Chapter 1033: Er Goudan the Hercules

“Ugh…..” Lin Yi froze, he remembered that “Er Goudan” was just a nickname, it was not his real name. People who weren’t close with him wouldn’t know this…. However, supposedly people from the West Star village should know Er Goudan’s name! “It’s Zhou Jiaming….” Lin Yi answered anyway.

Zhou Jiaming was Er Goudan’s real name, it was natural for the villagers to call their neighbours by their nicknames, it was rare for people to call others by their full name- this was one of the differences between the city and the village.

“Zhou Jiaming?” the man startled for a second and continued, “Wait a minute, I’ll ask around for you… Aunty, someone is looking for Zhou Jiaming Er Goudan, do you know him?”

“I know, okay, I’ll handle the call here go do your things!” Widow Wang’s voice could be heard from the other side, “You’re looking for Er Goudan?”

“Aunty Wang, it’s me, Lil’ Yi,” Lin Yi smiled, “Who was that person just now?”

“En, he’s the son of my cousin from another village, helping me out right now! Isn’t the spring harvest almost over already? Most of the villagers have nothing to do so they always come here to drink, Auntry Wang can’t do all these works alone!” Widow Wang replied.

“I see, no wonder he doesn’t know who is Er Goudan!” Realisation dawned upon Lin Yi. One has to know that, in the West Star village, people who didn’t know Lin Yi were a lot, but people who had never heard of Er Goudan were close to zero!”

“Hehe, wait for a moment, Aunty will call Er Goudan over now!” Widow Wang put down the phone and went to the speaker in the village.

“Er Goudan, please be alert, Er Goudan, please be alert. I’m Aunty Wang, there’s a phone call for you!” Aunty Wang’s voice was put on a speaker, Lin Yi, who was still on the phone, could hear it loud and clear. The soundwave passed through to his phone on the otherside with great vibration.

Er Goudan was currently hunting right now, he had to move around after finishing his dinner. He heard the speaker and learnt that someone was looking for him.

Er Goudan was able to tell that the call must be from his boss- Lin Yi. He didn’t dare to slow down his movements as he carried the wild boar in his arms and sptrinted to Aunty Wang’s place!

This wild boar was at least three to four hundred pounds, but Er Goudan was carrying it effortlessly like it was not a burden at all as he sprinted down the mountain, as if he was flying!

The bottom of the mountain was Star West village, the villagers were all chilling outside their houses, a few were spending their leisure time playing chess and card games. They weren’t surprised at all to see Er Goudan running down the mountain carrying a huge carcass.

“Er Goudan, went hunting again? I bet you can sell this wild boar at a very good rate,” An old man commented, he was a little envious of Er Goudan’s gain.

“Hehe, not half bad,” Er Goudan gave him a smile.

“Er Goudan, do you remember promising Mr. Wang to hunt him some deer?” One of the women asked. Her husband was selling wild creatures for a living, they always caught wild chicken and deer to sell them in the city. They used to use traps to catch them but after Er Goudan witnessed how they hunted, he patted his chest and promised to hunt for them.

“Aunty Chang, I’ve got to get a call now, I’ll get those deers for you tomorrow!” Er Goudan nodded.

Er Goudan was considered as a legend in the village When he was eight, he went up the mountain to do hunting alone. On his first day of hunting, he scared the hell out of the villagers with the harvest hehad gained from the mountain!

At that time, all hell broke loose when a huge black bear appeared in the village. Everyone went back to their home to hide and were too afraid to come out!

However, after the black bear entered the village, the villagers realised that under the body of the black bear, there was a skinny boy! It was Er Goudan! The difference in size was too huge, they didn’t notice Er Goudan underneath the massive body!

The day was dark at that time, the villagers couldn’t see clearly from the distance. Only when the distance shortened, the were able to tell it was Er Goudan who had hunted the black bear and carried him all the way back to the village alone!

The villagers were all dumbfounded by Er Goudan’s God’s strength!

However, the surprise factor only lasted to a certain extent. The villagers slowly got used to it, and didn’t see it as an unusual event after that. The hunt never stopped, he hunted wild wolves, wild boars, and vultures, among other animals on his large list of hunted animals. The villagers were seeing it as a natural thing already!

Er Goudan put down the wild boar, “Guys, come serve yourself, after everyone has taken their share, bring the unused and remaining ones to my dad!”

Er Goudan was a generous man- he never kept things for himself. Every time he went hunting, he’d think of the villagers and share his harvest with them for free so all of the villagers had a very good impression of him!

In fact, everyone was drooling over the wild boar meat as well! This type of boar was impossible to be hunted down by ordinary people. There was a saying, “One boar, two bears, three tigers,” meaning wild boar was the strongest among the three of the animals!

Er Goudan was able to kill the wild boar like an insect, if he was an ordinary man, perhaps he would have been killed by the wild boar himself.

After Er Goudan finished there, he charged towards Widow Wang’s house. On the other hand, the villagers were happy to clean up the wild boar for him!

Of course, the villagers were not greedy people- they would only take the not so good looking portions of meat, leaving the expensive part for Er Goudan to sell in the market!

Er Goudan went into the shop excitedly and picked up the phone, “Hello?”

“Er Goudan, it’s me, Lin Yi,” Lin Yi smiled when he heard Er Goudan’s voice.

“Lin Yi bro, I knew it was you! Are you in a hurry? I’ll depart within these two days!” Er Goudan said, embarrassed, “There’s still a long way to fall harvest, we don’t have much money now, so before I leave, I wanted to do more hunting for my dad, otherwise, there would be no income….”

“Didn’t I tell you to get it from my old man?” Lin Yi didn’t know whether he should be laughing or crying.

“The journey fee will be on you, but i want to earn myself for the home expenses. I’ve got hands and legs, and hunting is not that hard either…..” Er Goudan smiled.

“Sure, come as soon as you’re done with your work there, I really miss you!” Lin Yi replied, “I want you to stay in Songshan city….”

“I also wish to follow my boss and conquer the world! But I can’t!” Er Goudan furrowed his eyebrows, “I can’t leave home for too long….”

“Yeah, other than the Spring of Kou Lin, I really haven’t found any other solutions to replace that!” Lin Yi sighed, “But all good, as long as you come out once in a blue moon, that’s fine….”

“Yeah that’s the only option… but it’ll be autumn when I return, got to work for my dad!” Er Goudan said.

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