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Chapter 61. White-eyed wolf

During this kind of winter day, there was basically nothing to do.

Lin Qing He had already knitted pants for the kids and herself. As for Zhou Qing Bai, there was no need. He said he wasn't used to wearing it, so Lin Qing He didn't knit one for him.

Taking advantage of the good weather, Lin Qing He decided to return to old Lin Family for fault finding and put San Wa under Zhou Qing Bai's care.

She planned for this day for so long.

Once she reached old Lin's House, Lin Qing He bumped into her Second Sister-in-law.

"Yo, younger Guzi is finally willing to come back ah. I thought younger Guzi wasn't going to come back to the maternal family this year!" Second Sister-in-law Lin enigmatically remarked.

"Why won't I come back to my own maternal family? This maternal family is my root. No matter where I go I won't forget it ah!" Lin Qing He cheerfully responded.

"Younger Guzi, why are you coming back to maternal family empty-handed this time?" Second Sister-in-law Lin gave a quick scan and snorted.

"What? So when you return to your maternal family, you carry big and small packages? Believe me, my mother would break your leg if she found out." Lin Qing He unsmilingly smiled.

Second Sister-in-law Lin's face sank. She harrumphed before storming back in.

Lin Qing He won't nurture her bad habits. Mother Lin came out due to voices outside. Eldest Sister-in-law Lin and Third Sister-in-law Lin also followed her out.

Shouldn't have called her Third older sister-in-law, as she was younger sister-in-law. (T/N: younger in rank as she was her younger brother's wife)

"No peace once you returned. What are you coming back for?" Mother Lin grumpily muttered.

"Oh, I must say, Mother, are you displeased that I'm empty-handed and no big and small packages at sight? The last time I returned, you didn't have this tone." Lin Qing He straightforwardly pointed out.

No need to suspect. Today, she came here to pick faults, so her speech won't be reserved.

Mother Lin felt she lost face, scolded: "What are you saying? Did I tell you to bring things back? You did it willingly. So why are you resenting me for?"

"Enough. I won't squabble with you over other matters. Zhou Qing Bai has retired from the army, so in the future, we have no income. Our family still has three kids to raise. It's fine if the adult starves but the kids have to eat. Since I brought so much money and things back home, shouldn't my maternal family support me a bit now that the family situation turned bad?" Lin Qing He simply stated.

These words had Mother Lin, Eldest Sister-in-law Lin, and Third Sister-in-law Lin were taken aback.

They weren't shocked by Zhou Qing Bai's retirement, but by Lin Qing He, this daughter/Guzi, actually daring to request this.

Old Lin Family had long received news about Zhou Qing Bai's retirement. They thought Lin Qing He would have already caused a scene but there was no message about her for a while now.

Putting aside this, she actually came back this time to take back the thing she gave her maternal family.

Doesn't she want face the most?

She actually dared to open her mouth on this kind of matter?

"I say, Guzi, you know what kind of situation old Lin Family is in. Our family can't even fill our stomachs. So what can we give you?" Second Sister-in-law Lin stepped out of the room after hearing her words and responded at once.

"Second Sister-in-law is really funny. You clearly knew that Qing Bai retired and you still ask me why I bought nothing back just now. Also, how are you unable to fill your stomach? Old Lin Family is well off, while my family is at the brink of falling apart. Mother, I'm your and father's biological daughter. Now life is getting worse, can't you give me some money?" Lin Qing He pleaded.

"How can you have no money? Guzhang got retirement fund after he retired!" Second Sister-in-law gritted her teeth.

"That's right Guzi. Guzhang retired due to injury, he can still bring money home." Eldest Sister-in-law threw in.

In the past, when things were brought back, she didn't much of a share. Now she wants to take it from the family, she won't agree as it was related to her.

Third Sister-in-law Lin remained silent.

"Money? What money? Do you know what Zhou Qing Bai did? He gave his money to his friend, whose family condition was worse. Do you know how strained our relationship after we argued? He's not willing to take back. And you know what kind of temperament I have. If our family condition really wasn't terrible, I wouldn't come back to ask for money!" Lin Qing He uttered.

"What terrible family condition? You even bought a bike and it's completely new!" Second Brother Lin came out. On him was Zhou Qing Bai's new military coat.

At this glimpse of this, Lin Qing He wished she could whip the original owner. Such a good quality military coat was given to a white-eyed wolf, how blind can she be?

"The bike was bought for me with the last bit of money Zhou Qing Bai had. Why else do you think I stopped fighting with him?" Lin Qing He sneered.

She didn't put any hope on the bicycle being concealed. After all, having a bicycle in the house in these days was comparable to having a modern sports car in the modern house.

She didn't cycle here today, she came on foot!

Everyone came to a realization. No wonder there was no trouble, it turned out that he bought her such a bicycle with the last sum of money at home.

"You have money to buy a bicycle, but no money to raise children?" Mother Lin said with a blackened face.

It was indeed a dark expression. This girl was always ignorant. She had always been picky about this and that. But Mother Lin never expected her to waste money like this.

It was the last sum of money. Instead of saving it, she bought a bicycle. Can this be bought back for dinner?

"Ain't that right. At this time, you're still dead set on keeping face. In this case, why do you come back to maternal family for money? With so many people in the maternal family, don't we still need to live?"

In the past, she sucked up to this Guzi. But now the feng shui turns, her man got demoted and the family's money was spent. From now on, she'll be facing the earth with her back toward the sky. Who was nobler than the other?

"I used to treat old Lin Family so well. Now that my life isn't working out, you are doing this to me?" Lin Qing He stared in disbelief at these relatives and uttered.

"Hurry back and live your life." Second Brother Lin dismissively waved his hand.

"Lin Qing Xi, isn't it time for you to return the military coat to me!" Lin Qing He fixated at him.

"This is what you gave to your second brother. Is there any logic in taking back what you have given?" Second Sister-in-law Lin immediately stepped in.

"I couldn't bear your fanaticism at that time, so gave it to him, Lin Qing Xi. I had intended to give it to my younger brother!" Lin Qing He snorted coldly: "I really didn't see it before. My own maternal family what has this kind of virtue. Alright, I have fallen down. Not only do you not give a lending hand but also spectate with cold eyes? From now on, I don't want this maternal family. Don't ask me to come back for the funeral when you die in the future! "

With this, she angrily stormed away.

It had Mother Lin enraged: "This wretched mouth! She wants to curse me and her father!"

Eldest Sister-in-law Lin and Third Sister-in-law Lin act like mute. Third Sister-in-law Lin looked at Second Brother Lin's military coat before turning to go back in.

Father Lin had not come out of the house, but apparently, he heard it all.

As for Eldest Brother Lin and Third Brother Lin, they had gone up the mountain with the intention to see if there were any wild animals to catch.

When Eldest Brother Lin got back and heard that this, he had nothing to say. While Third Brother Lin sighed at the recount.

Guzi: husband's sister aka sister-in-law

Guzhang: husband's sister's husband

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