Chapter 66. Have a match yet?

Now there was a heavy New Year feel in the air. Every family was blooming with merriment. The children were also overjoyed.

Lin Qing He didn't restrain Da Wa and Er Wa and let them go out to play. But they had to bundle up before going out.

She didn’t stop them from playing with firecrackers, but she had forbidden them from destroying other's belonging.

She got Fei Ying to follow and watch the brothers. As for Sanwa, forget it. The little thing was only so big, he'll stay with her at home.

Zhou Xiao Mei was a frequent visitor to their home. She came over every day and also had her meal here.

Naturally, Lin Qing He wanted to exploit her. She had her pay the food expenses, or go back to old Zhou's house to eat.

"Fourth Sister-in-law, for some reason during this return, I feel that you have changed a lot?" Zhou Xiao Mei honestly paid two yuan for food and remarked.

Lin Qing He chuckled: "Where have I changed?"

She received the money unreservedly. It must be accepted. Zhou Xiao Mei's appetite was pretty big and workers have a fixed income. Her family had two pigs in the backyard and Zhou Qing Bai, the only labor force. She won't act politely with Zhou Xiao Mei.

"In the past, you wouldn't revolve around men and children like this." Zhou Xiao Mei pointed out.

Now, look at her fourth sister-in-law and what she does all day. Managing the three meals a day and have no time to go out. Nothing like this before. Simply become a different person from before, no?

"You probably don't know what I experienced during this time." Lin Qing He sighed and uttered.

"What?" Zhou Xiao Mei immediately perked up with interest.

"I broke it off with my maternal family. I don't plan to go back this New Year." Lin Qing He said.

"What happened?" Zhou Xiao Mei was taken aback.

"Do you know how white-eyed wolves they are? Your fourth brother and I can't survive anymore, so I went back and borrow some money first. But do you know what they say?" Lin Qinghe scornfully smiled.

Without adding oil and vinegar, she recounted what happened. Zhou Xiao Mei reached her limit and lashed out angrily: "Fourth Sister-in-law, you used to treat them so well. If you get any good things, you always remember them. And this is how they reward you?"

"That's why I realized it. Except for my man and sons, all my brothers and sisters can scoot aside for me. All of them are powered by realism. Of course, it's just my old Lin family. I feel old Zhou family is quite alright, they are quite united." Lin Qing He expressed.

Zhou Xiao Mei nodded in agreement: "Except for the Second Sister-in-law's competitiveness, Eldest Sister-in-law and Third Sister-in-law are pretty nice."

At least not as heartless and ruthless as her fourth sister-in-law's maternal family's sister-in-law.

"So, I'm not going back to my maternal family anymore. What else can I do? Naturally, it's to live my life better, then I will let old Lin's family regret it. They better not think about benefitting a single bit from me from now on. As for the past, I'll treat it as feeding it to the dogs, "Lin Qing He snorted.

"There no point in having this kind of maternal family." Zhou Xiao Mei nodded.

"Have a match yet at the factory?" Lin Qing He asked.

"No." Zhou Xiao Mei immediately said.

The reaction was too fast and too exaggerated. Lin Qing He narrowed her eyes as stared at Zhou Xiao Mei, declaring: "Still not telling the truth? How big? How tall? How many people in his family? At what ages? What does he do?"

Zhou Xiao Mei's mouth twitched: "Fourth Sister-in-law, are you doing an investigation?"

"He wants to pursue my younger Guzi, of course, I have to ask clearly. You know what my temper is like. It's because I treat you as my biological sister that I care, otherwise, I will ignore you." Lin Qing He raised her eyebrows.

Zhou Xiao Mei's face flushed with shyness: "He is a worker too. Works in a shoe factory. Twenty-four years old."

Not bad. Lin Qing He continued to interrogate: "The other questions."

"Quite tall. Shorter than Fourth Brother, and almost the same as Third Brother." Zhou Xiao Mei's cheeks were completely red.

Similar to Third Brother, then it should be about one meter seventy-five. Not short.

According to Lin Qing He's thoughts, in old Zhou family, Zhou Qing was the tallest and he was about one meter eighty-five. Next was Third Brother. Then followed by Eldest Brother and Second Brother, who were slightly shorter but not too much.

"And." Lin Qing He uttered.

"He's the eldest of the family. His parents are alive. His father is also a worker, while his mother isn't. He got two younger brothers and two younger sisters." Zhou Xiao Mei continued.

Lin Qing He frowned.

Zhou Xiao Mei stared at her, "Fourth Sister-in-law, what's wrong?"

"Do you think such conditions are good?" Lin Qing He watched her.

"It's still alright?" Zhou Xiao Mei paused for a moment and looked at her questioningly.

"Then did he tell you that if you guys get married, how will his salary be handled?" Lin Qing He smiled.

At once, Zhou Xiao Mei declared: "Once married, of course it'll be me my care."

Lin Qing He chuckled: "Is this what he told you, or what you assumed? And how spacious is his home and where will you live after marriage?"

"He didn't say. We should be living in his home after marriage. His home isn't very spacious." Zhou Xiao Mei replied.

"You been there already?" Lin Qing He uttered in surprise.

"Just ... took the opportunity to visit while his father and mother weren't at home." Zhou Xiao Mei's face reddened.

"It's okay to go and see. But how was it not spacious?" Lin Qing He kept firing away.

"I don't like his home. Once marry over, there will be a lot of inconveniences." Zhou Xiao Mei answered this question like this.

"Do you want me to analyze and break it down it for you?" Lin Qing He directed at her.

"Fourth Sister-in-law, say it." Zhou Xiao Mei nodded, and she was in a dilemma.

"Then Fourth Sister-in-law will tell you honestly." Lin Qing He looked at her and announced: "I think this man is not for you."

Zhou Xiaomei pursed her lips and uttered, "In fact, he's a very good man."

"It's great that he's a good person, or you won't like him. But Fourth Sister-in-law has to tell you that your like won't feed you. Think about it. If you were to marry him, then you can only live in his home. You work in the city, so you don't need me to explain how tight the housing conditions in the city are, right?” Lin Qing He clarified.

Zhou Xiao Mei didn't speak.

Lin Qing He continued: "Even you said it's small, then his home must be really small. And there are siblings below him. Number one, it is inconvenient for the whole family to be crowded together. Number two is the problem with you two's salary. In his family, only he and his dad work, and the rest are dependent on them. Do you think that after you marry over, your partner can still give you his salary? If your partner doesn’t give you his salary, you'll definitely be dissatisfied. Inevitably, fights happen at that time. How long can your love endure this before it withers away?"

Zhou Xiao Mei was going to speak. Lin Qing He signaled her to listen to her first: "Or maybe you are willing to let him give his salary to his family. Do you think it's over like this? In addition to his salary, there is also your own salary. When the time comes, your salary may not be able to keep it. "

"How can I not keep my own salary!" Zhou Xiao Mei couldn't help it but utter.

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