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With the order of the candle reflecting in the sky, the huge city of moat seems to be alive at this moment, with the rolling light and rain rising.

When the clouds burst, they trembled in all directions.

A terrifying force of the holy way's prohibition diffused from the city of the moat.

Thirty six rounds of Shenyue rise in the sky and hang high in the sky. Each round of Shenyue is perfectly clear, black and white, and Yin and yang are combined.

In this part of the world, there is a kind of magical atmosphere in which night and day change each other.

In the city, countless strong people in the ancient Yin Jue region were relieved to see this.

This array, known as "Liangyi dishashen moon array", has been enveloped around the city of protecting the road for two times. It has been blessed by dozens of Daowen masters from the vein of candlelight dragon for many years, so it has today's power.

It's powerful and terrible, already deep into the heart of every strong Yin Jue ancient region!

At this time, the candle reflected in the sky, the look also eased a lot.

As the leader of Yin Jue ancient region and the descendant of candle dragon, he could not understand the power of forbidden array in the city more clearly.

It's no exaggeration to say that as long as you hide in the city, it's hard to shake the city even if all the saints at the top of the mountain bombard you with all their strength!

In the distance, the ark stopped in the void, and Lintian's figure came out of it. At the first sight, he saw such a scene.

"It seems that they already knew that we would launch a counterattack and gather all the forces in the city early."

Shao Hao's eyes were bright and deep.

This time, they were all the top saints, only more than 30 of them. They seemed to be rare in number, but they were all domineering roles in the nine domains.

Especially like Lintian, summer solstice Almost invincible!

"If you do so well, when you break through this city, you can kill them all."

The old clam is killing.

"The most urgent thing is to break the battle first."

Ruo Wu and others looked at Lintian.

"I'll take care of the break. You'll be calm."

Lintian said casually.

He is observing the fortress protection array over the city in the distance for deduction.

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"Lintian, do you really think you can ignore anyone if you win a few games?"

On the wall of the city, the candle reflected in the sky, and the sound was like thunder. It came from afar, and it looked cold and frightening.

"I'm not afraid to tell you that this array is set up by us and all the sages. It's up to you It's doomed that we can't shake this array! "

Even now, he couldn't figure out why Lintian was the first to find the camp of Yin Jue ancient region. He thought that he was cheating?

"Speaking of it, I also want to thank brother Zhu. If you didn't set up a thousand ghosts array in Feixian battle, I'm afraid I would not be able to kill those guys in one pot."

Lintian was absent-minded.

He is deducing the mystery of the formation.

"Thank me?"

The candle reflected the sky and laughed angrily. He was so angry that he said, "OK, how about taking off your head as a gift of thanks?"

"It's not good to force people."

Lintian said, "but this time, I can save brother Zhu's life. First, I want to express my gratitude. Second, I want to know something about brother Zhu."

Candle Ying empty a Zheng, strong endure in the heart of resentment and hate, way: "what?"

"Do you know about zhundibaqi?"

Lin Xun Dao.

Candle Ying empty Mou son a coagulate, seem to realize what, suddenly say: "is you killed that person named Yun Qingbai?"

Lintian did not deny it.

At this time, candle Yingkong wanted to understand completely and said: "no wonder if Yun Qingbai didn't die, your ancient wasteland would have been destroyed. How could there have been so many twists and turns..."

SHAOHAO and ruowu were all in a daze. When did the people in yinjue ancient region know the name of Yun Qingbai?

"Yun Qingbai is a chess piece manipulated by others. His fate is not up to him. The person who controls him comes from the ancient Yin Jue region, a quasi imperial character named Baqi."

Lintian explained.

All of a sudden.

Thinking of Yun Qingbai as such a tragic figure, people can't help feeling.

Back then, Yun Qingbai was the most dazzling figure in the whole ancient wasteland world. He was unique in kendo, amazing and leading the world.

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Even as an opponent, we have to admit that Yun Qingbai is powerful and outstanding.

Who ever thought that his life experience was so miserable!

And the culprit of all this is from Yin Jue ancient region!

"It seems that you not only know Baqi, but also know what he did in the ancient wasteland. It's easy to do."

With these words, Lintian said no more.

He began to fully deduce that a holy path forbidden array covering the whole city could not be broken so easily.However, Lintian didn't plan to break the battle. As long as he could rush into the battle, avoid the killing and robbery, and finally step into the city, it would be enough!

But to his surprise, after a long time, he was not allowed to push a safe path.

This made Lintian frown.

"Lintian, do you feel that you can't start? Ha ha ha, this time you are coming in a fierce manner. I'm afraid you'll go back in disgrace! "

On the head of the city in the distance, the candle reflects the sky and laughs with confidence.

By his side, all the great men of Yin Jue ancient region who were nervous were relieved and relaxed.

It seems that the boy surnamed Lin is not as terrible as the rumor?

"Get out of here, don't be a disgrace!"

Some people are shouting out.

This makes old clam and Alu look ugly. These foreign miscellany will be rampant if they succeed!

"Don't worry. Today, we will break the city."

Lintian's black eyes were cold.

However, when he was going to continue the deduction, he saw that the summer solstice on one side suddenly opened his mouth: "the big array is in front of him, so why bother?"

"I'm underestimated by this girl again..."

Lintian had a bitter smile. From the past to the present, when accompanied by the summer solstice, it seemed that he could never avoid being underestimated by the summer solstice.

Of course, this is not intentional, it is purely due to the nature of the summer solstice.

"Let me do it."

The summer solstice is obviously impatient to wait. Suddenly, it's up in the air. The figure of Xianxiu is bathed in the light of the eternal night, just like a God coming from the dark.

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"Be careful!"

Lintian was very worried. As soon as he wanted to dissuade him, he was preempted by the old clam and said, "elder brother, a few days ago, the girl of summer solstice easily broke the forbidden array of the ninth holy way, and there was no way to resist it. Why don't you let her have a try?"

Everyone else nodded.

Lintian was stunned. He never thought that the image of the summer solstice in people's hearts had reached such a high level.

On a sunny day, a curtain of night sprang up, spreading like ink towards the city of moat in the distance.

In the summer solstice, she paced in the void, and walked straight ahead. In her right hand, I don't know when there was a white bone spear, winding around the bright stars.

Dark night, white bone star, the summer solstice set off as if that mysterious, there is a palpitating cold deep breath.

"The mysterious woman?"

Candle Ying empty, eyes a coagulation, the heart are covered with a touch of unspeakable chill.

"It's her, it's her..."

Other important people in the neighborhood have already turned pale, and many of them are pale.

A few days ago, when the eight regions allied forces attacked the ancient wasteland camp, they also participated in it and witnessed the terror of the summer solstice with their own eyes!

"No wonder the breath is so strange and frightening..."

Candlelight Yingkong took a deep breath and said, "don't worry, there are two kinds of evil spirits in the moon array. She is doomed to knock her head and blood!"

Suddenly, the summer solstice in the distance flashed out of thin air. It was like a dark flash of lightning. It was incredibly fast.

At the same time, the spear in her palm suddenly raised.

Just as the God raised the magic weapon to destroy the sky and the earth, the eternal night dark light between heaven and earth, issued a deafening roar, and all poured into the white bone spear.

Then -

give it a good stroke!

All they felt was a sudden change in front of their eyes. All the sky and the earth were dark, as if covered by eternal night, showing a strange sense of death and silence. It was empty and desolate.

In this endless darkness, a void like figure quietly emerges in the darkness, the figure is boundless, just like the God King in the eternal night.

In front of him, the city of the moat was just at the knee, very small.


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The figure in the dark, a punch shot out.

Over the city of moat, thirty-six rounds of Liangyi divine moon suddenly shine, producing brilliant divine radiance to resist.

The earth shaking roar resounds, the earth shaking, the dazzling light splashes and sweeps in the darkness, releasing the terrible wave of destroying the world.

At this moment, the candle reflected in the sky, and all the strong people in the ancient Yin Jue area trembled, and felt the city of the moat shaking violently.

In a moment, the darkness was broken and scattered, and people's vision became clear.

If you look at the moat city in the distance, except for the shaking before, there is no damage. Even the big array shrouded in the city is not damaged.

Only the thirty-six rounds of Liangyi Shenyue became more and more bright, flying along the magical path in the sky.

"What a powerful array!"

SHAOHAO's face and Laoge's face changed slightly.

Just now, the strike of the summer solstice was so terrible, but it was finally blocked.

At the head of the city, candle Yingkong and others looked at each other. They were completely relieved and looked excited. They were really blocked!

"No, what about the mystery woman?"Suddenly, the candle reflected in the sky to detect something wrong, between heaven and Earth actually can not find the summer solstice figure, even the breath can not find.

At this time, SHAOHAO and they all found something unusual. Yes, where did the summer solstice go?

"There it is."

Lintian suddenly laughed and pointed to the distance, "she has entered the city!"

All the people looked up, and suddenly they were in disbelief.

On the wall not far from the candlelight sky, there was nothing, but soon a figure came out of nothingness.

It was the summer solstice.

She has a slender figure and a spear in her hand, which is so mysterious.

The wall of the city is covered with a terrible forbidden array, but at this time, it seems that the existence of the summer solstice is not noticed, and there is no reaction at all!

At the same time, candle Yingkong's face changed greatly, and her eyes almost fell out. She looked like a ghost and cried out: "how can it be


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