The night was deep.

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The moat City, where the northern underworld camp is located, is brightly lit, but the atmosphere is dignified and oppressive.

No one is talking.

Everyone's face is full of nervousness, uneasiness and uneasiness.

In the past, when they heard that the strongmen of the ancient wilderness camp were coming, they would only treat it as a big joke.

But with Yin Jue, blood devil, Tianhuo, Jiuli They have only one feeling when the news of the collapse of the multi domain camp comes.


In less than a day, Lintian led a group of strong men to break through the camps. Such a fierce attack was enough to make anyone panic.

At present, the strong of Beiming ancient region camp can only place their hopes on Kun Shaoyu.

But no one knows how Kun Shaoyu's heart is struggling, suffocating and suffering at the moment!

It's getting dark.

Kun Shaoyu stood alone in front of the hall, relying on the fence. The cold wind was bleak, the night was as thick as ink, and the darkness was everywhere.

For a long time, he sighed.

It's hard to seek the way, it's hard to fight, there are many different ways, where are we today?

Draw the sword four, look at the heart at a loss!

He raised his hand and patted the cold railings. An indescribable sense of melancholy and loneliness poured into Kun Shaoyu's heart.

Unfortunately, fleeting time, sorrow, wind and rain, heroism!

"Young master!"

In the dark, an old man in grey robes came in a hurry with a dignified look. "The camp of Daluo ancient region was also broken. That Lintian, with his supreme Kendo, fought with tens of thousands of swords, but he was not defeated. The city of protecting the road was reduced to ruins. "

Kun Shao Yu's face was so numb that he suddenly understood blood green clothes.

This guy was not timid, but he had already seen through it. After the Feixian war, the whole nine regions battlefield was doomed to be no match for that Lintian!

"Yin Jue, blood devil, Tianhuo, dongsang, Jiuli, Daluo Now it's just us and the Xingsha ancient region camp... "

Kun Shaoyu murmured. He felt an indescribable depression filling his chest. He wanted to leave without caring about anything.

"Young master, the leaders of the major forces in the city come to see you together!"

Suddenly, someone came in a hurry to convey the news.

Kun Shaoyu was stunned and suddenly woke up. His eyes flashed and half rang before he said, "let them come here."

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Before long, a group of men and women came, all of them were the leaders of the major forces in the ancient northern underworld.

However, everyone's brow is full of worry.

"Let me guess, when you come to this moment, are you going to guard the city of Tao with Kun?"

Kun Shaoyu's eyes swept the crowd, and he had a bad feeling in his heart.

All of them were chatting with each other.

"Young master Shaoyu, the current situation has reached a critical moment. After discussion, we all think that it is time to make a decision."

An old man with white beard and hair in a golden robe spoke in a deep voice.

Others nodded.

"Oh, what do you want?"

Kun Shaoyu looks a little bit colder, he has guessed some truth, his heart can not help but emerge a sad.

"That Lintian's momentum was like a rainbow. He swept Liuhe and broke the camp of Liuyu in just one day. It can be concluded that the camp of Xingsha ancient domain will be broken soon. At this moment, we I'll wait... "

At the end of the speech, the old man in golden robe seemed to feel guilty and hesitated.

Kun Shaoyu helped him to say: "you want to get away as soon as possible, avoid its edge, stay away from this city, in order to save your life?"

They all lowered their heads and did not dare to look at each other with Kun Shaoyu's eyes.

The night is deeper, and the wind is as cold as a knife.

Kun Shao Yu suddenly had a kind of inexpressible weakness, and his heart was so oppressed that it was about to explode.

He took a deep breath and said, "if I don't promise, what will happen to you?"

There was no answer.

This question is not easy to answer.

Seeing this, Kun Shaoyu quietly clenched his hands. The green tendons on the back of his hands burst, and he could hardly control his anger.

What a shame to retreat without fighting!?

Ever since ancient times, in the past nine domain wars, how ever did the camp of Beiming ancient domain appear such a situation of "fearless at hearing the wind and collapsing without fighting"?

Just a Lintian led a group of strong men in the ancient wasteland. Before he arrived, he scared the courage of these guys!

Kun Shaoyu was so angry that his hair almost stood up.

He is not in blood. He is not willing to admit defeat like this. His pride and dignity can't stand such humiliating things.

"You That's how it's all decided? "

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For a long time, Kun Shaoyu could barely restrain his anger. His voice was like squeezing out from his teeth, with a chill to the bone.

All the people were stiff and looked at each other. In the end, they all answered in silence.yes!

That's what they decided!

At present, the ancient wilderness camp seems to be invincible. It has the potential to sweep the battlefield of the nine regions. To fight against it is no different from a mantis arm blocking a car and shaking a tree.

No one is willing to die, and no one is willing to leave his life in this nine domain battlefield!

Seeing this scene, Kun Shaoyu suddenly thought of the candle Yingkong.

Yin Jue Gu Yu was the first camp to be flattened. At that time, Zhu Yingkong did not choose to retreat, but chose to fight with Lintian.

Why did he do that?

Is he not afraid of death?


It is his pride and dignity that can't tolerate him to do so. Otherwise, he will become the biggest laughing stock in the ancient world and be regarded as a sinner for all ages!

"It's a pity that I don't have the power to make decisions in blood and green clothes, nor the heart to die in the sky. I want to accept my life, but I'm not willing to. I want to die, but I want to live..."

Kun Shaoyu was stunned and muttered to himself.

The atmosphere became more silent and depressing.

"Young master Shaoyu, time is pressing. The enemy army may come to the city at any time. The life and death of tens of thousands of lives in the city are all in your mind. Please make a decision immediately!"

The old man in the golden robe gritted his teeth.

"Young master Shaoyu, please make a quick decision!"

Others are talking.

At this moment, Kun Shaoyu was completely cold, and his grief was greater than his death. He finally understood the meaning of this sentence.

"Let's go. Let's all go."

Kun Shaoyu turns around and stands on the fence, overlooking the night sky in the distance.

The heart is withered, the mind is depressed!

The leaders of the major forces in the ancient region of the northern underworld were relieved. They raised their heads and looked at Kun Shaoyu with his back to the people. They didn't say much at last and turned away.

When disaster comes, fly separately!

Until all the people were gone, Kun Shaoyu's long hair suddenly turned white like snow.

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In his eyes, there was nothing but emptiness and loss.

He has been practising for decades. He has a brilliant talent and a unique style. He thinks that he is not inferior to anyone in ancient times, and he still beats the ancients on the shoulder!

In the end, wasted in this, alone, darkness is around the corner, so big mountains and rivers, no one can speak, heart hate!


Suddenly, Kun Shao Yu roared out, a cavity of resentment, helplessness, desolation, such as landslides and tsunamis, venting in the night sky.

The whole city was shocked.

Looking back at Kun Shaoyu's foothold, he was already gone.

On this night, Kun Shaoyu, one of the eight regions of Qingming and the young leader of the ancient region of Beiming, lost his mind and went mad!

In short, Kun Shaoyu is crazy.

On this night, the city of Beiming was full of figures who fled in a hurry. Everyone was as frightened as a lost dog!

Seeing him rise high, seeing him feast guests, seeing him The building collapsed!


At the dawn, the ark with Lintian and his party appeared in front of the North underworld Road city.

However, what I saw was an empty city, desolate and desolate.

"Son of a bitch, that Kun Shaoyu is so despicable, just like that bloody green dress, he ran away without fighting!"

The old clam gaped.

Everyone else was in a trance.

In one day, they traveled all over the battlefield of the nine regions, sweeping the Six Harmonies like a God, breaking through the cities and destroying the regions.

All the way forward, happy!

In the past, it was absolutely impossible, just like a dream of passion, heroism and generosity.

But now, one by one!

Until they broke through the Xingsha ancient camp and arrived at the Beiming ancient camp, they were still in a state of confusion.

In just one day, he swept across eight regions, destroyed the city and destroyed the enemy. He came like thunder and received his anger. He came like the light of the river and the sea!

In the previous two debates over the nine domains, such a thing had never happened.

"There are only a few people who are not afraid of death in this world. The more high-ranking and powerful people are, the more greedy and afraid of death they are!"

SHAOHAO sighed.

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"We Did you really win? "

If you dance in a trance, you can't believe it.


Everyone else nodded.

Stepping on the eight regions is a shame.

The blood and tears left by countless ancestors are rewarded today!

Heaven laughs boldly: "from today on, the battlefield of the nine realms should respect our ancient wasteland!"

"Won, really won..."

Some people laugh with tears.

Tears, does not mean not strong, only tears of talent to understand, this victory, how hard won.

Lintian didn't say much. He stood up in the sky, sat under the sky, looked quiet and solemn, and recited Pudu Dharma.The sky is bright and the Buddha's light is vast. Tens of thousands of lotus flowers, like glass, cover the huge city.

The atmosphere was solemn, and Lintian couldn't calm down.

Today, Lin Xun finally swept through the eight regions and wiped out the cities of road protection. How could he not be happy?

A little Haoran gas, thousands of miles fast wind!

Only after the fierce battles in the jiuyu battlefield can we understand the significance of this great victory for the ancient wasteland camp.

In the past years, humiliated, resented, bowed, today finally out!

In the field, only the summer solstice has been standing there quietly, dressed in a black robe, covered by the brim, bathed in the dark light of the eternal night.

What about the victory of the ancient wilderness camp?

There was only Lintian in her eyes.

There is nothing else.

On this day, Lintian led a group of strong people in the ancient wasteland to break through the camp of the eight regions and create a great victory that had never been achieved in ancient times.

Who can't be seen in the history of ancient times? Today's achievements are better than those of the ancients!


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