Chapter 62. Inflexible Stinky Man

"I'm warning you, we can't provoke this sister of yours, better to hide. You can't intervene in her matters, you hear?" Third Sister-in-law Lin immediately commanded.

In the past, her man had carried firewood or whatnot for her, but the military coat still ended up in the second branch's possession and not her man. Third Brother Lin didn't mind about this, while Third Sister-in-law Lin was mad.

"How can I intervene? I have no money." Third Brother Lin expressed.

"Some time ago you went to work as a small worker, that wages should be paid?" Third Sister-in-law brought up.

"The day after tomorrow." Third Brother Lin replied.

Third Sister-in-law Lin counted the days. Once Third Brother Lin gets the money, she'll take it straight away.

"Are you sure there are only two yuans?" Third Sister-in-law eyed him.

"It included lunch. If not, then it won't be two yuans." Third Brother Lin retorted grumpily.

Third Sister-in-law Lin didn't say anything. Third Brother Lin said he wanted to go to the mountains to test his luck. Now he was idle at home, his wife didn't stop him.

Third Brother Lin came to find Lin Qing He. Lin Qing He had already thrown the trip to the old Lin family two days ago to settle the accounts to the back of her mind.

She didn't plan to go back and make a large fuss. That was just a reminder to let old Lin's family know they can't make any demand from her. There was no way now.

When she came back, she tossed this matter to the side and never thought about it.

She didn't anticipate that Third Brother Lin would come over.

Lin Qing He came out and saw him. She blandly spoke: "Why are you here? Did you not hear from your wife? Now my family is poorly off, aren't you afraid of being clutched onto by us, poor relatives by coming here?"

"This was earned by me as a small worker some time ago. Sister, please take it and use it sparingly. Don't be as extravagant as before." Third Brother Lin took two yuans out of his pocket, paying no heeds to her words.

A total of four yuans. He gave his wife two dollars and the rest were here.

Lin Qing He was taken aback from the two yuans given by him. Then she put it away. Looking at him, she remarked, "I haven't dote you before for nothing."

Although the original owner's dote was only verbally, the actual thing was benefitted by the white-eyed wolf, Second Brother Lin.

Third Brother Lin coaxed: "Jiefu is a good man. Sister, you got to harmoniously live with Jiefu. He can support you."

"I know. I will. Come in and drink some ginger soup to warm your body." Lin Qing He said.

"No need. I'm going back now." Third Brother Lin shook his head. He left without entering the house.

When Lin Qing He sent him out, only Er Wa and San Wa were in the house. Da Wa and his father went up the mountain to see if they can chance upon any wild game.

But this time, he didn't catch anything. When the father and son returned, their hands were empty.

Er Wa told his father that Xiaojiu had just come by and stuffed money over to his mother. That's right, he saw it.

Zhou Qing Bai nodded in acknowledgment. That night during bedtime, he waited for the children to fall asleep before he asked Lin Qing He.

Lin Qing He gave a brief recount of old Lin family's reaction, "I never expected that my only younger brother has a conscience."

Zhou Qing Bai felt powerless. What exactly does his wife want to do by doing this? Will she still connect with her maternal family in the future?

"I used to have my head submerged in pig oil. That's why I help out that group of white-eyed wolves. Not happening anymore. It's useless to have such relatives. I am too lazy to bother about them." Lin Qing He declared.

"Don't become angry because of these matters." Zhou Qing Bai coaxed.

"I'm not angry," Lin Qing He turned to him. "What is there to be angry about. I did it intentionally. They're lucky if they didn't get angered by me."

Zhou Qing Bai perceived that his wife wasn't affected by this, otherwise, she wouldn't have said nothing after returning.

"Wife." Zhou Qing Bai put his hand on her waist and lowered his voice.

The underlying invitation was obvious. In the last few days, she slept with him like this. The children had slept on one side, which was his doing after she dozed off. She saw that he didn't do anything and let him be.

And she hadn't solved the problem of reselling pork. At the thought of this, she felt like suffocating from agitation. This inflexible man, don't even think about it.

"If you can't sleep, go to one side to sleep." Lin Qing He harrumphed.

"Oh." Zhou Qing Bai just hugged her, and his sigh sounded out above her head.

"What are you sighing for!" Lin Qing He uttered.

Now they have a good life, he should be content. When the original owner was here, there were no peaceful days. Why was he sighing with her?

"Wife, we are husband and wife." Zhou Qing Bai stated.

There was a hint of grievance in his voice.

He was a grown man holding his wife and can't do anything. If it wasn't torture, then what was? He was a normal man. How can he sit still when a warm jade(soft, delicate woman) was in his embrace. Impossible.

This person in his arms wasn't anyone else, it was his wife, who had three sons with him. Wasn't it normal for him to want to know more about her?

But she refused.

"If we weren't, do you think you could hold me to sleep?" Lin Qing He retorted.

She did have feelings for Zhou Qing Bai and also had husband and wife status. But so what? Can't she be unconventional and not give herself to him?

For each day her pork resale hadn't been settled, he doesn't get to eat meat one more day.

"It's just holding." Zhou Qing Bai said sullenly.

"Do you want to hold your son to sleep?" Lin Qing He responded.

Zhou Qing Bai didn't speak anymore and hugged her even tighter. Lin Qing He ignored him and planned to sleep. Zhou Qing Bai said: "When?"

"What when?" Lin Qing He found it was quite comfortable in his arms. Warm, and extraordinarily muscular. His body smelled good. It was probably the smell of so-called male pheromones.

"When will you agree." Zhou Qing Bai uttered hoarsely.

Can't keep him waiting limitless. He won't be able to stand it, so he had to ask for a deadline. If it keeps on going, it'll be inhumane life.

"I say, why you are pinned on this matter all the time? Can't you think about other things?" Lin Qing He voiced out.

"The pigs at home are nurtured well. In the spring of next year, we'll get some chicks. Next year, I will work to earn points. Our family will be fine." Zhou Qing Bai remarked.

This meant that they don't have to be anxious about their family's future. It will be great.

So if he doesn't focus on bed matter, what does he think about?

Lin Qing He took the opportunity to say: "What can we do with just your work points and these two pigs? Think of something else to make money."

"Do you have an idea?" Zhou Qing Bai asked.

Lin Qing He hesitated before blurting out, "I have something to discuss with you." It should be time.

"Speak." Zhou Qing Bai said.

Lin Qing He threw light on the matter of getting meat from Mei Jie while paying her commission and she goes to the black market in the county town for resale. As anticipated, once the plan was out of the bag, it was rejected by Zhou Qing Bai without hesitation.

Lin Qing He flipped over in frustration and ignored the inflexible, stinky man.

Jie Fu: Elder Sister's husband

Xiao Jiu: Mother's younger brother

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