Chapter 1037: Help Me Level Up

But, these reasons weren’t enough for her to fall in love with Lin Yi. The two had limited contact, and he had even spent more time with Xiaoxiao than Lingshan! Of course she should not have developed feelings toward him.

Even if there were emotions, it was probably produced in that chaotic scene back in the underground base- Lingshan would be fine once she understood that.

“You miss me?”

“Yes,” Lingshan nodded without hesitation.

“Why do you miss me?” He asked back.

“I… I want you… to come help me level up…” Lingshan said, blushing.

If this had come from someone else’s mouth, it would be a normal sentence. Like Uncle Fu, asking Lin Yi to help him level up- yes, that was just that, leveling up his strength class! In fact, Lin Yi had been doing that the past while.

Lingshan saying this, however, had different implciations!

Remembering how Lingshan had broken through to golden class late phase last time, Lin Yi and Lingshan knew perfectly well what that had meant!

This sort of leveling system gave him a headache- Lin Yi just happened to be the fantasy target Lingshan decided on when she did the deed, and she broke through just like that! This seemed ridiculous, but it really did happened!

Of course, Lin Yi didn’t think that that was the source of the breakthrough- if that had been the case, then Lingshan could just sit around all day touching herself, touching herself until she became a Sky class!

Evidently, that wouldn’t work. Lingshan was probably almost at the breakrhough point last time, and that thing just happened to occur at the right time. Lin Yi didn’t go deep into researching it, since this wasn’t something he’d understand. Every house used a different practitioning method, he couldn’t analyze them all.

“Okay, when?” Lin Yi said after thinking about it.

“Uh…” Lingshan wasn’t expecting that direct an answer. He said yes, just like that?

“What’s wrong?” Lin Yi asked when Lingshan was quiet.

“Nothing- then this weekend, can you come to my house?” Lingshan said, her emotions hightened.

“Sure,” Lin Yi nodded.

“I’ll wait for you then…” Lingshan’s heart was beating really fast- Lin Yi said yes! This made her very happy.

Her breathing was getting more rapid as well, due to her emotions- and as she held onto her phone, she felt her body heat up, and remembered that special feeling she felt in the basement… Her hand, without her consent, went for under the blanket…

After hanging up, Lin Yi didn’t think too much about it. He went into a practitioner’s state. The situation now wasn’t too good, after all. House Yu and Xiao were held at bay for now, but who knew what would come next after this momentary period of peace?

And so Lin Yi couldn’t take too much time- he had to train and breakthrough earlier. Only if he had enough strength would he be able to hold these impulsive houses at bay!

Tonight, he would spend in training.

Tonight, Uncle Fu would spend in training as well.

Tonight, the Miss and Shu fell asleep as they talked, talking about Xiaoxiao, about best friends, about how you couldn’t just suddenly accept a third person in without discussion…

Tonight, Tang Yin was resting peacefully, happy. After two days, she would enter into a new house, and, after persuading her mother, was preparing to purchase some bamboo charcoal.

Tonight, Xiaoxiao spent another sleepless night. She thought about the future, for the first time in her life… Her future with Lin Yi. She felt lost, and didn’t know if she should be feeling hesitant…

Tonght, Lingshan fell into a dream after her experiencing some excitement, and outside, rain started dripping and falling. In her dreams, Lin Yi wore pajamas…

The rainy night made Songshan look quiet, more than usual. The beggars and homeless people were all gone to who knew where, and the restaurants had closed early.

But, there was a place still filled with life and noise, despite the rain-

It was An Jianwen’s underground arena!

Yang Maolin looked at the fighter who had won two in a row- he frowned.

Why was this guy so tough? When someone came to scout him out they only said it was an underground fighting tournament, and they would get a hundred thousand… That was a hundred thousand, and he didn’t have to win!

Maolin couldn’t hold back! He was a gangster in the first place and earnt his money by bullying people into submission, but that was only two or three thousand max from the venodors! These guys were offering him a hundred grand, of course he’d accept!

And so he pretended run from a crime, that was what Little Scorpion told him to do! The reason was simple- if you didn’t win, you get a hundred thousand. If you won, you would get an extra three hundred thousand! If you killed the opponent, then his hundred thousand was yours as well- you’d have five hundred thousand!

But if you killed someone, you had to run, of course. If you had just disappeared without a reason, there’d be suspicion, but if you ran because of something small thing then people would just glaze past you, not giving you much thought!

A little bit of trouble wouldn’t turn you into a fugitive, after all, and that was what Maolin thought too! He was a gangster, fighting all the time with his gangster body- if he really did kill someone accidentally, that’d be completely plausible!

Plus, an extra three hundred thousand if he won? He knew that this was the type of arena where you fought to the death- most people wouldn’t give up easily, it was three hundred thousand after all!

And so, in order to win, you had to fight to the death! Only then would you also get the opponent’s hundred thousand!

He was a gangster in the first place, and didn’t care about human life much, especially in an arena like this. The arena boss wouldn’t want things to go out of control once someone died, and he just had to leave for a couple of years until things died down, and he’d be fine!

But, that was just a thought. Reality was cruel.

One look at that short muscle guy on the stage who’d won two matches in a row, Maolin wasn’t so confident anymore!

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