Chapter 63. Seeking Trouble

"There's still a lot of money at home. Coupons too. Sufficient to use is enough. Don't take the risk." It dawned on Zhou Qing Bai why his wife always seems to be in a dilemma for a while now.

He hadn't known was that she was planning such a matter like fraudulent purchase and resale.

"I didn’t say our family’s money wasn't enough. Since I'm idle, I might as well. And also I would bring a basket. If someone asked me, I would say I'm going to the city to visit relatives and brought some meat over. It’s not a long-term job. Only once every few days. I'm just earning one or two yuans to help out with the family expenses. Is this still not alright?" Since Lin Qing He had brought it out into the open, she didn't plan to tuck it.

"Three thousand yuans is enough to spend," Zhou Qing Bai assured.

That's right, it meant he still wasn't agreeing.

Lin Qing He kicked him angrily and declared, "You sleep more outside. The sight of you makes me annoyed!"

Don't expect her to be virtuous and virtuous. She was such a woman, can't stop acting up. Discontent? Well, bear it!

Zhou Qing Bai didn’t move, he still hugged her like that. Frustrated, Lin Qing He pulled on his face, stating: "I have said it already. I can implement this confidently. What's more, you have connections in the city. If something happens to me, you can pull me out. "

Zhou Qing Bai raised an eyebrow. Although he didn't speak, Lin Qing He understood what he meant. How did she know?

"Such a big bicycle like can't be bought without a reservation for a year and a half. Zhou Qing Bai, are you treating me as a fool, or do you think I'm stupid?" Lin Qing He said flatly as she pulled his cheek.

Zhou Qing Bai allowed her to pull but maintained his stance.

Of course, he knows people. Over at the county city, he got an old buddy who had power. The bicycle was also sorted out with his help.

As she said, if something really was to happen, he could indeed get her out in a whole piece.

But still, how could he allow her to do this?

Lin Qing He saw that he still didn't budge despite what she said. Finally, she angrily carried Er Wa over to sleep with him, while she joined Da Wa and San Wa.

The next day, Er Wa woke up and found out that he was sleeping with his father. He was sure he slept with San Wa in his arms last night.

"From now on, you will sleep with your father. Your brother too. Both of you will sleep with him." Lin Qing He harrumphed and brought San Wa over to herself.

Zhou Qing Bai glanced at her. Lin Qing He felt it, turned to him, and then glared back.

Obviously, Zhou Qing Bai wasn't going to compromise so easily on this matter, even if it meant he couldn't eat his wife's juicy meat.

Zhou Qing Bai saw nothing wrong with buying meat for his own family because as it was reasonable.

But if his wife wants to make fraudulent purchases and resale, how can Zhou Qing Bai agree?

As for eating his wife's meat, he'll plan again. Anyway, he will not fall for the beauty trap.

Lin Qing He snorted when she saw through him. Let's see how long you can hold back!

Offending Lin Qing He was obviously a bad idea because Lin Qing He does not punish, she will be more ruthless. What ruthless method?

She started to ask around where to buy mutton. She wanted to buy mutton back to give him a big supplement! (T/N: Rely on its aphrodisiac effect)

During this time, mutton wasn't so easy to procure. Zhou Qing Bai had connections in the county city, so he was able to buy those muttons last time. While for her, it wasn't possible to buy it.

Lin Qing He didn’t give up. She went all out when cooking for Zhou Qing Bai at home. In addition to the oil residue, egg, and cabbage buns, there were trotters stewed with peanuts, braised pork accompanied by rice, and various soups. She also dressed herself beautifully and fragrantly.

Even San Wa couldn't help but hug her to express that mother was sweet-smelling!

Da Wa and Er Wa bobbed their head in agreement, their mother was really fragrant.

The fragrance on Lin Qing He's body was indeed fragrant, but it was a faint fragrance. Not overpowering. It was a refreshing kind.

The children could sense it, so how could Zhou Qing Bai not smell it. He knew that his wife was deliberately seducing him and purposely gave him delicacies so that he would yearn for her at night. On the surface, he was able to withstand and not express anything at all.

If she hadn't seen him fumbled up late at night and changed his underwear, she would have thought that her charm had dropped.

Lin Qing He almost laughed out loud when she saw him get up to change his underwear. Somehow, she refrained and continued to pretend to be asleep. Then she felt his movement.

He immediately placed Er Wa who slept like a pig to the inside. Afterward, he came to share the quilt with her and hugged her to continue sleeping.

Because he was just sleeping and did nothing else, Lin Qing He pretended to not know.

The next day, before anything can be said, she heard that Third Sister-in-law gave birth.

"That fast?"Surprised, Lin Qing He blurted.

It was only one night.

"It was quite fast." Mother Zhou, who came to report joyous news, grinned. This time Third Sister-in-law gave birth to a son. The whole family was thrilled.

"Is the trotters I bought last time still frozen?" Lin Qing He mentioned.

"It's still frozen," Zhou Mother nodded.

They had their customs here. There was no rule that the mother can't have visitors after giving birth. Currently, the air was cold and the ground was freezing, Lin Qing He felt it wasn't suitable to go over and disturb. So she gave Mother Zhou a jin of brown sugar and stated: "Mother, bring this over to Third Sister-in-law. "

Mother Zhou persuaded her to keep it: "There's still some at home. Third Sister-in-law hadn't consumed much of what you gave last time. Keep it, there's enough."

"I don't have anything else to give. Mother, take it." Lin Qing He handed it to her.

Mother Zhou stopped refusing then.

Once the first three days passed, Lin Qing He went over.

She chatted with Third Sister-in-law. This time, Third Sister-in-law's milk was more adequate. What's more, she gave birth to a son. Fourth Sister-in-law gifted brown sugar again, which displayed enough well-wishing.

"Look, aren't I right? Dong Dong's skin will definitely be better when he grows up. It's beneficial to eat more apples." Lin Qing He peeked at the sleeping child and pointed out.

"It is whiter than his sister at that time." Third Sister-in-law grinned.

Now this one had a son, everything looked merry.

Having a son, she'll be able to stand straight in the future and never feel shorter than others.

It was like this in rural areas. Ten daughters can't be compared to one son, even though daughters were often more sensible and obedient than their sons.

But it was still that phrase, giving birth to a son means continuing the surname.

Lin Qing He conversed with her for a while before she wanted to go home.

However, when she came out, she bumped into Second Sister-in-law. Second Sister-in-law laughed: "Fourth Sister-in-law if you have a way, you have to get good stuff to nourish your Third Sister-in-law."

Eldest Sister-in-law was cooking congee in the kitchen. She frowned when she heard this. Why was Second's wife always looking for trouble?

"I have. I gave Third Sister-in-law another jin of brown sugar. What did you give?" Lin Qing He stared at her.

"It's not like you don't know my family's condition. What can I possibly give? Brown sugar is not enough for breastmilk. If there are good meats to eat, it'll be wonderful." Second Sister-in-law smirked.

Don't you have money? Then let have you bleed a good bit out.

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