The city is not broken, the formation is not damaged, but the enemy appears on the top of the city out of thin air, like a ghost!

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This incredible scene, let the candle Yingkong and others sweat all upside down.

Even SHAOHAO and Laoke are all gaping at the moment. Is that ok? Summer solstice she How was it done?

Only Lintian could see that the strike before the summer solstice was absolutely terrible, which shook the whole city protection battle.

However, all this is a cover. The real purpose of the summer solstice is not to fight against the big battle, but to take advantage of the opportunity!

However, even Lintian didn't see what a mysterious method the summer solstice used could appear in it so unconsciously.

"Over the years, not only did she break through her accomplishments, but something strange must have happened to the summer solstice, which made her fighting power completely different from before..."

Lin xunruo has some thoughts.

With his eyes now, he can't see the depth of the summer solstice's combat power, which itself seems very inconceivable.


To everyone's surprise, after the summer solstice appeared on the top of the city wall, he ignored the candle Yingkong and others nearby.

She flashed into the city.

The big men in the city could not help but be stunned.

"No, she's going to destroy the foundation of the formation!"

The candle suddenly turned pale and hissed, "come on, stop her!"

All of a sudden, everyone panicked and didn't hesitate to attack.

If the foundation of the great array is broken, how can the city of moat hold?

"Come on, round up that woman!"


"In any case, never let her get close to the base!"

The roar of the sky resounds over the city of moat, and countless strong people in the ancient area are in an uproar.

Can let all people despair is that all the stop is futile!

The figure of the summer solstice is like a dark streamer, not only extremely fast, but also in the place where she passed, all the strong people who came close to her died on the spot.

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No matter how high or low your accomplishments are, no matter how many you are, you can't do it!

Looking down from the sky, you can clearly see that a bloody path suddenly extends in the city.

Bathing in the darkness of the eternal night, the summer solstice is just like a sharp knife, which brings blood all the way.

Screams, roars and screams of terror began to ring through the city, stirring up the storm.

The bloody scenes made the strong men who had gone to the ancient wilderness to attack the city of moat feel very familiar and scared.

A few days ago, such a mysterious woman came alone and broke through the forbidden array of the nine sacred ways. She killed the strong in the eight regions!

In her hands, the top saints were easily wiped out like weeds, just like the invincible existence in the legend.

Now, she appears again, just in the city of moat, where the ancient camp of Yin Jue is located.

Start killing!

On the top of the city, when you see the chaotic, bloody and tragic scenes in the city, the candle reflects the sky, and your whole body is stiff, like falling into an ice cave.

Before that, he had learned that the summer solstice was a mysterious figure with incomparable combat power, even more terrible than Lintian.

However, he was not afraid of candlelight in the sky because he had the defense of protecting the city, but he never thought that this woman was more terrible than he thought.

A big array, to her, is like a virtual, such a big city of road protection, let her into the realm of no one!

"How can How can it be... "

The candle is shining in the sky, the city is full of flames, and the casualties are rising sharply.

But at this moment, he suddenly found that he could not afford the courage to fight with the mysterious woman without the support of Da Zhen!

Outside the city.

Bursts of shrill screams came out from the city, which made Lintian moved. Even he didn't expect that Xiazhi had the ability to break the game alone!

Looking at the old clam, ALU and SHAOHAO, they were all amazed, like looking at the gods.

"This place is invincible!"

Lintian finally made a judgment, and the summer solstice should still be in control of the mysterious method, in order to ignore the defense power of the big array.

"Everyone, get ready. When the summer solstice girl breaks the city battle, we will go in and kill the city!"

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The old clam screamed, and the killing opportunity surged.

Other people are killing.

The battlefield of the nine regions has left the blood and tears, shame and hatred of countless ancestors in the ancient wasteland. Take a look at the towering and majestic moat city in the distance, how much blood and bones of the ancestors have been poured and piled up?

Such humiliation and blood feud should be avenged!


Before long, the great array covering the moat city suddenly had a violent fluctuation. The thirty-six rounds of Liangyi Shenyue hanging under the sky were shaking at the moment."Little Lord, that woman is so terrible that we can't stop her at all. All those who are close to the past are dead!"

"Young master, what should we do? That woman is destroying the foundation of the battle. Once the battle is gone, we Aren't we finished? "

"Little master..."

The disorderly sound rings in the ear of candlelight, just like thousands of annoying flies buzzing, which makes candlelight feel confused and angry.


He suddenly raised his head, hissed and drank violently. His eyes were full of blood color, ferocious and frightening.

All the people trembled and kept silent.

Candle Yingkong breathed a few breaths in a hurry, barely restraining his anxiety and uneasiness.

However, at this moment, he did not know what to say, with a pale look of indescribable loss.

He is the leader of the Yin Jue ancient region camp and the emperor of the candle dragon line. He is brilliant and has the reputation of numerous people. In this nine region battlefield, he should have been the stage for him to show his strength and roar.

But now, he suddenly found that the nine domain battlefield was like a grave, which was about to bury everything he had!

He stood at the head of the city, looking around, his mind was boundless.

The seven regions alliance can't do it.

The eight regions alliance can't do it.

Even the top figures in the eight regions can't join hands!

This time, the battle of the nine realms is really going to be reversed, so that the ancient wilderness camp can win a complete victory?

When he thought of this, Lintian suddenly appeared in his mind. At the same time, his eyes also fell on Lintian in the distance.

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For a moment, his eyes were splitting and his face was ferocious. All the anger, uneasiness and frustration he had accumulated in his heart broke out at this moment.

"Lintian, it's all you! It's all you bastard -- "

He roared, his eyes cracked, his voice rocked the mountains and rivers, and he was full of deep hatred and anger, which shocked the wind and the clouds.

Lintian was calm and said casually: "you see, this is the leader of Yiyu. When he lost his dependence and was in a desperate situation, he was no different from a shrew who scolded the street."

Old clam, they can't help laughing.

This candle is obviously unable to bear the blow and is crazy.


All of a sudden, the city shakes violently, and the forbidden fluctuation is decreasing at an amazing speed, just like a punctured ball is leaking.

"Brother, make a decision quickly!"

The candle reflects the snow and is in a state of anxiety.


The candle suddenly shakes all over the sky. When you look around, you can see a river of blood flowing in the city. Everywhere is a scene filled with smoke and nitrate.

"Young master, this city I can't stand it

There was a voice of great sorrow.

The moat City, which has survived two battles over the nine domains, has been standing in the boundless years, but now it will be destroyed in their hands.

It made their hearts bleed and grieve.

"Just tell me to go down and withdraw. As much as you can escape..."

Candle in the sky, as if losing all strength, dispirited wave.

"Brother, what about you?"

Candle Yingxue was shocked. She felt something was wrong.

"This city is going to be broken. How can I live? Not surprisingly, I am afraid that from today on, I will become the eternal sinner in the ancient world... "

"Even if I go back, I will be denounced by Wanfu, and the whole world will abandon me. I can bear the curse, but we can't bear it."

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Speaking of this, he looked gentle, patted the candle on Yingxue's shoulder, and said, "sister, you can leave with them. I will bear the shame of this battle."

"No, I want to be with you!"

Candle Yingxue eyes red, with crying cavity.

"Go ahead."

Candlelight Yingkong waved her hand, and immediately a great sage stood up and took candlelight Yingxue away, no matter how she struggled.

"Yingxue, don't think about revenge for me, then Lintian It's not something you can fight against, but don't do anything stupid. "

The candle reflected in the sky and calmly told him to watch his younger sister go away. Then he took back his eyes. He looked determined.


At this time, with the roar of the sky and the earth, the thirty-six wheels of Liangyi Shenyue, which were suspended under the sky, burst into pieces one by one and turned into colorful light and rain.

The battle is broken!

The huge moat city is completely exposed between heaven and earth.

In the sky, a man stood at the head of the city, his clothes were dancing, his long hair was flying, and he looked calm, as if he was unaware of the destruction of the great array.

Behind him, all the strong men in the camp of yinjue ancient region fled in all directions like dogs who had lost their families. Each of them looked frightened and the scene was chaotic.

No one expected that the fortress guard array would be broken so quickly, which made each of them feel desperate and had to flee in order to survive!In this chaotic situation, Lintian and his party came out of thin air, and each of them made no secret of his murder.

"I'll take care of the rest of the city."

Lintian's black eyes were cold and gave orders.


Without hesitation, old clam, ALU, SHAOHAO, ruowu, Xiaotiantian and others rushed to this ancient city.

Lintian came to the top of the city with his eyes fixed on the candle and said, "it seems that you are going to fight for death? In other words, do you want to fight your own life and burn with me? "

"You don't want to know the news about Baqi from me, but I also want to fight you. If I lose, I'll tell you!"


(on the third day of the lunar new year, Mr. cunzao reminds us that you don't have to wait tonight, the goldfish already owes 2 shifts ~)

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