In the sky, the power of order and rules is rolling, and a vortex channel is about to be formed.

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Lintian waited in silence.

In addition to killing the enemy, he also gained a lot from this trip. Now, in his hands, he has eight pieces of flying immortal orders that he has collected enough to fight with the emperor.

In addition, the spoils gained from killing the enemy are even more amazing. All kinds of divine materials, treasures and treasures are piled up like mountains, and their value is immeasurable!

At least for a long time, whether it's practicing or refining holy treasures, you don't have to worry about the shortage of materials.

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At the same time, the progress of cultivation realm is amazing.

In particular, after refining the "night sky jade vine", one day's practice is worth hundreds of days' work, which makes Lin xunzhen's cultivation in the holy land complete.

It won't be long before we can step into the later stage of the true saint!

If the speed of practice is spread out, it will make the whole world tremble.

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After all, it's only two years since the jiuyu battlefield was opened.

In the past two years, Lintian successfully stepped on the top of the world from the top of the world. Up to now, he has achieved a medium-term success in the cultivation of the holy way. This kind of promotion speed can be called shocking!

The most incredible thing is that Lintian was not to be strong for the sake of becoming strong. His every step was very solid, far more than his peers.

Otherwise, he will never have the fighting power that is almost invincible among his peers!

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Generally speaking, every step in the search for the holy way is extremely difficult. For example, in the ancient wilderness, there are few people in the holy land. Why?

It's very simple, practicing in seclusion!

For these real saints, there are almost countless examples of closing up for thousands of years in order to break through the realm.

And Lintian was able to become a saint in just two years, and he made many breakthroughs in the holy land, which had a great relationship with his trip to the nine regions battlefield.

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Only in the nine regions battlefield, can we have the opportunity to make the supreme sage change quickly!

If Lintian didn't choose to enter the battlefield of jiuyu, he would stay in the ancient wasteland. He was afraid that he would not be able to become a saint so soon.

"Master, the secret land of flying immortals will be closed soon. This chapter was originally intended to be published in the evening, but it's better to send it in advance. Goldfish are here to pay New Year's greetings to brothers and sisters. I wish you all a happy family and good luck!"

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