Chapter 1038: Plot in the Arena

He may just be a gangster, but he had seen his share of fights before. This short man was packed with muscles- he was good! If Yang Maolin was right, then this person was someone who became a dark martial artist after a long time of fighting underground fights! His moves were all killer moves, meant to kill!

This was a world of difference between the fights Maolin got himself into! He was used to fighting, but that was fighting- he aimed to injure, to put someone down… But this man was trying to kill! Every hit was aimed at the vitals, at the head and at the chest, each of them with the potenaital to kill!

Looking at the opponent who the short muscled guy had just destroyed, Maolin started sweating. The short man was dragging him away from the stage like he was a dead dog!

He was regretting it! He really did! He shouldn’t have believed what Little Scorpion told him, he shouldn’t have dreamed an impractical dream!

The short man sent another hit- with a burst, he caved his fist into the side of the opponent’s head- it collapsed inward, and popped out again, forming a massive hump!

The bear like man twitched twice before falling down, not one trace of life was left.

Another victory for the short man!

He raised his hands, basking in the cheers of the crowd!

Two matches- that was one million yuan! Three matches today and he’d be able to get one and a half million, this was the biggest pay in his life of illegal fighting tournaments! He wouldn’t have come all the way to Songshan from Thailand otherwise!

He was a master of Thai boxing, and used to be a professional sportsman before retiring and turning to underground arenas. A lot of retired fighters got weaker with age, but the short man was different. His strength now was even stronger than the peak moment of his legal fighting career!

Especially after he learned some killer moves from a third rate assassin- he became even stronger!

Of course, that wasn’t all- he was also stronger because he had walked up the path of practitioning as a physical practitioner, soon to be a golden class fighter! This was the secret of his power!

“Scorpion Bro… I don’t want to fight anymore…” Maolin said as he realized the direness of the situation. He wanted money, but he didn’t want to die!

“You’ve signed the life and death agreement. You have one choice, and that is to fight!” Little Scorpion said coldly.

“I won’t, what are you going to do? Life and death papers? I’m just some gangster, but I know that this sort of thing doesn’t work in court! I go up there now, I die!” Maolin had no choice but to go into conflict with Scorpion, even though he knew just how big the strength supporting this arena must be.

“Oh?” Scorpion smiled coldly as he pointed his gun at him. “Then you can die now!”

“Wha?!” Maolin froze with the gun on his head, shaking. “You… You guys…”

“Fight, and you might live and even win money,” Scorpion said, “Don’t fight, and you die now.”

Maolin didn’t know what to say. He was the lowest of gangsters, so of course he’d never seen a gun before! He shook uncontrollably with the gun at his head, not doubting that Scorpion would kill him- he’d just seen the short man kill two people!

So, that meant that people dying here wasn’t a problem at all!

So he knelt, “Scorpion Bro, I really don’t want to die, please, I don’t want to die, I haven’t lived enough yet!”

“You don’t want to die?” Scorpion sighed, putting on an act, “Then wait a moment, let me talk to my boss.”

“Okay, okay!” Moalin nodded instantly.

The Scorpion only went behind the door just to walk back. The plan was set, so nothing could be changed! He only showed the fights to Maolin on purpose to make him scared, otherwise, if they really wanted him to go on stage and die, they wouldn’t have shown him the fights at all!

“Boss said he can guarantee your win, but your five hundred thousand will only be three hundred thousand. You okay with that?” Little Scorpion said.

“Yes, yes!” Maolin said, overjoyed that not only was he going to win, he was still going to get three hundred grand! He just wanted to keep his life, he didn’t care about money at that point- this was a bonus!

“Before you go on stage later, I’ll give you an injection- this will strengthen you for thirty minutes, gtiving you immense strength!” Scorpion said, “But you need to kill the opponent in thirty minutes- otherwise, you’ll have to rely on yourself after that!”

“Is… this injection really that good?” Maolin said, doubting him, thinking that Scorpion was lying to make him go on stage.

“Do I have a reason to lie? This injection is quite expensive- boss said that the short man had already won two, messing up the balance of the bets for the third one. If he wins again, the boss will suffer a great loss, that’s why he’d even use such an expensive injection on you!” Little Scorpion said. “Cutting that two hundred grand from you isn’t even enough to cover this injection!”

“I see! Okay, he heh, I know!” Maolin was instantly filled with confidence.

Scorpion was rtight- the boss made bets of the house other than organizing the fights. Now that the short man had won two, the third bet would have a peak- everyone would bet on the short man, not some guy called Maolin!

So, if the short man won again, it’d be a loss for the arean!

The thought turned Maolin’s heart dark and alert. He had decided- once he won this fight, he’d take the money and leave, and never come back to an arena like this again!

After all, if he kept winning, and the bets on him grew, the boss of the areana would want him dead as well!

The third fight started, and the injection had entered Maolin. He went up to stage- it was the short man who was his opponent!

The man seemed to still be full of energy, as if his previous two matches were just warm ups! He stood on the stage, looking down on the green haired Maolin!

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