Blood demon world.

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For Lintian, it was like revisiting his hometown.

When the jiuyu battlefield opened, he was moved to this place, which was also in the underground palace deep in the Shenlian forest, making Lintian become a saint.

However, this time after they came to the blood demon world, they did not encounter any obstacles, even the shadow of the enemy did not see!

Until he reached the moat city belonging to the blood devil ancient camp, Lintian and his party were stunned.

No one!

Such a big city, empty, desolate, let alone human shadow, not even a fly.

"Son of a bitch, is that blood green clothes to walk too resolute?"

Aru was stunned.

"The leader of Yiyu, he ran away without fighting?"

The old clam was stunned.

Everyone was surprised and caught off guard.

Only Lintian knew about xueqingyi. He knew how cautious this guy was, and he had no lack of tact and strategy.

He is the only one who can escape so easily without any procrastination, regardless of his character and dignity, and knows how to bend and stretch.

"When this guy runs away, he can take away all the strong members of the whole camp. It's a great way."

SHAOHAO sighed.

"To chase?"

Ruo Wu looked at Lintian.

"Forget it, it's not too late to capture the other domain camps one by one, and then carefully search for the enemy."

Lintian thought about it and finally gave up.

The blood demon world is very big. If the enemy wants to hide, it will take a lot of time and energy to find it.

Before long, Lintian took the same method to destroy the moat city standing in the blood demon world, and took back the bones of the ancestors in the ancient wasteland one by one.

On that day, they left the blood demon world and set foot on the journey to the sky fire world.

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Heaven and fire.

People are in a state of panic.

The eight regions allied forces were defeated, and lieqian died in Feixian battle. Everything was like a storm, which dealt a heavy blow to the ancient region camp of Tianhuo.

Without a leader, the camp is already in turmoil and chaos.

When Lintian arrived, the strongmen of the Tianhuo ancient camp also tried to block with the help of the city protection array.

Who would have thought that the emergence of the summer solstice, one fell swoop into the city, a replay of the scenes that happened not long ago in the ancient camp of yinjue.

Soon, the big array was broken, and the strong people in the ancient area were in a mess.

After less than a long time of fighting, the city was also broken by Lintian and his party, killing the unknown enemy on the spot.

Blood and corpses were all piled up on the ground.

In the end, only a small number of strong people in the ancient Tianhuo region escaped by chance, but it is difficult to become a climate.

"Big brother, where is the next step?"

Alu looked at Lintian with a lingering desire.

"Continue to kill, work hard and attack them unprepared!"

Lintian's black eyes were cold.

He is very clear that once the news that the ancient camp of Yin Jue, the ancient camp of blood devil and the ancient camp of Tianhuo have been broken is spread, other camps will be extremely vigilant, or they will be on full alert, or they will run away.

Either way, it will hinder their action.

Therefore, if we can kill before the news comes out, it will undoubtedly play an excellent effect of "attacking others unprepared".

"Where to?"

Everyone was excited. Even now that they had moved around the three camps, they didn't feel any tired.

And on the way, you can rest in the ark, which is enough to adjust your physical strength all the time.

"The East Mulberry world!"

Lintian had three words in his lips.

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The northern underworld.

The sea of Fuyao, the city of moat.

Kun Shaoyu is practicing, and his cultivation is about to break through. If he can catch up with the danger and step into the later stage of the true holy land, he is absolutely confident to confront Lintian!

"Little Lord, it's not good. Just came the news that the camp of Yin Jue ancient region was broken down, the city was reduced to ruins, and even the candle Yingkong was killed by Lintian!"

An old servant panicked and rushed into the hall closed by Kun Shaoyu.


Kun Shaoyu opened his eyes and his face changed slightly: "when did it happen?"

"Presumably two hours ago."

The old servant said in a trembling voice.

Just yesterday, the battle of Feixian had just come to an end. Today, the camp of yinjue ancient region was defeated by a group of strong men led by Lintian, and even the candle Yingkong was dead. This is terrible!

It should be noted that Jian Qingchen, Chi Wushu, lie Qian, Shi POHAI and Hua Hongxiao died long ago. In today's nine territory battlefield, only the three leaders, xueqingyi, zhuyingkong and Kun Shaoyu, are alive.

Compared with other camps that have lost their leaders, the yinjue ancient region camp where Zhu Yingkong is located is obviously more powerful.However, yinjue ancient camp was the first to be destroyed!

"Lintian Are you impatient

Kun Shaoyu looked gloomy. After returning from the Feixian battlefield yesterday, he realized that the situation was not right. He speculated that Lintian would take action and take the initiative to attack.

So, without hesitation, he gathered the strength of the whole camp of the ancient region of the North underworld together and tried his best to be on guard.

But he didn't expect that Lintian would attack just one day later!

"Candlelight in the sky is the emperor of candlelight dragon. He is most proficient in the art of spiritual tattoo. With the strength of the city of protecting the road, he is not afraid of any invasion, but he is defeated in the end..."

"Doesn't this mean that the power of protecting the city and holy prohibition can't stop Lintian?"

Kun Shaoyu looks uncertain.

He realized that it was not good. Originally, he also hoped that the power of the city of protection could protect a group of strong people in the camp of Beiming ancient region.

But now it seems that such defense will not work.

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"Little Lord, it's not good. Just came the news, a group of strong men in the blood devil ancient region camp fled, and their city was broken by Lintian who was driven to it later!"

Suddenly, another middle-aged man in a grey robe rushed into the hall. In a word, Kun Shao Yu's eyes widened and looked incredible.

He asked subconsciously, "blood green clothes, he didn't resist?"

The grey robed man shook his head and said, "no, according to the spy, as early as last night, xueqingyi abandoned the city and fled. He also ordered other strong men in the blood devil ancient region camp to flee as well..."

Kun Shaoyu was stunned at first, and then slapped him on the desk paper in front of him with a slap. He yelled: "bloody green clothes, you're just a cowardly waste! It's a shame not to have any character or dignity at all

No wonder Kun Shaoyu is so angry.

Such leaders as Xue Qingyi actually chose to flee. Isn't this equal to giving up in the fight of the nine realms?

The most unbearable thing is that he is not ashamed of such shameful things, and even orders other strong members of his camp to follow him. It's absolutely shameless!

"In the past, how could I be ranked among the eight best in Qingming with this kind of goods? Shame, shame!"

Kun Shaoyu is really unable to calm down.

There was a candle falling in the sky, and the news of the defeat of the ancient camp of Yin Jue came back. Then came the news that the ancient camp of blood devil had fled. How could Kun Shaoyu sit still?

After a long time, Kun Shaoyu gradually calmed down and said, "the situation has become more and more serious. Since Lintian is attacking, he will definitely not stop. You keep a close eye on the news from the outside world. If there is any disturbance, please let me know for the first time."

After that, he began to practice.

Cultivation is about to break through. He wants to work hard to see if he can improve his strength before Lintian comes.

But, just less than two hours, there was news, once again interrupted Kun Shaoyu's cultivation.

"Shao Zhu, the Tianhuo ancient camp also lost. Like the two camps of Yin Jue and blood devil, the city of protecting the road was razed to the ground, and there were no casualties."


Kunshao Yu's mind was shaken, and his self-cultivation Qi was suddenly disordered, so hard that he almost coughed up blood.

"In less than six hours, three camps were broken one after another. Does Lintian want to take this opportunity to wipe out our domain camps?"

Kun Shaoyu's face was full of disbelief.

The array strength of each moat city was enough to destroy the existence of the great holy land, but it seemed that it was really useless to Lintian!

In addition, Lintian's speed of attack was too fast. He was as powerful as thunder. All the way, it was enough to frighten anyone.

"Order down, keep the city on alert, everyone ready for battle!"

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Kun Shaoyu gritted his teeth and gave the order.


My subordinates took orders and left.

Kun Shaoyu was sitting there alone, uneasy!

In the past, who would have regarded the ancient wasteland in the eyes of the eight regions camp?

But now, it's all the reverse!

The ancient wasteland strongman, who was regarded as a two legged sheep, is now like an unstoppable flood beast, stretching out sharp fangs to the eight regions camp.

In the past, it was unthinkable.

"Well, it's just a bloody battle with all our strength!"

Kun Shaoyu took a deep breath, tried to adjust his mind and continue to practice.

However, today's bad news seems to have no end. Less than three hours later, the news came again -

"dongsang ancient region has been conquered, the city has been reduced to ruins, with countless casualties!"

At the moment of hearing the news, Kun Shaoyu was so angry that he almost coughed up blood.

He stood up and growled, "why? Why is that? In the past, it took at least three years to decide whether to win or lose the nine domain battle, but this time, it took two years! "A few hours later.

Another news came that the Jiuli ancient region camp was broken

At this point, Kun Shaoyu has no mind to practice, mind disorder, he is worried that he will be possessed!

Outside the main hall, the night is like water. It's already evening.

Kun Shaoyu felt depressed and his chest was stuffy. He strode out of the palace, facing the cold wind, and looked at the deep night in the distance.

One after another, Kun Shaoyu hesitated to hear the bad news from one domain camp after another.

After all Should we not stick to it?

Do you want to abandon the city and flee like blood green clothes?

Think of this, kunshao feather teeth almost crushed, feel an unprecedented suffocation.

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