Chapter 67. New Year's Eve

Lin Qing He raised an eyebrow and said, "If your mother-in-law is unwell, don't you have to dish out money?"

Zhou Xiao Mei froze for a moment.

"From the start, you count as increasing your status by marrying into the city. At least in the eyes of them, city folks, it is marrying above your station. Since you get a social status increase, then you have to be deeply grateful, serve your parents-in-law properly, and treat your husband's siblings nicely. If not, you are mannerless and insensible. Younger Guzi, do you understand what I mean?" Lin Qing He spelled out.

Zhou Xiaomei gritted her teeth, bit out, "They dare!"

"Silly." Lin Qing He said solemnly: "At that time, you already married over. Can you even reason against it? There is divorce now, but can you afford the consequence of divorce?"

Zhou Xiao Mei declared: "Then I will break it off with him as soon as possible once I go back!"

"Think about it when you go back. You got to observe more on your own. I'm just analyzing it for you. It's up to you, whether it's staying or giving up. But in my opinion, Younger Guzi, you deserve better." Lin Qing He said.

"With my background, how can I find better." Zhou Xiao Mei lamented at once.

"What's wrong with your background? Poor peasant, the best status nowadays. Who would dare to touch you when you go out?" Lin Qing He grinned and said: "You got the looks. You got a career. Currently, you're at the peak youth. Why should you wrong yourself by choosing such a family? "

Zhou Xiao Mei was comforted by her, and her spirit was restored a lot.

"Tell me about how the boy chased you." Lin Qing He poured a cup of warm water to drink. She was a little thirsty from talking so much.

"He gifted me a hairpin." Zhou Xiao Mei admitted.

"Then what?" Lin Qing He nodded and motioned her to continue.

Zhou Xiao Mei looked at her and stated, "No more."

Lin Qing He stared at her: "That's your courtship. He just gave you a hairpin? Then you matched with him?"

Her tone was clearly shocked.

Zhou Xiao Mei's face remained calm as she found nothing strange: "Gift me a hairpin and that's it."

"My God." Lin Qing He couldn't believe it.

Initially, Zhou Xiao Mei didn't think there was anything but seeing her fourth sister-in-law being so surprised, it dawned on her. She exclaimed, "He hasn't taken me to the movies!"

Lin Qing He snorted: "Gifting you a dime worth of hairpin during courtship and then planned to marry a youthful girl with such a high salary like you to be a slave away in serving him and his whole family. What a good scheme he has."

Then she continued: "You don't need to think about it. You can basically kick him away. Why keep for the New Year?"

Although this era was poor, it was pure and simple. Outrageously simple!

Both were workers, gifting a hairpin was enough during courtship? What a joke! Like this, he wants to marry a wife. Will she be able live a good life when entered the house?

"At that time, Fourth Sister-in-law, you married your eldest brother, it seems to start with a blind date." Zhou Xiao Mei mentioned.

"How can you compare it with me? I live in this house now. Will you when you marry over?" Lin Qing He said: "You have to live with his family. At that time, it'll noisy every day. Enough, I'm not talking with you anymore. If you want to marry you, then marry. Don’t blame me for not reminding you then. What I said today has done justice to our relationship of many years. The future is your own, you decide.”

Before departing, Zhou Xiao Mei reminded: "Don't tell Mother about this."

"Why would I talk about this? Quickly go back. Seeing your useless appearance makes me heart suffocate." Lin Qing He waved her hand.

Zhou Xiao Mei couldn't help saying: "How could you be like this, Fourth Sister-in-law ah!"

"Be like what?" Lin Qing He snorted, "If you live well, you really have to keep up with me. I'm not boasting with you. In this family, I say one, no one dares to say two. If you want to be well, you have to learn a little bit. For example, the guy you are dating. If it’s me. who knows which corner I already kicked him to. With a hairpin, he wants to marry. Is he treating you like a cabbage! "

Zhou Xiao Mei knew that her fourth sister-in-law had her best in mind. But they were all on vacation now. Wait until she goes back to work, she'll explain to him.

After being reminded by her fourth sister-in-law like this, she also felt quite disinterested.

Lin Qing He still couldn't hold back and mumbled this to Zhou Qing Bai: "Really, I haven't seen such a thing. One hairpin and he wants to marry a person back to serve a family. Is his hairpin made of gold?"

Zhou Qing Bai didn't care much about these things, but it was obvious that his wife treated Xiao Mei well. Otherwise, would she check it out for her?

"In the end, it’s that man who thinks he’s superior for being city folk, or else would he dare to do this to Xiao Mei? City folk, it only sounds good. Everyone is crowded in a room and when one farts, it stinks up the whole house. What is there to be proud of? "Lin Qing He continued to mock.

"Certainly isn't as spacious as the countryside." Zhou Qing Bai echoed.

In fact, the situation in the countryside was similar. It wasn't easy to build another house. One had to accumulate half a lifetime money before one can make a new one.

However, this does not affect his bottom line and followed along with his wife's complaints.

"Not only is the accommodation bad, but you also can't eat like us. They need coupons for everything. The black market is very expensive. It's not as good as our countryside." Lin Qing He continued.

Only after she grumbled with Zhou Qing Bai did she feel it was enough. At this time, the dumplings were almost finished folding up.

"Not going back this year?" Zhou Qing Bai looked at her.

"Not going. I won't go back in the future. Except for my third brother, I have broken relations with all of them." Lin Qing He maintained relentlessly.

From the start, she wasn't the original owner. Seeing how the old Lin family were, she won't b masochist and stay connected with them. They can all scram far away from her.

Zhou Qing Bai knew her temperament. Maybe it was just joking and it'll be fine once her anger died down after a while.

But apparently, it wasn't a matter of Lin Qing He's anger dissipating or not. She just doesn't want to have any ties with the white-eyed wolves of the old Lin family. So she won't go visit them herself.

As for what other people will say, it doesn't matter. Since Zhou Qing Bai was at home. No evil wind will blow-by. As a woman, why can't she be a bit selfish?

On New Year’s Eve, Lin Qing He and Zhou Qing Bai brought Da Wa, Er Wa and San Wa over to the old Zhou family during dinner to join their table.

They didn't come over to make dinner, so Lin Qing He got Zhou Qing Bai to carry two solid dishes. One was pork meatballs and the other was tiger skin eggs.

Both were very delicious. These two solid dishes added a lot of color to old Zhou's New Year's Eve dinner.

The eyes of adults can't help but float up, let alone the children.

"Fourth Sister-in-law, you made these? When did your cooking get so good?" During dinner, Zhou Xiao Mei ate the meatballs and was full of praises.

"I didn't make it by yourself. Your fourth brother also helped." Lin Qing He said and then turned to Father Zhou and Mother Zhou: "Father, Mother, try them. It tastes pretty good."

Father Zhou and Mother Zhou responded okay. Seeing that this family was reunited now, the two elder was clearly in a good mood. Especially now that Lin Qing He, the ‘most ignorant’ daughter-in-law had a record of changing for better.

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