that, because of its great power and the origin of Lei Dao, it became one of the most important treasures of Xuanji daozong.

But that tower, however, blocked the big sun thunder wheel's killing, and also caused the big elder martial brother to do it in person. How could Jiang Heng not be curious?

"The origin of this tower is very great. As early as the boundless years ago, it was famous all over the world. It was shining in the sky and had incredible power."

The white robed man's eyes were blazing and his voice was low, "but I'm not sure if it's the legendary tower

"Not sure?"

The white robed man nodded, and his eyebrows flashed with the color of recollection: "yes, because long ago, this tower disappeared from the world in a big war, that war..."

"Six imperial orthodoxy have been destroyed, 19 World positions have been broken and occupied, and there are more than 30 dead and injured imperial figures."

"In addition, there are still many emperors, sage kings and great saints who have fallen. In that war, the whole starry sky trembled and lost their voices!"

At the end of the day, the white robed man's eyebrows were shocked.

It was a dark time that could shake the whole world. Destruction and killing affected many worlds and creatures. The heavy casualties were enough for anyone to forget!

"The battle of emperors in ancient times?"

Jiang Chen seemed to think of something and could not help taking a breath.

That war was a confrontation between the great figures in the imperial realm, and a battle between many archaic orthodoxy forces who dominated the starry sky.

That war, also known as the "emperor road war"!

"Elder martial brother, do you mean that tower may have appeared in the battle of the emperors?"

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Jiang Zhen felt shocked at the moment.

The white robed man nodded and said, "I'm not sure about this. After all, you know, after the end of the battle of the emperors, almost all of the treasures that were once powerful were destroyed in the fierce battle, and few of them can be well preserved and spread."

Jiang can't help but ask: "what's the name of that tower?"

The white robed man patted Jiang Zhen on the shoulder and said, "this tower is very involved. The orthodoxy behind it is also a taboo place in the archaic times, and no one dares to talk about it at will. I'll tell you when I go to the Kunlun market and catch the boy. "

At this time, the tortoise shell Bagua plate suddenly gave out a strange roar, and the original image was also broken and eliminated.

Jiang Heng's pretty face turned black, gritted his teeth and said, "the nine leaf golden spirit grass has also been taken away by the thief!"

The man in the white robe fell into thinking.

"Apart from that tower, how could the" Zaohua Yiqi furnace "also appear together?"

"When the" battle of the Emperors "was staged in the Archaic period, it was clear that the origin of the" ancient wasteland "which was the core of the nine domains had already been destroyed..."

"Is there another mystery?"

"It seems that when the Kunlun ruins open, we must seize the boy and make a good interrogation. At the beginning, the place where most of the figures of the empire fell was the ancient wasteland

In the distant sky, a blue dragon more than ten feet long suddenly came and called out: "true disciple Ji Qian, listen to the order!"

The white robed man looked solemn and bowed.

Ji Qian.

Xuanji daozong is the first person of zhenzhuan in the contemporary era. He is a powerful great sage. In the nine regions, he is enough to establish a sect and is respected by countless people.

But at this time, he looked obedient and did the disciple's ceremony!

It can be seen from this that Xuanji daozong has a solid foundation.


A few days later.

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Feixian battle zone.

"It's finally over..."

Kunshaoyu, xueqingyi and zhuyingkong walk out of the underground cave and look at the sky. They all feel relieved.

A golden crack appeared in the sky, and a strange and obscure power of order was spreading from the crack.

Today is the tenth day of the beginning of Feixian battle realm, and it is also the day when Feixian battle realm is about to end.

"I don't know if the ancient wilderness camp has been broken."

Kun Shaoyu murmurs.

"There will be no accident!"

The candle reflected in the sky and vowed that there were chess pieces lying in ambush in the camp of the ancient wasteland. No matter how strong the city of road protection built by Lintian was, it was in vain.

"I hope so."

Blood green clothes sighed.

What if you break through the eight domains camp? That Lintian will not die. He will eventually become a big trouble for the eight regions camp!

"It's time to leave."Meanwhile, in the fog mountain, Lintian raised his head, and his eyes were deep and bright.

For him, this trip to Feixian battlefield can be regarded as a complete victory. There is no accident. In the future, the pattern of nine domains battlefield will be rewritten!

After all, the top forces of the eight regions camp were almost wiped out, leaving only Kun Shaoyu, Xue Qingyi and Zhu Yingkong, who were doomed to no more storm.

Lintian's only worry was the safety of the ancient wasteland camp.


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