Chapter 68. New Year's Day

Da Wa, Er Wa, and San Wa were all very well nurtured. Zhou Qing Bai, the youngest son, had also returned home. So they were overjoyed to have this dinner party this evening.

Even Second Sister-in-law didn't act out and attract disdain at this time.

The truth was she didn't have time to. It was so rare to have such a delicious meal. She couldn't wait to eat more, so why would she pick on people?

After eating the New Year’s Eve dinner, conversing as they wait for the countdown was left.

However, Lin Qing He didn't want to stay for this tradition. She chatted for a while before she took her kids back home around nine o'clock to sleep.

As for the countdown, there was Zhou Qing Bai. He was enough.

Mother Zhou pulled her youngest son into the room to speak, mainly to ask Lin Qing He's current thoughts.

"Don't worry, Mother. my wife is very good." Zhou Qing Bai said.

Mother Zhou advised: "Mother knows that your wife has proved to change for better. But you should still pay attention. She still has a thorn in her heart from your retirement. If there's a problem, yield to her. "

Zhou Qing Bai nodded.

It was not easy for his wife to manage the whole family's food and clothing, so he will naturally go along with her.

Mother Zhou didn’t want her younger son to lower himself in front of another's daughter, but it couldn’t help it. Now he had grown up and had his own family. How could she not know that the household won't be at peace if the female head of the family doesn't perform properly?

The power of women had that much effect. It was undoubtedly the truth.

Therefore, Mother Zhou would rather have her son compromise. At least for now, Fourth's wife did not make trouble because of his retirement, right?

This is great. In the beginning, she was worried to death because she was afraid of the endless troubles from Fourth's wife.

The current attitude was still good.

After the countdown, Zhou Qing Bai went back.

Zhou Xiao Mei spoke with her mother: "Mother, what did you call Fourth brother in for?"

"Nothing much." Mother Zhou didn't want to elaborate too much toward this daughter, otherwise, she could go to her fourth sister-in-law and pass it on.

"I know even without you saying. Must be telling him to have a good relationship with Fourth Sister-in-law?" Zhou Xiao Mei said.

Mother Zhou shot a glance at her: "Aren't you clever(monkey spirit)?"

"I'm being clever. I'm telling the truth. Mother, you should really have a good talk with Fourth Brother. A guy like him, to be able to marry my fourth sister-in-law, it can only be said that he has good fortune. He must cherish it" Zhou Xiao Mei stated.

Mother Zhou was displeased: "Which part of your fourth brother is bad?"

"Fourth Brother isn't bad. But to match my fourth sister-in-law, he's slightly not good enough. I know Mother knows that well without me saying. That body full of style and knowledge, even the girls who grew up in the city can’t compare to her." Zhou Xiao Mei sang.

Mother Zhou said: "Can it be eaten?"

"Ma'am, you're so vulgar. I'm discussing something serious with you and you veer off." Zhou Xiao Mei said: "Mother, did you notice? Fourth Sister-in-law is now more beautiful than before."

Mother Zhou glanced at her and said nothing.

How could she not see? There were no words for this youngest daughter-in-law's appearance. The female educated urban youth were pretty, but still, they can't be compared with Fourth's wife.

In contrast to the past, the current Fourth's wife was more comprehensible, whether it was her speech or actions. For example, when the whole family came over for dinner, she brought two solid dishes. Even Second's wife, who was prepared to criticize, became mute. She can be considered as being generous and decent.

No matter what, her son was worthy of her. How could it be incompatible like her daughter said?

"I didn’t say it’s a bad match. I just wanted to say that you have to make Fourth Brother coax her well. This time I came back, I notice Fourth Sister-in-law’s affection for the kids. With her personality, if she’s not happy, she might really cleanly separate from Fourth Brother. Don't say it's not possible. You're clear on how well I understand Fourth Sister-in-law."Zhou Xiao Mei stated.

Mother Zhou wanted to pinch her and scolded: "It's New Year, speak less of those unlucky words. I think she is fine now."

"It is fine ah. Then don't let her suffer a grievance. Otherwise, it's possible for her to break away from her in-law family since she already disowned her maternal family. With Fourth Sister-in-law's looks, it's possible for her to marry into the city. She is so powerful, she can definitely have a firm footing. Speaking about it, Fourth Brother benefitted at the beginning because she had a beautiful dream. Now that her dream is broken, it is really rare for her to not make a scene." Zhou Xiao Mei remarked.

After hearing the news of her fourth brother's retirement in the food factory, she had expected that her fourth sister-in-law would not give up easily.

"Okay, quickly go to bed." Mother Zhou uttered impatiently.

Mother Zhou brought it up to Father Zhou when she came back. Father Zhou said: "Don't worry about that much. No need to govern that side. I think Qing Bai and his wife have a good relationship."

The most important thing was that Fourth's wife was now devoted to Da Wa and his brothers. Looking at the three grandchildren, Father Zhou was delighted at the sight.

Have to say, the father and mother was an important factor. When the parents are good looking, the children below can't be too bad.

"When I saw Da Wa and his brothers today, and I feel that the children in the city are like this." Father Zhou merrily remarked.

Mother Zhou did not say anything about this point. When talking about the third generation of descendants, first, second, and third branches cannot be compared with fourth's.

Not just old Zhou's family., even in other families in the village, there was no one that could beat them.

This was really thanks to having beautiful parents.

While Old Zhou's house spoke, at Lin Qing He's little family.

After Zhou Qing Bai returned to the house, he saw that the mother and sons were sleeping soundly. He took off his clothes and got on the kang.

Probably after getting to used to it for a while, Lin Qing He no longer resisted his embrace. Sensing his presence, she automatically approached, hugged his waist, and found a comfortable position in his arms to continue to sleep.

In the dark, Zhou Qing Bai's stiff face alleviated. He held her willow waist, smelled the fragrance of her hair, and soon fell asleep.

When Lin Qing He got up early the next morning, Zhou Qing Bai had already made breakfast.

Although it was New Year's Day, they don't have to eat too special. Millet porridge served with buns was enough.

Lin Qing He got the kids to get up. The brothers didn't want to get up. The bed in winter was so warm that they wished to stay there.

Especially with such a big quilt that Lin Qing He got this year. So comfy.

There was another one in the next room, which hadn't been used yet. On top of that, there's a four jin one here, it was sufficient.

In fact, Lin Qing He also didn't want to get up, but today was New Year's Day. She had to let the children go give New Year's greeting.

After dressing them up, she let them have breakfast. Once they finished, she gave them candy and let them go out to play.

As for the New Year's money, they did get it. Two dimes for each person. The usual rule for San Wa, she keeps it. The other two don't need her to keep it.

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