Chapter 69. Go to the city with Father and Mother

Lin Qing He didn't remain at home during New Year's Day. She took San Wa over to the old Zhou's house.

She came to chat Eldest Sister-in-law, Third Sister-in-law, and Zhou Xiao Mei. As for Second Sister-in-law, she wasn't included in her list.

Although Third Sister-in-law hadn't completed her post-natal confinement yet, her body was now much better. And it was New Year, she was happy to chat.

Lin Qing He didn't plan to be a bother. She left after talking for almost an hour.

As for Second Sister-in-law, she happened to be not home. She went out to converse with other women in the village.

Lin Qing He brought San Wa home. Zhou Xiao Mei followed her back too. When they returned, Zhou Qing Bai was feeding the pigs.

Zhou Qing Bai was still in charge of these things. Lin Qing He occasionally lent a hand, however, it was impossible to dump the whole responsibility all to her.

"Fourth Sister-in-law, you have changed a lot. You can bear having the pigs at home." Zhou Xiao Mei said a surge of emotion.

"Come on." Lin Qing He tossed a glance at her.

Zhou Xiao Mei grinned: "Fourth Sister-in-law, what kind of person do you think I should find?"

"Have no parents and own a car and a house." Lin Qing He casually replied.

Zhou Xiao Mei burst into laughter, chuckling: "Fourth Sister-in-law, I say, what you said is too interesting."

"Why? It doesn't make sense?" Lin Qing He uttered.

"It does. It's not easy to find this type. And if something happens, there's no one to seek help from." Zhou Xiao Mei pointed out.

"What kind of help do you need? You got so many brothers in your maternal family. If needed, just give us a shout. Who won't support you?" Lin Qing He said.

Zhou Xiao Mei said with a smile: "Still won't chance upon this type."

"If you don't meet one, you can only retreat and take the second place. But you can basically kick that guy of yours, no need to think about it." Lin Qing He advised.

"I'll kick him once I'm back after the New Year." Zhou Xiao Mei concurred.

"Find a reliable person, like your fourth brother. He has to have a sense of responsibility. His shoulders can hold things up. He can go out to protect his wife and children at home. Also, have good looks." Lin Qing He listed.

Zhou Xiao Mei uttered in shock: "Didn't you used to say that my fourth brother is bad here and there? How long ago was it before you changed?"

She really didn't see that many good points from her fourth brother. In her eyes, her fourth brother was a rough man.

"A woman's heart is a needle in the sea, can say wind one second and rain the next. Not just me, even you know." Lin Qing He stated.

Of course, Zhou Xiao Mei knew. But still, she changed too fast.

"I used to spend too little time with your fourth brother. Each time, he couldn't stay for more than a few days. What can I see with this? Now that I have interacted with him. I think he is really good. At least, as the head of the family, he can support my family's front." Lin Qing He clarified.

Although he hadn't approved of her pork resale until now and was too rigid, she had no complaints in other aspects.

To put it simply, the person was handsome, had a lot of gold, and was vigorous with a big device.

Cough. Although she hadn't experienced the last part personally, she wasn't stupid. From the cuddling in bed, how can she not feel his amazing size?

Actually, she was a little scared. Afraid that she couldn't bear.

She had deviated too much.

Anyway, Zhou Qing Bai's condition was quite in line with her taste. The only bad point was his inflexibility. She still had to continue to train him.

Zhou Xiao Mei also had lunch here. Once she finished, she returned. Lin Qing He told her that their family was going to the county city tomorrow and would leave Feiying to watch the house, so there was no need to come and find her.

Zhou Xiao Mei immediately responded: "I will go with you!"

"The bicycle has no space. And it's a rare chance for us to have a family trip. Are you sure you want to join?" Lin Qing He said.

"Forget it then." Zhou Xiao Mei waved her hand.

"What do you want to eat? I will bring it back for you." Lin Qing He asked.

"No need. I will come to your house tomorrow night to eat?" Zhou Xiao Mei checked.

"Sure." Lin Qing He gave her the answer.

Zhou Xiao Mei happily went back.

The New Year’s Day passed like this. Overall it was filled with happiness. Only on the night of New Year’s Day, Zhou Qing Bai was obviously not behaving.

"Wife, your anger should be gone." Zhou Qing Bai hoarsely voiced out.

Must say, it was quite tempting. It was still useless, Lin Qing He's heart hardened: "Don't touch me, go to sleep by yourself."

"Wife." Zhou Qing Bai dropped a kiss on her neck.

Lin Qing He immediately reacted: "If you go too far, don't blame me for flipping on you!"

Zhou Qing Bai maintained: "Your business is a bad idea. If an accident happened, it'll be bad for your reputation."

"I did say I have a way. If I get into trouble once, then I won't wash my hands in the golden basin. But only on the premise that you let me try it once. It's just selling some pork. What the big deal? Believe it or not, this situation is only for the time being. It will be the world of merchants in the future. "Lin Qing He persisted.

"The future is the future. Now it's not allowed." Zhou Qing Bai stood firm.

"Qing Bai, let me try. Just let me try it once. If it doesn't work, then I'll be ruly. If you can, will you let me give it a go?" Lin Qing He pleaded softly.

Her hands were on his cheeks and touched his chin, which was full of hard stubble. It felt quite comfortable and simulating to feel.

It was a rare opportunity for Zhou Qing Bai to see her acting as obedient as a cat. So he enjoyed her coquetry a bit and then refused firmly.

Angrily Lin Qing He's hand went down and unknowingly caught his fatal point. It made Zhou Qing Bai was all tense, but still couldn't help but want more.

Lin Qing He fulfilled his wish. When it was halfway through, she let go and stopped. Then she changed position with Er Wa and ignored him.

A hardened man like Zhou Qing Bai was close to exploding from the punishment his unsparing wife gave.

In the middle of the night, he inevitably got up and changed his underwear.

Early the next morning, the family ate breakfast and headed to the county city.

They gave Mother Zhou a key and told her to come over to cook some food for the pig when it was time. They were fed before they went out.

Zhou Da Wa, Zhou Er Wa, and little San Wa were all overjoyed, to be able to go to the city with Father and Mother.

Zhou Da Wa was at the front. Lin Qing He held Er Wa and San Wa at the back. Like this, the whole family came to the county city.

The family took a family portrait. Narcissistically, Lin Qing He also took two more individual photos. Zhou Qing Bai was forced by her to take one as well. As for Da Wa, Er Wa and San Wa, they grouped together for one and then separate for an individual one.

Then it was the movie.

The family watched a movie. Even though it wasn't good, Da Wa and Er Wa still enjoyed it deeply. San Wa fell asleep after watching half.

Zhou Qing Bai held him, as Lin Qing He continued to watch with two big ones.

After watching the movie, the family came out and went to the restaurant.

After coming out of the restaurant, Da Wa expressed: "The dumplings aren't as good as our family's."

"The taste can't beat homemade ones." Er Wa nodded.

"Be satisfied that you got something to eat and don't be picky." Lin Qing He uttered. She bought some little apples and nothing else. She spent a lot of money today. The photos will be ready for pick up in a week.

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