Chapter 65. Younger Guzi had returned

"You can do as you like." Zhou Qing Bai stated.

Lin Qing He made a simple meal. Steamed mantou and then cooked a bone seaweed soup. Needless to say, she gave the three brothers a meatball each.

And that was it for dinner. Simple, but filling.

If her family's food was second place, no one in the village dared to claim they are first.

Zhou's younger Guzi, Zhou Xiao Mei, came back on the 25th in a pair of white plastic-soled cloth shoes.

Instead of heading straight home, she came to Lin Qing He's place first.

Even though she was working in the food factory in the county city, she still heard about her fourth brother's retirement.

She had long wanted to return, but there was no way as they were approaching the end of the year and the factory was too busy for her to get out.

So she restrained herself until now when she got her holiday.

"Younger Guzi is back! Hey, these shoes are awesome." When Lin Qing He saw her, her eyes were attracted by the shoes at her feet, exclaimed.

"I asked a relative of my colleague to bring it from Hai City." Zhou Xiao Mei said and then stuffed a handful of milk candy to Da Wa and his brothers to get rid of them. She pulled Lin Qing He into the room.

"What's up?" Lin Qing He looked at her.

"Fourth Sister-in-law, my fourth brother has retired just like that? You didn't make a scene?" Zhou Xiao Mei whispered.

"He already backed down. What use is there for me to make trouble?" Lin Qing He laughed.

That's the original owner's bestie for sure. She really understood the original owner.

Zhou Xiao Mei halted for a moment. She looked at her fourth sister-in-law suspiciously and observed how her fourth sister-in-law's skin was really great. She couldn't help saying: "Fourth Sister-in-law, what kind of skincare products do you use? Your skin is all white and translucent."

The topic deviated in one go.

"There is no skin care product. Just the usual vanishing cream." Lin Qing He said.

There weren't many skin care products in her space, she will never share those with others.

"Vanishing cream is quite good, but how can it have this excellent effect? Your skin's quality is much higher than before. Don't hide it from me and not tell me." Zhou Xiao Mei persisted. And in a quieter voice, she continued: "This time I brought a lot of good things back for Fourth Sister-in-law. Enough for you to take to your maternal home to show off. "

"What goodies did you bring? Let me see." Lin Qing He focused on her bag.

"Tell me how you maintain your skin first. In this winter, you can still make yourself so white and rosy and have a scent on you. What did you use?" Zhou Xiao Mei stood firm.

"You show first, otherwise I won't say it." Lin Qing He said.

Zhou Xiao Mei reluctantly took it out first. This time she brought back a lot of food-related stacks; cooking oil coupons, subsidiary coupons for buying dates, canned food, fungus and other non-staple food, as well as food coupons. Cloth coupons and cotton coupons too!

"I exchanged for these cloth coupons and cotton coupons with other people. I know you want it so I especially got it for you." Zhou Xiao Mei said with pride.

"These coupons are certainly useful. Have you left some for Mother?" Lin Qing He asked.

The reason why the original owner would support Zhou Xiao Mei to go to the food factory and not hesitate to pay to buy gifts for her to go through the back door, was so she can obtain Zhou Xiao Mei's help in getting coupons.

Otherwise, why would the original owner give up her money in vain? Not possible.

"I have set aside a little bit." Zhou Xiao Mei nodded: "Can you say it now?"

"I won’t take your things for free. This is what your sister-in-law, I, bought from the black market before. It spent a lot of your Sister-in-law's money. I heard that it came from the capital city. It's the only piece left. For you." Lin Qing He went to the cabinet and passed a piece of soap to Zhou Xiao Mei.

Zhou Xiao Mei's eyes were nearly popped out at the sight of this soap. This fragrance wasn't a typical one. It was also pretty.

"Don't you take it out to show off. I only have this piece to give to you. I heard that it was smuggled over to our side. If something happens when you show it around like losing your job or something, please don't come to me." Lin Qing He warned.

"This kind of good stuff, I'll hide it for my own usage!" Zhou Xiao Mei vowed immediately.

It'll be apparent just by washing herself with it and become fragrant. No need to take it out to make people jealous. If they wanted it and she can’t give it, won't she gain grudges?

Zhou Xiao Mei, who had gone to the factory and gained a little IQ, thought of this.

Lin Qing He's conscience was at ease by exchanging these coupons with soap. After all, she didn't take a freebie from her. Additionally, she added: "You're not allowed to say bad things about your fourth brother in the future. I have decided to peacefully live with him."

Zhou Xiao Mei's lip pouted: "Who said anything? Didn't you say it before? I was just sympathizing with you."

"What is there sympathize? Your fourth brother treats me well." Lin Qing He glanced at her.

Zhou Xiao Mei said: "You still haven't said how you maintained yourself so well."

"You really want to know?" Lin Qing He raised an eyebrow.

Zhou Xiao Mei nodded at once. Her fourth sister-in-law's appearance was more eye-catching than the popular lady in the city. It was really siren-like.

She also wants to be a siren!

Lin Qing He closed in and whispered: "If you want good skin, then you should also find a man to moisturize you."

With these words, Zhou Xiao Mei's face flamed up: "I'm going to die, I'm going to die!"

Then she picked up her bag and hurried away. Lin Qing He laughed: "Remember. Keep your eyes wide open. At that time, find Fourth Sister-in-law to check him out for you."

Zhou Xiao Mei left like she was fleeing.

Zhou Qing Bai just happened to return at that moment. Zhou Xiao Mei stomped her feet and cried, "Fourth brother, you need to control your wife!" It's embarrassing to death.

With this, she ran off.

Zhou Qing Bai was baffled. When he entered the room, he saw his wife had a faint smirk. She seemed to be in a good mood.

"Father, do you want to eat candy? Younger Gu gave it." Da Wa said. (T/N: Guzi= husband's sister Gu=father's sister)

As soon as he finished speaking, Lin Qing He reached out: "Hurry up and act conscientiously."

Just now Zhou Xiao Mei's handful of white rabbit candy was a lot. Eating too many will cause tooth decay.

"Mother, this is what our younger Gu gave us!" Da Wa knew what she meant, immediately pointed out.

"Younger Gu gave it!" Er Wa nodded.

San Wa had one in his mouth. Although this boy was very young, he wasn't foolish when it comes to eating sweets. He ate one in his mouth and had one more peeled in his hand, ready to stuff in his mouth.

It was cut off by Lin Qing He and then placed into Zhou Qing Bai's mouth.

Zhou Qing Bai: "..."

Lin Qing He turned to the kids and asserted: "Each of you handed over two. The rest can be given to you."

Although they weren't willing, Da Wa surrendered two. While Er Wa uttered: "Eldest Brother got the most. I only have three!"

"Three." San Wa bobbed his head.

"Then you two surrender one each." Lin Qing He said.

Da Wa's eyes bulged from anger, but it was useless. Lin Qing He confiscated four of them.

Er Wa stood up for his little brother: "Little brother has the one in his mouth, and Father just ate one of his."

"I will give your little brother's share tomorrow. For now, I'll keep it for him." Lin Qing He said casually.

She wasn't against the brothers eating a few white rabbit candy. But they can't have too much.

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