Chapter 64. Meatballs

"Speaking of meat, it's almost time to divide the meat. Must say, Dong Dong is blessed, to be able to make it in time." Eldest Sister-in-law came out of the kitchen with egg congee at this time and interjected with a smile.

"That's true." Lin Qing He chuckled.

"Previously when Da Wa saw his Third Aunt, he asked when will younger brother come out to play with him. The child's eyes are quite discerning. Once his gaze landed on his Third Aunt's belly, he knew that it was a younger brother." Eldest Sister-in-law mentioned.

"For the past two days, he has always pestered to come to see younger brother. I said 'you monkeys don't bump around and carry in the coldness' and stopped them from coming over. Wait until later, I'll let them head over to see their younger brother." Lin Qing He said. Glimpsing at the egg congee, she ushered: "Eldest Sister-in-law, bring it in. I'll go back first."

"Alright." Eldest Sister-in-law responded.

Lin Qing He returned. Eldest Sister-in-law ignored Second Sister-in-law and carried in the congee to Third Sister-in-law.

"Seeking trouble again?" Third Sister-in-law asked in a low voice.

"Ain't that right. Fourth's wife didn't do anything. She had to stir things up every day. What is she planning." Eldest Sister-in-law whispered.

"Her heart holds animosity," Third Sister-in-law uttered in scorn.

As for why she had animosity, Eldest Sister-in-law also knew. She didn't witness Fourth's wife's downfall, so she felt uncomfortable.

Really, they were one family. If Fourth's wife lived terribly, then they have to reach out, no?

Who was the one who suffers this?

Now Fourth's wife changed. She was doing well and can take care of this side a bit. Although they don't get anything, the children can still get a bite from time to time.

For example, the previous Laba congee was very delicious. Her son, Zhou Yang munched it very happily.

So why does she wish for Fourth's wife to be worse off? Eldest Sister-in-law didn't understand.

Same with Third Sister-in-law.

The two sisters-in-law spoke no more.

The team was distributing meat on December 20th.

When Zhou Qing Bai came forward, it goes without saying that they were able to buy good meat. He had already returned and would be working next year, so the team did not say anything about him coming to buy meat.

Zhou Qing Bai bought lean meat as well as ribs and big bones. As for current popular and well recognized as the best- fatty meat, he didn't fight with anyone for it. After all, he still had no work points. The others, who worked through the year, longed for this.

His family had no shortage. At the moment, there were two cans of white lard in the house. So he doesn’t need to buy those.

Five jins for lean meat. Two jins for pork belly. A little more ribs. Same for the big bones.

After all, it had to last from now until after the New Year.

These things cost a good bit of money. Zhou Qing Bai took home without blinking his eyes. Da Wa and Er Wa was tagging along behind him. San Wa? He was watched by Lin Qing He and not coming out in this freezing to death weather. Why go out?

Da Wa and Er Wa won't stop pestering, so she let them go out.

"Mother said that she'll deep-fry pork ribs for us for New Year. It'll be very fragrant!" Da Wa was ecstatically following behind.

Er Wa was also delighted. His eyes were bright and shiny.

After the brothers experienced this winter's nurturing, it can be said that their body was healthier. They didn't catch a cold and became chubbier.

Zhou Qing Bai brought the meat back and announced to Lin Qing He, "We're going to the old Zhou's house for New Year."

"Okay. At that time, I'll fry a pot of spare ribs." Lin Qing He had no objection.

She hadn't gone over in the past years. But wasn't that because he might not be at home during the New Year? Since he was here this year, then they'll go to old Zhou's house.

"You have minced these meats. I will make some meatballs for them." Lin Qing He began ordering Zhou Qing Bai to work.

She cut out one jin of the five jins lean meat. Then she divided the two jins of pork belly in half. The remaining four jins of lean meat and one jin of pork belly were all minced.

Just lean meat wasn't adequate to make meatballs. Adding some pork belly's white meat in, it will taste better and more fragrant.

Salt, chopped scallion, minced ginger, eggs, flour, and starch. Although the ingredients were simple, the meatballs will obviously come out very fragrant and delicious.

One jin of 16g meatball was almost thirty meatballs. The mixture of lean pork and the pork belly was a total of five jins, which turned into a large pot of pork meatballs.

Lin Qing He found the taste was okay, while Da Wa, Er Wa, and San Wa were amazed. They felt the meatballs made by their parents were the most delicious thing in the world.

"We need to keep it for the New Year. Sparingly eat them now." Lin Qing He stated.

After giving them two each, it was over. Initially, she planned to give one, but when they bargained, the amount increases by one.

Even like this, the three brothers still wanted to negotiate with their mother for more.

Zhou Qing Bai felt that his wife was so creative. The meatballs were delicious as well but he had lower requirements in the eating department. He'll comply with whatever arrangement she made. As for other stuff, he doesn't have much to say.

Did he think he could eat Lin Qing He's meat like this? Obviously not.

Banning her from doing her business? Then he can stay single.

That day, when Zhou Qing Bai returned from the county city, he brought her stamps back. Lin Qing He planned to collect them, but she never had time to buy them.

Before Zhou Qing Bai headed out, she brought it up. On his way back, buy all the stamps for her and it had to be one of each.

"Mother, why did you buy these?" Zhou Da Wa asked in puzzlement, holding a stamp.

"It can't be eaten too." Er Wa swept a glance and sighed.

It was clearly saying that his mother wasted her money. He couldn't help but glance at his father. As the father, he actually didn't control Mother. How much better it would have been if the money was left to buy edible?

"Scoot to one side." Lin Qing He picked up all the stamps and harrumphed.

"Mother, I want to play." San Wa uttered with his gaze on the stamps in her hand.

"Mother wants to keep it to play by myself." Lin Qing He grinned from ear to ear. Then she glared at the future good-for-nothing counselor, Er Wa: "Er Wa, what did you mean just? Your mother, me, waited upon you, father and sons, every day. I can't use the money to buy something I like, is it? "

"Mother, you can buy whatever you want. Ask my father to give you money." Er Wa immediately hugged her and declared.

Only then Lin Qing He snorted, expressing a little satisfaction.

Speaking of this, Zhou Qing Bai was the kind to spoil his wife. Without limit. With so many stamps, it must have cost a lot of money. He bought it without blinking his eyes.

As Lin Qing He said, she served the father and sons every day. Three full meals a day and boil water for a foot bath in the evening, which was a must every night. Why can't she be wayward?

Still not giving, was it?

Zhou Qing Bai watched his lively wife. He found that he got to know her only after he returned. He had to say he liked this kind of wife very much. He was happy for her to stay like this and would continue to live with him.

Lin Qing He accepted the other's boon, so her tone toward him was a little better. She chirped, "What do you want for dinner?"

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