The moon shines on Kyushu, a few happy, a few sad.

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When the ancient wasteland camp celebrated Lintian's return from victory, it was dark clouds in the eight regions camp.

A few days ago, the tragic defeat of the eight regions' allied forces was still in my mind. A few days later, the bloody news of the Feixian battle was sent back.

For a time, the eight domains camp was restless, shocked and disgraced, and people were in a panic!

Now, even the leaders of the eight regions have been killed by Lintian, and there are no casualties!

In the end, only Kun Shaoyu, Zhu Yingkong and Xue Qingyi survived. It was like a bolt from the blue.

"Then Lintian How could it be so powerful? "

Countless people tremble.

That Lintian was an incomparable demon. His hands were stained with blood. He was so powerful that he was almost desperate.

"No! How powerful is Chi Wushu, the emperor of our family, and how can he die in the battle of Feixian? "

Some people just can't accept this kind of bad news and roar angrily.

Chi Wushu, lie Qian, Shi Po Hai, Hua Hongxiao, Jian Qingchen Each of them is the leader of a region. They are brave and arrogant, just like the sun shining on a region.

But now, these peerless figures who should have continued to shine in the years after, all died in Lintian's hands!

It's certainly terrifying enough to make anyone tremble.

"It's over. Our eight regions' allied forces have gone out with all their strength. They have been defeated and suffered heavy casualties. Now, even the fight in Feixian battle field has ended with a tragic defeat. The pattern of the nine regions' fight Is that really going to change? "

Many people look pale and lose their souls.

In the first two battles of the nine realms, countless sages from the eight realms broke through the camp of the ancient wasteland with the power of destroying the withered and decadent. What a beautiful scene?

But now, will this kind of scenery not exist?

"Damn it! It's all Lintian! That damn bastard! If it were not for him, how could those two legged sheep in ancient wasteland have today's inside information? "

Many, many more are furious.

At the beginning of the jiuyu battlefield, they never regarded the ancient wilderness camp as a two legged sheep, which could be trampled, trampled, humiliated and slaughtered at will.

In fact, at the beginning, the ancient wilderness camp was really unbearable. It was very difficult for the camp to travel around and hide in Tibet, just to survive.

All these changes started with Lintian alone!

At first, he was trapped in the blood demon world, but he killed 30000 Li by himself, which made the blood demon world turbulent and made the eight regions' camp remember his name.

Later, he rebuilt the city of moat, killed the seven domain allied forces, and let the eight domain camp begin to pay attention to it.

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Because of this, xueqingyi, together with a group of saints at the top of the mountain, laid a net on the Bank of the black cliff sea to kill Lintian.

But in the end, they were defeated!

The situation of the jiuyu battlefield also began to have a qualitative transformation at that time. Among the top figures of the ancient wasteland who came back from yuanci's secret place, a group of real top sages appeared, which turned the situation of the ancient wasteland camp around.

It was also at this time that the eight domain camp was really alert. They regarded Lintian as the number one enemy, and almost gathered all their strength to kill him.


Failed again!

The battle of Feixian battle field has been defeated, and the eight regions allied forces have also been defeated!

So far, with the help of one person, Lintian disrupted the battlefield situation of the nine regions and rewritten the pattern of the nine regions camp.

And eight field camp, also fall into turbulence because of this!


"Defeated, defeated in the hands of a woman who did not know the origin..."

Yin Jue boundary, candle Ying empty, decadent sitting in a chair, eyes lost.

When I heard the news of the visit of the eight regions' allied forces, I felt like a thunderbolt.

Originally, he, Kun Shaoyu and Xue Qingyi also hoped that as long as they stepped out of the ancient wasteland, the eight regions camp would be invincible.

Who ever thought that the eight regions allied forces were defeated!

Candlelight empty clenched fists, eyes canthus to crack, breathing heavy, the whole person is showing a trend of going away.


Candle Yingxue entered the hall.

"Go away! Get the hell out of here

In the past, his favorite was his sister, but now, his eyes were like a ferocious beast, and he was scared to leave the hall.

"It's over. It's over this time If I had known this, I should have listened to the blood blue clothes, and killed the little scum at the beginning of its rise! "

"Unfortunately, it's late..."

The candle was empty, and the body trembled with anger.


"Gather up the strength, gather all in the city, no one can step out of the city without my command!"

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In the northern underworld, Kun Shaoyu's face is iron green and cold to the extreme.He has learned all the bad news, and his heart is dripping with blood. Now he can only gather all his strength to prepare for the worst.

"Fortunately, there is a city of moat. This city has been built by countless sages. I hope it can keep the camp of Beiming ancient region alive..."

Kun Shao Yu murmured in his heart, with a dull look.

He has a premonition that in the next period of time, a darkness will come!


Blood demon world.

Xueqingyi was drinking. He was calm, not happy or sad. No one could see what he was thinking.

But the atmosphere in the hall was so oppressive that it was almost suffocating.

The big men who are standing in the middle are all worried.

For a long time, xueqingyi put down the wine cup and sighed: "when people didn't know Lingyun wood, they waited until Lingyun began to rise The beginning is high It's too late. Everything is too late... "

The voice is bleak and lonely.

"Little master..."

Someone wanted to speak, but he was interrupted by xueqingyi's wave and said: "listen to me, how far can I escape now, maybe At the end of the nine regions battlefield, there is still a chance to return to the blood devil ancient region alive. "

"Young master, our eight regions are not without the power to fight again!"

Some people gnash their teeth, but they don't like it.

Xueqingyi was not worried. She picked up her wine cup and sipped it carefully. After half a sound, she said, "people are in danger. They It's not reliable. "

Speaking of the end, the voice was low, and there was a kind of hate that was suppressed to the extreme.

"But even so, we still have the city of moat!"

Some people speak, no one is willing to give up, like a stray dog.

"Ha ha."

Xueqingyi showed a mocking smile. "No matter how strong this city is, it can still be compared with the ancient wasteland moat city that blocks the full-scale bombardment of the eight regions allied forces?"

"Don't underestimate Lintian any more. In today's jiuyu battlefield, people who underestimate him are either dead or like me, they can only feel sorry for themselves."

After a pause, he grew up, looked at the crowd and waved, "if you want to stay, stay."

Having said that, he walked towards the main hall. His back was bleak, with an indescribable loneliness.

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"Little Lord, where are you going?"

Someone called out.

"Where else can we go? Run! Ha ha ha... "

Xueqingyi's head didn't turn back, and his figure disappeared outside the hall, laughing with unspeakable ridicule. I don't know whether to laugh at myself or others.

The crowd looked at each other in dismay.


The next morning.

In the ancient wasteland, on top of the city of moat, the vast ark floats in the sky.

Lintian, the summer solstice, SHAOHAO, ruowu, Laoge, ALU, Xiaotiantian and so on all gathered together.

In the distance, countless ancient wasteland strongmen stood and watched from a distance. The army was going to March. They came to see them off!

The atmosphere is solemn, and everyone's face is full of expectations.

Two years later, the ancient wasteland camp, which has been suppressed and invaded for a long time, will finally launch a counterattack today, pointing to the eight territory camp!

This is just like a miracle. In the past years, it was almost impossible in the first two battles of the nine realms.

And today, the impossible has finally happened!

The shame of the sages should start from today!

SHAOHAO's heart is full of excitement and blood is surging. It's not easy. The blood and hatred of countless ancestors finally have the chance of blood compensation.

It's time to wash away the humiliation suffered by the ancient wasteland!

Lintian's black eyes were like electricity, and he scanned the whole room. Two words came out from his lips:

"let's go!"

Let's go!

Aspire to eat the enemy's meat and drink the blood of eight regions!

Boom ~ ~

there was a roar from Haoyu ark. Under countless eyes, he carried Lintian and his party to crush the clouds.

"I will win!"

Some people roar, and the sound shakes the sky.

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"I will win!"

"I will win!"

In such a big city of moats, men and women, regardless of their accomplishments, are all speaking, looking excited and full of desire.

Between heaven and earth, there are thunderous shouts.

Zhao Jingxuan stood at the end of the city, looking at the vast ark that was disappearing in the sky, and murmured in his heart:

"there are so many heroes in the ancient wasteland, how dare they fight now and then. Man's blood, from heroic, heroic heart, such as iron, see try, mend the sky crack


There is no boundary of Yin.

After burning incense, Haoyu ark rushed into the territory controlled by yinjue ancient territory camp all the way!

On the treasure ship, Lintian closed his eyes and was as quiet as a stone statue.

Summer solstice sitting on one side, the desk full of all kinds of delicious food, she is a mouthful, look quiet.

The speed of Haoyu ark was extremely fast, straight ahead, and there was no obstruction along the way.Before long, a city appeared on the horizon in the distance!

The city, rolling, huge and towering, is filled with blood color, which is extremely dazzling.

This is the moat city of yinjue ancient camp. It is large-scale, with high and wide walls. Every brick and stone is watered with red blood and paved with white bones.

It was the blood and bone of countless ancestors in the ancient wilderness!

At this time, in the towering moat City, the candle was shining in the sky, his face was blue, and his eyes were wide open, which was unbelievable.

He didn't expect that Lintian really came, and he was the first to target at the camp of Yin Jue ancient region!

"Young master, here comes the devil Lin!"

Nearby, many people's looks changed greatly. They were on pins and needles and panicked.

"What's the matter? As long as we keep this city, we will be invincible!"

The candle reflected the sky and took a deep breath. A fierce color flashed in his eyes. He said in a deep voice, "order to go down and open the city protection array!"


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