Chapter 1036: I Miss You

Lingshan felt that there was a problem here, but she didn’t know what!

Why were these people running, and where were they running to? What was the purpose? The series of questions gave Lingshan a headache!

On the surface, there was nothing wrong at all- and this would make Lingshan seem paranoid if she obssessed on it. After all, she was the type of person who become really suspiciously if something wasn’t logical.

“Fuu…” Lingshan put the files aside and massaged her head. Apparently being a leader wasn’t that easy- her days as a lowly soldier were easier, since she didn’t have to worry about things like this. She didn’t want the peaceful Songshan to be in trouble again.

Hopefully she was just being sensitive, and that this was just a coincidence.

She wondered what Lin Yi was doing now? This past while Lin Yi had lost contact with her, and she wanted to call him to ask where he was- but there was no reason for her to. She didn’t have any excuses since there weren’t any cases she needed help with, so she had nothing to say to him!

She knew what had happened in the last few days in Songshan. Someone in her position should be in the know for all of these things.

House Yu, House Xiao, and even the hidden house Zhao’s, Zhao Qibin had went to Pengzhan’s to rob him- she knew about all those events, but she had no power to do anything about it. She was from a noble house, too, and knew about the things of the highest class, but the rules of that world restricted her power to do anything to them.

She wanted to help, but remembering that she was a late phase golden class made her realize that she’d cause trouble instead of help, since she couldn’t fight them at all. As a result, she gave up on that thought! She was, however, still worried when she heard that Lin Yi lost his strength and was forced into a corner!

She didn’t know why, but she had complicated feelings for Lin Yi! Lin Yi was the first one who was cocky in front of her, the first man- the other boys from other noble houses had only praises for Lingshan, but Lin Yi called her braindead all the time!

While this angered her, it produced an odd feeling! She couldn’t resist, and didn’t dare to resist- this made her completely helpless, and could only endure it! Yet, as time went by, she started to like this feeling of being dominated!

She sometimes even wondered if she might have masochistic tendencies? Lingshan shook her head- she actually wanted to fight back, okay? It was just that she wasn’t able to resist, and so she had no choice but to take it, and that became a habit! That was all!

Just thinking about Lin Yi took her peace away. She quickly tidied up the documents on her table and looked at the clock- it was past nine at night already.

She yawned and turned off the lights, locked the door, and entered the office.

She was single, and due to the nature of her busy work, she sometimes just slept in the office directly if she worked until too late.

She brushed her teeth and washed her face and laid on bed. She wanted to give Lin Yi a call, and couldn’t sleep as she rolled about.

It was already ten. Lin Yi was probably asleep.

But, as if she couldn’t control her hand, she took her phone and called Lin Yi.

Lin Yi wasn’t asleep- he had just finished trying to level up Uncle Fu to no avail, and had finished a shower when Lingshan called.

“Hello?” Lin Yi picked up.

“It’s me…” Lingshan said hesitantly and carefully.

“Oh, is something the matter?” Lin Yi asked. Lingshan always called him for negative reasons- if it wasn’t some bad guy she couldn’t handle, it was some trouble she needed him to solve.

“No… Nothing,” Lingshan was feeling a little awkward- she didn’t know what she was thinking, but she called, and the call went thorugh… And now she didn’t know what to say.

“Nothing? Then why’d you call me for?” Lin Yi was confused, on the other hand. From his experience, Lingshan calling him could only mean trouble, and if he was able to help, he’d help her. But, looking at the way she was acting… Could it be that something big had happened?

“Do you need me to help you with something?”

“No… I don’t…” Lingshan was brave these few days, but that was temporary. After not contacting Lin Yi for so many days, she couldn’t find any words.

“Then I’m hanging up?” Lin Yi didn’t know where this was coming from. If she had something she needed to say, she could just say it. If not, then why did she call?

“Don’t hang up…” Lingshan hesitated- hearing Lin Yi about to hang up gave her a boost of adrenaline. In that rush, she didn’t care anymore, “I… I miss you!”

“Wha??” Lin Yi paused, “What did you say?”

“I… Miss Braindead here misses you!” Lingshan, not caring anymore.

Lin Yi frowned. He didn’t have too many pleasant memories with Lingshan, and while there was some admiration there, it was only admiration towards her body. He didn’t like her personality too much, and even though Lingshan changed a lot, he never thought of her as a potential partner or anything like that!

As far as he was concerned, he and Lingshan were different people, and she would never understand his life. As a result, he intentionally kept a distance between them! This was also why Lin Yi didn’t do anything when they were at the underground base of the kidney thieves, why he held back when Lingshan was straight up seducing him!

Obviously, he had that urge- but he didn’t let his body control his mind. He was a strong person, able to hold back and stop his impulses. Otherwise he wouldn’t still be alive.

But Lingshan’s actions were getting a little obvious, and this made Lin Yi have a headache! He decided to find a chance to have proper talk with her!

He didn’t think that she had fallen in love with him, but with the toughness in her personality, Lin Yi could more or less guess why she was interested in him! Admirers like Chen Yutian and other suitors were all compliant and praising her, trying to win her favor- but Lin Yi was completely different, and instantly stood out! This made Lingshan find him fresh and unique!

And she couldn’t beat him even if she tried to resist, so she only accepted it! As time went by with that mentality, she naturally felt that someone with Lin Yi’s personality would fit her more, and, using her words, she needed a man stronger than her- this was why she leaned towards Lin Yi!

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