Chapter 1032: Chapter 1031 – Who’s Er Goudan?

Looking at her sports car, Xiaoxiao, for the first time, had the impulse to smash it!

It wasn’t because she didn’t like her sports car anymore… But it seemed like she was liking Lin Yi more than the car…

Xiaoxiao mumbled to herself as she got in the car and started it up, but she soon realised that she had to reverse out! Since they were also in a street food alley, there were stalls and shops all around, and many students walking out after school ended. She never needed to reverse before, and just had to turn around and get out, but there was a Lamborghini blocking her side today! She had to reverse!

Lin Yi frowned as well, upon seeing the sight.

This Xie Yufeng, not driving his car away when he went to the hospital, throwing it here instead to be a hindrance!

Although, it wasn’t as if Yufeng didn’t want to drive it away, it was because he couldn’t! His butt had been sliced up, and it’d hurt a lot to sit, let alone drive!

Yufeng, Congming, and Panghu just called an ambulance, not even thinking about driving themselves.

“I can’t come out! Lin Yi, come help me reverse it out!” Xiaoxiao wanted to say that she couldn’t use her car anymore and had to ride with Lin Yi, but felt embarrassed to say so.

“Who’s car is this, how come it’s still stuck here?” Tang Yin looked at the Lambo curiously. She didn’t know what car it was, but it couldn’t be cheap. Who’d park it here for so long?

“That Xie Yufeng we met yesterday,” Lin Yi said, “But he’s really unlucky today, got messed with by Shu and Xiaoxiao. He probably can’t drive anymore, and he’s at the hospital.”

“Oh? What happened?” Tang Yin was confused and curious.

“Haha, Xiaoxiao, tell Yin Yin what happened- I’ll get your car out for you.”

“Okay!” Xiaoxiao was more than willing to share these happy memories with Tang Yin- and so she went up to her happily and held her hand. Compared to Yushu, she was much closer to Tang Yin- the two were getting more and more close after they had lunch together today!

In truth, Xiaoxiao had the intention to become close with Tang Yin, and it was also because she welcomed it that the two would have such improvements in their relationship.

Lin Yi walked over, and did not enter Xiaoxiao’s car but actually moved to Yufeng’s Lambo instead- he sent a kick into it, and a loud ‘bam’ echoed!

The Lambo skidded two meters to the side, but Lin Yi wasn’t done. He kicked it again, with another bang, and the car moved sideways again!

Lin Yi furrowed his eyebrows and continued kicking, and a while later the Lambo was filled with holes, its alarm ringing loudly into the street.

But everyone in the food street alley knew Lin Yi, and they knew the tyrant he was, so no one tried to stop him. They were actually kind of enjoying the show as they watched this stupid owner’s car get messed up- that was what he got for blocking Lin Yi’s path!

The Lambo had now been kicked to the wall, the driver’s door sticking closely to it. One had to climb in from the passenger seat to be able to drive the thing.

Both Xiaoxiao and Tang Yin stared in shock as they looked at Lin Yi!

Although, after all the insane things Lin Yi had done… He had destroyed two of Qibin’s skyscrapers just like that, let alone kicking some car! Tang Yin was already used to it, but Xiaoxiao was speechless!

“Holy shit! That was so cool!” Xiaoxiao didn’t expect Lin Yi to be this tough! He kicked the entire Lambo to the wall! That Yufeng would proably be crying tomorrow when he saw his destroyed car sticking to the wall!

“Done,” Lin Yi walked back casually, as if it weren’t him who just kicked the car away. He went to Tang Yin and Xiaxiao, “Let’s go.”

Tang Yin was starting to feel a little bad for Yufeng as Xiaoxiao described what she did to him. The guy had just gotten beat up yesterday, and today he had to suffer falling onto nail shoes…. Not only that, his new car had just gotten beaten to a pulp by Lin Yi! He had it rough!

Was he on the legendary journey to the west or something, and had come here to suffer in preparation?

Xiaoxiao wanted to stay with them, but didn’t want to show it too much. Since Lin Yi had solved the ‘hindrance’ in her way, she was able to smoothly get out.

The Beetle and Audi TT came out together, and Lin Yi drove Tang Yin to the hospital, splitting with Xiaoxiao at the junction.

“How’s the renovation coming along? When can you guys move in?” Lin Yi said while droving.

“Mom checked yesterday, it’s almost done. There’s still furniture and electriity left, so a few days and it should be good,” Tang Yin said.

“New houses have a smell to them. Fatty Lai uses eco-friendly materials, but there must still be some bad things in the air. Let aunty buy some bamboo charcoal for that, tell her it’s money you have to spend,” Lin Yi reminded.

“Okay, I know.” Tang Yin knew what her mom was like, and found it funny Lin Yi would talk like that, “I really do need to tell her not to be so greedy.”

“Yeah, tell her that the smell after renovation would mess with your baby-making ability, and that I’d leave you if that happens,” Lin Yi said.

“Huh??” Tang Yin froze, her face reddening, “What kind of stupid reason is that!”

“Stupid, but effective for sure!” Lin Yi laughed.

Tang Yin nodded, but she admitted that this was a powerful reason. When it came to the health of her future baby, her mother wouldn’t try to save money here and there, and would wholly pay for whatever needed to be paid.

“Then… If I really can’t have babies… Would you still want me?” Tang Yin suddenly realized- what if her body really couldn’t perform that task? She’s never had a baby, who knew if she even could?

“Ah… I’d be able to cure it,” Lin Yi smiled.

“…” Tang Yin was a bit disappointed- she wanted to hear Lin Yi say he’d still want her, not that he’d be able to cure it… The two results were the same, but Tang Yin was a girl, after all, and she wanted to feel romantic…

Lin Yi got Tang Yin to the hospital and drove back home. He gave a call to his old village, to the shop at Widow Wang’s shop.

But nobody picked up after many rings, and just when he was about to hang up, someone picked up. It wasn’t Widow Wang, but a man, “Hello? West Star Village, who are you looking for?”

“Hi, could you please get Er Goudan for me…” Lin Yi didn’t know who this was, so he was being polite.

“Er Goudan? Who’s that?” The man blinked.

It was the new year’s and things were busy around there.

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