After staring at the empty candle for a moment, Lintian nodded and said, "OK."

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The candle is reflected in the sky, and the figure stands by the void.

At this moment, he seems to become another person, cold eyes like electricity, gas engine roaring, the whole body of decadent color swept away, as if completely put down everything in the heart.

Lintian flashed a different color in his black eyes. He noticed that the mood of the candle reflected in the sky had obviously changed, which made his whole person different.

This is the peerless character!

The previous setbacks and blows, if you were an ordinary strong man, you would have collapsed and could not support it.

However, the candle reflecting the sky can be further tempered in the state of mind under heavy blows, which is undoubtedly not simple.

"Before, I was called invincible in the younger generation of Yin Jue ancient region. No one among my peers could enter my eyes. Even if I entered the battlefield of the nine regions, only kunshaoyu and jianqingchen made me pay attention to them..."

Candlelight Ying empty calm mouth, "now, I completely understand, the real opponent, never lies in others, but in yourself."

"Breaking my heart, observing my own heart, giving me a false name like floating clouds!"

Voice, no joy, no sorrow.

Lintian's figure floated to the void and said, "I can only say that you understand too late."

In the distant city, the sound of fighting is loud and roaring, and scenes of bloody slaughter are staged.

Under the joint attack of SHAOHAO and Laoge, those strong people in the ancient Yin Jue area could hardly stop them. They were all scared and fled.

But all this could no longer cause the mood fluctuation of the empty candle. He looked directly at Lintian and said, "it's not too late. When you hear the word, you can die in the evening."

After that, his figure unfolded, his sleeves and robes flew, and a sharp black and white sword appeared in front of him.

For a moment, he was extremely fierce!


The sword chants like a tide and resounds through the nine days. When the swords are swept out, the heaven and the earth alternate between night and day, which evolves into yin and Yang.

The sword is divided into two parts, black and white!

The power of a sword has the spirit of breaking mountains and rivers and dividing clear and turbid boundaries.

Lintian's figure did not move. He bent his fingers.


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A taixuan sword gas swept out, bang, will be all over the sky black and white color split, will that a sword shock fly.

The candle reflects the sky, and the body shakes slightly. Take a deep breath, and the body glows. Behind it, there is a candle dragon full of heaven and earth. Its eyes are as big as a lake, reflecting the sky and the world.


Candle Yingkong stepped forward, folded his hands, pinched out a sword seal, and stabbed forward.


The sword that had been shaken back produced a roar, which matched with the power of the virtual shadow of the candle dragon and burst out.

A simple sword, but there is an unstoppable edge!

Lintian's eyes flashed a different color, and he saw that the candle Yingkong had already stepped into the threshold of seeking his own method. The fire of this sword was amazing.

Unfortunately, it's still not enough for him!

"Get up!"

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

Immediately, the earth shaking sound of collision sounded, the sky cloud collapse, void disorder, the towering wall below all collapsed.


His body trembled violently and coughed up a mouthful of scarlet blood. His eyes flashed and burst out a terrible light.

He realized that Lintian's strength was even stronger than that in Feixian battle!

"You can't. tell me the clues about Baqi. I can give you a dignified way to die."

Lintian's hand was on his back, his posture was out of the dust, and his clothes were swaying. He was like a banished immortal, and his demeanor was peerless.

"Come again!"

His eyes were deep, his body was shining, and the void nearby was cracked and collapsed by his breath.

This time, he came with a sword, like a burning light.

Lintian's eyes were fixed.

This guy's doing his best!

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The unity of man and sword exhausts all the strength in this blow. The atmosphere of destruction makes the world dim.

Lintian didn't even think about it. The parallel finger was a sword, and it was also straight.


A sword gas swept out, its potential no match to frighten ghosts, there is no return!

When the two swords fight, heaven and earth are like a canvas, which is suddenly crushed. The unparalleled swords flow across the world. Where they pass, the earth cracks and the mountains collapse.

That big city of moat is half destroyed!


On the void, the candle reflected in the sky like a broken kite. It flew out hard and spewed blood. There was a bloody hole in its chest.

But Lintian's figure just swayed and his clothes were rustling.Candlelight Yingkong kept his figure steady, coughed violently, and sighed: "how lucky it is to have you, Lintian! How sad are the people of the eight regions

His hair was disheveled, his body was soaked in blood, his face was white and transparent, but his waist was as straight as a spear.

Lintian's eyes were cold, neither happy nor sad, nor pitiful.

The reason why he agreed to fight fairly with the other side was not from recognition and appreciation, but to get clues from Baqi.

As for candle Yingkong, he might be a peerless figure, but he didn't deserve his care and respect.

If it is not my race, it will be different. It is absolutely true that this remark is put in the battle of the nine domains.

"A long time ago, I heard the elders of the clan say that at the beginning, the ancient wasteland was the first overlord of the nine regions, just like the master, so that the other eight regions could only bow down and look up to them."

Candlelight Yingkong's eyes were dazed and lax, and he said in a soft voice, "before that, I had never believed it, because The ancient wasteland is really weak! Just like the mole ant under your feet, do you care about its existence? "

Speaking of this, he looked at Lintian again: "even now, the ancient wasteland is still too weak. Without you, Lintian, the ancient wasteland camp will be defeated this time!"

Calm words, not anger, just a statement of a fact.

Yes, even if the ancient wilderness camp wins this time, in the eyes of candlelight Yingkong, the ancient wilderness world is still far inferior to the other eight domains!

Lintian looked flat: "I just want to know Ba Qi's clue."

Candle Ying empty lips corner twitch for a while, show a touch of self mockery: "also right, win King defeat Kou, since lost, should recognize."

Baqi, one of the elders of "shenzhao guzong" in yinjue ancient region, fought in the border battlefield all the year round, and was a quasi emperor.

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This is the answer of candlelight.

At the end of the day, candle Yingkong's eyes showed a strange sheen. "With your inside information, when you step into zhundi, you can easily kill Baqi, but I'm afraid you can't bear the anger of shenzhao guzong."

"Oh?" Lintian raised his eyebrows.

"I know you don't believe it, but later you will understand what a terrible force shenzhao guzong is," chuyingkong said with a smile

After that, he looked up at the sky, looking disappointed.

For a long time, he looked back at Lintian. He was not sad or happy, and there was no waves: "can you die under Lintian's hands Not bad... "

The voice became more and more low. In the end, there was no sound.

As a whole, his pen stands on the void, his spine is still straight, but his breath has been completely extinguished.

Looking at the scene, Lintian thought about it and waved his sleeve.


On the earth, there is an unfathomable pit.

"As an enemy, I have strength. I said I would give you a dignified way to die. Today, I will bury you here and bury you in peace."

When Lintian spoke, an invisible force spread out and carried the body of the candle into the underground pit.

After that, the big pit was piled up and built into a simple tomb, which was erected in front of the monument and engraved with "the tomb of candle reflecting the sky".

"Brother, why build tombs for the enemy?"

The old clam didn't know when to return and didn't understand.

"That's the difference between us and their eight domains."

Lintian said casually, "and I have promised him to give him a dignified way to die."

He looked up into the distance.

In the city of moat, the battle is coming to an end, and the city is full of signs of destruction, like a bloody ruin.

Before long, ALU, SHAOHAO, ruowu and others came back one after another, each of them in high spirits, with a happy look.

The battle is over.

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In such a big city, except for some people who fled first, others were all slaughtered!

"Have a good time! Have a good time! Good man, galloping on the battlefield, should be like this

Cried Aru.

"The eternal cause of all ages lies in killing people. After this war, if we uproot the ancient camp of Yin Jue, there will be no possibility of revival."

SHAOHAO said with a smile.

When they were talking about it, they saw that Lin Xun was up in the air, sitting on the high altitude with his knees crossed. He was solemn and full of light.

It's like Buddha's coming!

Bursts of great Zen sounds with compassion came out of Lintian's mouth, and then resounded between heaven and earth.

Pure lotus flowers gather in the void and then fall.

Each lotus is crystal clear as glass, derived from pure Buddhist power, just like a lamp for extradition, guiding the way home for the dead.

This is the Dharma recorded in the great Sutra of tranquility. It has the magic of Purgating the souls of the dead.

"Brother Lin, what is he doing?"

Some people wonder.

"The elder brother has said for a long time that when he breaks down the enemy's city, he will take back all the remains of his ancestors and bury them in peace."The old clam took a deep breath with a look of respect.

All the people were shocked, looking at the noble figure sitting high in the clouds.

For a moment, heaven and earth are silent, only bursts of grand Sanskrit chants resound, there are countless lotus flowers as pure as glass floating inside and outside the city like ruins.

On this day, Lintian led a group of strong people in the ancient wasteland camp to break through the city of protecting the road in the Yin Jue realm, slaughtered thousands of enemies, broke through the Yin Jue ancient camp, and won a great victory!

After leaving the Yin Jue realm, Lintian and his party didn't return to the ancient wasteland camp. Instead, they went straight to the blood demon realm on the side of the Yin Jue realm.

There, it's the blood devil ancient camp!


(Mr. cunzao reminds us that today is still the same. Goldfish is currently in debt for three months to celebrate the Chinese New Year. Please bear with us. Goldfish are really using the rope to ensure the renewal ~)

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