Lintian is back!

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At this moment, the original noise of the huge moat city disappeared and became silent.

Countless eyes all looked at the far sky, where Lintian's figure stood alone, like a banished immortal.

This young man once made a big scene in the world of blood demons and besieged a city.

He once rebuilt the city of road protection with his own efforts and killed the Allied forces of the seven regions.

On the Bank of the black cliff sea, he once defeated hundreds of Jueming saints and defeated three Jueming figures, such as xueqingyi, which created opportunities for a group of Jueming figures in the ancient wasteland to enter the secret realm of yuanci.

In the past two years, his deeds have spread all over the battlefield of the nine regions, like a legend.

Now, he came back alive from Feixian battlefield!

"Just come back, just come back..."

At this moment, SHAOHAO, ruowu and other great sages' hearts were completely released, and they felt very relaxed.

At the beginning, they were all worried that when Lintian went to Feixian battlefield, he might be beaten down by a group of top figures from the eight regions camp, and he might even be worried about his life.

But it's ok

He's back! safe and sound!

However, when SHAOHAO and his wife were going to meet each other, they all stopped and looked different.

Because it's not their turn at the moment.


When Lintian returned, he felt relieved when he saw the intact moat city.

Ten days after leaving, the city is still there, which means that the ancient wilderness camp is all right. This is undoubtedly the best news!

But soon, Lintian's eyes were fixed, and his pupils widened a little. He was staring at a beautiful shadow on the top of the city. He almost couldn't believe his eyes.

Summer solstice?

Lintian's heart trembled.

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At that time, before the arrival of juetong, the summer solstice floated away from the Xingqi sea and went to a dark door like an eternal night, then disappeared.

After that, Lintian went through ten years of fighting in the top of the world, and then returned to the lower border, with his footprints all over the Empire.

Later, he entered the bloodkilling battlefield and the mulberry forest

After returning to the ancient wasteland, he started his journey to the battlefield of the nine kingdoms

Up to now, more than ten years have passed!

For more than ten years, how could Lintian not worry about the summer solstice, which had never been heard from?

However, he never thought that the most familiar figure in his memory would appear on the top of the high city built by himself at the first time when he returned from Feixian battlefield!

This is undoubtedly a big surprise. It's better than a big win.

In this world, there is no such feeling of "long separation and reunion", which makes people more happy!

However, Lin xungang plans to step closer to the past. Suddenly, he finds that there seems to be something wrong with the atmosphere

In addition to the summer solstice, Zhao Jingxuan also stood at the head of the huge city. In addition, no one else was present.

That's not right.

This time I return, with the perceptive power of Laoge, ALU, SHAOHAO and ruowu, I can feel it for the first time. How can they not appear now?

"Elder brother, summer solstice girl and Jingxuan girl are waiting for you. You should take it easy!"

Suddenly, the sound of the old clam was ringing in Lintian's ears, which made him feel numb.

Only then did he realize what had happened!

At that time, did the summer solstice say that if you want to get a wife, you must pass her first

"I don't think so. There has been a contradiction between the summer solstice and Jing Xuan?"

Even though Lintian was now in the highest holy land, his heart was as firm as a rock, and he was used to the strong winds and waves, but he still couldn't help his head.

But he didn't show any abnormality. He walked towards the city with a smile.

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At this moment, the old clam and ALU, SHAOHAO, xiaocangtian, yechen and others who were hiding in the dark all opened their eyes wide to sweat for Lintian.

"Lintian, you are back!"

To everyone's surprise, Zhao Jingxuan took the lead in opening her mouth. She had a bright smile, red lips and scallop teeth. Her eyebrows were full of undisguised joy.

Without waiting for Lintian to speak, Zhao Jingxuan looked at the summer solstice and said, "you see, the summer solstice is coming. I believe you must be very surprised."

Lintian nodded his head subconsciously, and immediately he thought he was going to suffer. However, after careful observation, he didn't find any unhappiness in Zhao Jingxuan, so he calmed down a little.

At this time, Zhao Jingxuan said with a smile: "now that I see you back, I'm completely relieved. You've been chatting for many years. I believe you must have a lot to say. I'll go back and have a rest first. In the evening, I'll call those friends to take care of you."Then he threw an encouraging look at Lintian and turned away.

From the beginning to the end, without dragging mud and water, they turned around and left with their beautiful words. That kind of demeanor and bearing surprised the old clam and Alu in the dark, and they suddenly felt admiration.

Miss Jingxuan, it's a great skill!

Instead of fighting against each other, he took the initiative to quit, which made Lintian avoid a dilemma and save his dignity.

Even as a woman, Ruo Wu can't help sighing. Miss Zhao really has a beautiful heart. A situation that is delicate enough to make any man's head big is resolved by her in a few words.

It's just like spring wind and rain, moistening things silently.

Lin Xun was eager to give Zhao Jingxuan a big hug in his heart. This kind of private affair was watched by the public. Once he found some disputes, it was easy to make a joke.

"You seem happy?"

The summer solstice suddenly opens its mouth, and its sound is clear, clean and sounds like the sound of nature.

Lintian was stunned and couldn't help laughing: "how can I be unhappy to see you appear?"

When he spoke, he had already come to the top of the city. At a glance, he could see that the summer solstice had not been the green girl for more than ten years.

Her figure is slender, waist like willow, Yingying a grip, standing there, posture outstanding, almost and his general high.

"But I'm not happy."

The voice of summer solstice was calm. He turned around and looked at Lintian with a pair of clean and bright eyes like stars. He said seriously, "besides her, how many women have you found in these years?"

Lintian almost broke out in a cold sweat and coughed: "at the summer solstice, we finally met again. How about not saying this at this time?"

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Xia Zhi nodded and said, "yes, I will never refuse your request. You have promised me that when you want to get a wife, you should get my consent first."

Lintian said, "of course I remember it."

Speaking of this, he could not help but raise his hand subconsciously and wanted to rub the head of the summer solstice. This was a habit he had formed many years ago.

But at this moment, there was some hesitation, and the hand also stopped.

The summer solstice leaned out a hand, picked up his hand, naturally put it on his head and said, "I didn't promise you to marry. I don't care how many you want to marry, but I'm worried Gradually become a burden

Clear voice, rare to show a trace of depression.

This made Lintian feel a pain in his heart. He held the summer solstice in his arms and took a deep breath of air: "no, there will not be this day."

The summer solstice body was slightly stiff, and then became soft and moist. He put his head close to Lintian's shoulder, and murmured: "from when I woke up, my world was dark, until I met you, Lintian, you can't leave me."

Lintian's arms became tighter.

At that time, when he was in Feiyun village, he whispered this sentence on the summer solstice in his sleep. Only today can he find that he is the one who can never be replaced in the mind of the summer solstice.


That night, a feast opened in the hall where Lintian lived.

Like an impeccable hostess, Zhao Jingxuan arranged every detail of the banquet in order.

Full of friends, toasting, laughter, in this night, outlines a good picture.

It was also on this night that the great blackbird spat out one by one about what happened in Feixian battlefield, which caused a lot of applause.

When you are satisfied with your life, you must be happy. Don't let the golden cup empty to the moon.

In the Feixian battle, Lin Xun killed a number of top figures in the eight domains and returned home with a big victory, becoming the first person in the nine domain battle.

In front of the moat City, the army of eight regions was defeated, and the ancient wasteland camp turned out to be safe.

The two battles have virtually changed the pattern of the nine domain battlefield.

Lost a number of top forces, heavy casualties of the eight regions camp, from now on, can no longer threaten the ancient wilderness camp!

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At the end of the banquet, Lintian made a decision. From tomorrow, the ancient wasteland camp will take the initiative to attack. He will not break the eight domains and will never stop!

The night was like ink. After the guests and friends left, there were only three people left in the huge hall, including Lintian, summer solstice and Zhao Jingxuan.

Old clam, ALU are very witty, with small silver, small days to leave.

The big blackbird didn't want to leave. He said that he wanted to discuss with Lintian about dividing up the spoils, but he was tied away by the old clam. It was useless to break his voice.

"This thief is too greedy."

Lintian couldn't help laughing.

At this time, she had enough to eat and drink at the summer solstice and went to sleep quietly as before. Of course, she naturally occupied Lintian's bed, just like many years ago.

"Jing Xuan, are you not angry today?" Lintian looked at Zhao Jingxuan.

Two people sit side by side on the steps in front of the eaves, the lights flickering, sprinkle mottled light and shadow, the light is not fixed.Zhao Jingxuan gently nestled his head on Lintian's shoulder. A pair of beautiful eyes looked at the night sky in the distance and said softly, "don't worry, I can't get angry with the summer solstice.

She may be extremely powerful, but I feel that she has never been out of tune with the world, there is a kind of unspeakable loneliness, you are the only person she cares about in her heart, I am very happy.

At least, she can stop being lonely. "

In the distant night, there are bursts of noisy sounds, and the monks in the city gather and celebrate freely.

In the house, the summer solstice sleeps soundly.

Around, is Hui quality orchid heart, tender feelings such as water of Yi people.

Sitting quietly, listening, watching and feeling, Lintian's lips began to show a silent smile.

He had not been so happy for a long time. The calm and steady joy filled his heart like a full warm current.

This situation, this scene, at this moment, Lintian will never forget.


(on the first day of the lunar new year, Lin Xun, together with the summer solstice and Zhao Jingxuan, on behalf of goldfish, wishes the children's shoes a happy new year, reunion, harmony and happiness!)

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