Chapter 1035: Odd Case

Without another word, Lin Yi walked to Uncle Fu and put his hands on his nerves, channeling the Art of Dragon Mastery…

Uncle Fu started chanelling the art of his sect as well…

Ten minutes later, Lin Yi decided to give up. Nothing was happening at all, it was the same as before! Lin Yi wasn’t able to transfer his own energy to Uncle Fu, and Uncle Fu couldn’t absorb the energy he was sending!

It seemed like Elder Jiao was right, there was a level limit on this sort of energy transfer, and he was only able to transfer energy to a practitioner until they were one entire class lower than him!

This meant that, as long as he wasn’t at Earth class, he wouldn’t be able to turn Uncle Fu into a Mystic!

Lin Yi was thinking that being able to mass produce masters like this was already a big deal, but it didn’t seem so powerful anymore!

After all, golden class masters- despite being an extreme rarity in the common world- was not enough for his problems! Lin Yi’s enemies now came from noble familities, and those were different from comon world ones! Golden class fighters were normal there, and most of them were Mystics, with even Earths!

In front of people like this, Uncle Fu and Weiwu weren’t of use at all! Lin Yi had to rely on himself!

He decided to let it go. Some people couldn’t even reach golden class, but he was able to mass produce them, it was better than nothing.

At that thought, he gave up trying to level up Uncle Fu and returned to his room…

Songshan these days, was peaceful. On the surface, the security and safety was great- the thieves’ group was captured, the kidney cutting organization was destroyed, and the underground powers of Li Cihua were quiet and calm!

Normally, under a peaceful atmosphere such as this, Song Lingshan should be happy. And the truth was, the leader did indeed praise her multiple times! Ever since she became the captain of the criminal police, Songshan was a lot safer. Her case-solving was also the fastest in history!

Lingshan, however, felt at unease. Many precedents have shown that peace only signalled a greater imminent evil!

She was also thinking this because a couple of missing persons cases had begun popping up these last few days- seemingly normal cases, but with far more to it than met the eye!

Wang Lie was a farmer, and because of some salary problems three days ago he had a fall out with his boss- he beat him up, and then disappeared!

From what the details said, Wang Liu was a strong farmer, and was able to easily trample over the boss and his few bodyguards!

The boss didn’t even report the case, and it was a store vendor nearby who saw the whole thing that called the police.

They only assumed Wang Lie ran because he was afraid of charges, and so people didn’t care. The boss himself was fine with it, and didn’t even want to press charges, so the whole thing could be seen as a simple brawl between citizens. Even the victim didn’t care, so why would the police do anything?

The injuries weren’t even severe, either, and the boss was fine.

So, the police only did a simple recording of the events before leaving.

If it weren’t for similar things happening in a recent preiod, this wouldn’t have been noticed or picked up by Lingshan at all! It was due to them appearing repeatedly that put a frown on her face.

Wang Li beat up the boss, but the boss wasn’t actually heavily injured at all, with only some bruises and a bit of skin chipped off on his head- the bodyguards, too. They didn’t even have any broken bones!

Wang Lie had no reason to run at all, in a situation like this! Even the police weren’t thinking of getting him, why did he run? From the boss’ perspective, the guy made it clear already that he just thought of it as bad luck, and didn’t want to press charge! Wang Liu would have access to this information just by asking, but he ran!

The second case was similar.

Sun Kaoli was a furnisher from a moving company, and he accidentally broke one of the glass made items. His boss didn’t say anything, and wasn’t even planning on cutting it from his slaray, but Kaoli disappeared!

Just why on earth did he run?

His disappearance made the boss suspicious- that was why he called the police in the first place, but he realized that nothing had been stolen from his company… The only reason he might’ve ran at this point might have been a company confidential reason…

Of course, that wasn’t much. If it were just these two cases, one could call them coincidences… Then what about those today?

Yang Maolin was a bit of a gangster, a rough guy around his parts. He wallked around the market and collected protection money, and met some resistance from one of the vendors. And so, he used a plate to smash his face open!

Him smashing the face open, however, only drew blood from the nose- after washing your face off you couldn’t even tell! The others thought this would be over just like that, and the guy who got smashed would pay up tomorrow.

Maolin had beaten up his share of vendors before, to a much heavier degree than this. This was nothing to him!

But, this guy was pissed and called the police, who came to sort things out a bit. After all, Maolin’s official title was manager of this market, and collecting protection money could be understood as collecting business rent! He was pretty enthusiastic when he collected those fees, but it was legal!

And so, there wasn’t much one could do to put Maolin in jail or anything. The beating, on the other hand, would only be considered fighting between citizens…

But the weird thing was- Maolin disappeared! He wasn’t seen again!

It seemed like he was worried that he’d beaten the guy up too bad, and so he ran fearing the consequences… But the guy he beat up was perfectly fine


If these three cases were to be looked at individually, it wouldn’t raise an eye- but put them together? It was odd!

In just a few short days, three of these ‘running from fear of crime’ cases had appeared, as all of them recorded. What about the ones the police didn’t record?

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