Tension, uneasy mood, spread in the ancient wilderness camp.

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One day has passed, all the strong people in the ancient wasteland are waiting in the city, and they don't know what happened outside.

Zhao Jingxuan stood at the head of the city, green silk fluttering, slender and graceful figure.

She's also waiting.

The morning light sprinkled on her clear face, with a soft and holy luster.

When he saw the great ark coming from the horizon, it gradually became bigger and bigger in his field of vision, and Zhao Jingxuan's original heart gradually calmed down.

And in its beautiful eyes, it is shining.

Come back!

A wave of unspeakable lightness, excitement and joy surged into Zhao Jingxuan's heart, and a smile appeared on her lips.

That touch of amorous feelings, in the morning light appears particularly beautiful.


In the city of moat, there was a cry of excitement.

Immediately, the whole city was boiling, and countless figures who looked forward to it stretched their necks one after another. When they saw Haoyu ark oppressing the clouds, they could not help cheering.

When Lin Xun, Lao Ke, ALU, SHAOHAO, ruowu and others saw such a scene on the Haoyu ark, they looked at each other and laughed, and their mood was also affected.


On this day, the ancient wilderness camp was a sensation. The news that the eight kingdoms camp was wiped out was like a storm, which shocked all the ancient wilderness strongmen.

"Ha ha ha, we have won this battle of nine realms. We have won the battle of ancient wasteland!"

Some people laugh wildly, run wildly in the street, ecstatic.

"All the hatred and shame in ancient times, today we will get snow, happy, too happy, bring wine!"

Someone's excited body trembled.

"Woo woo Elder martial brother and elder martial sister, if you know something in the spring, you will be able to close your eyes! "

Someone was sitting on the floor crying.

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"I've been fighting in sand, and I've been a million division with one sword! Master Lin's contribution will be remembered by all generations after him

Some sang generously.

"This is the real leadership style, the pride of a region and the backbone of the world! It hasn't happened since ancient times, only master Lin has one ear! "

"With one's own efforts, we can turn the tide around and wipe out all the enemies in the eight regions. There are 80000 sages and sages in ancient and modern times, and only one of them is in the leading position!"

Countless voices are heard in the city for a long time.

All the comments about Lintian were praise, praise, fanaticism and admiration.

Everyone knows that from the beginning to the present, if there was no Lintian, there would be no great victory of the ancient wilderness camp today!

You don't see, all the way blood kill 30000 Li, pressure a city nobody out?

Don't you see, before the seven regions besieged the lonely city, they killed all the enemies!

If you don't see it, who can be decisive in the big battle on the Bank of the black cliff?

You don't see, the flying immortal fight the top of the world, the heroes are like stars, meteorites are like rain!

Don't you see

There were too many magnificent and shocking deeds in Lintian's body. Every thing, if you take it out, is a miracle that can make the world marvel!


That night, in the hall where Lintian was, he drank and laughed.

How many times can we laugh in life? We must get drunk when we meet in wine fight!

Until early in the morning, a group of guests and friends gradually dispersed.

The courtyard is empty and bright. At the summer solstice, sitting quietly in front of the stone steps, the brim of the hat covering the face has been lifted, revealing a beautiful face that can amaze the years and make the world dim.

Even Zhao Jingxuan, when he caught a glimpse of this scene, showed a dull color, and felt a little shocked.

How beautiful!

That kind of beauty, from the inside to the outside, is as exquisite as a perfect masterpiece from heaven, so that people can't find any flaw.

She sat there at will, with bright eyes and white teeth, black eyebrows like ink, quiet, ethereal and cool temperament, wearing a wide sleeve black robe, reflecting her skin as white and tender as cream.

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Looking at her, a sentence suddenly flashed into Zhao Jingxuan's mind: there is a beautiful woman here. She is left behind and independent. She looks at the city and then the country.

And Lintian's heart was also beating violently. After more than ten years' absence, the girl had become a graceful and beautiful woman!

"You talk. I'll have a rest first."

After returning to her senses, Zhao Jingxuan turned around and left. However, when she returned to her room, she felt quite uneasy.

In the past, the summer solstice was just a beautiful girl who was fresh and chic, smart and vulgar. In Zhao Jingxuan's mind, she always regarded her as a sister.

But tonight, for the first time, she realized that the summer solstice was not the same as before. After many years, she became more and more beautiful.

That kind of beauty made Zhao Jingxuan's heart tremble, surprise and shock.

If she had not seen it with her own eyes, Zhao could not believe that there was such a beautiful person in the world. As a woman, she could not help feeling ashamed.

"Fortunately, she has been covering up her face, otherwise, which man in the world can fall for it?"Sitting in front of the bed, Zhao Jingxuan felt that from beginning to end, she never thought about competing with the summer solstice.

Because she knew that in Lintian's mind, the summer solstice was a role like a sister. They had been together for a long time.

But now, Zhao Jingxuan is not sure.

Immediately, Zhao Jingxuan was dumbfounded. What happened to him? He was worried about gain and loss because he cared too much?

"Just as long as he doesn't let me down."

It took a long time for Zhao Jingxuan to whisper in his heart.

In the courtyard, Lintian and the summer solstice sat side by side, just like when he was in Feiyun village, his heart was peaceful.

It suddenly occurred to Lintian that every time he was with the summer solstice, he would never feel any more worries or thoughts.

It felt like they were the only two left in the world.

"Lintian, I'm leaving soon."

Suddenly, when the summer solstice opened its mouth, the voice was as clear, calm and pleasant as the sounds of nature.


Lintian was stunned.

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The summer solstice nodded and said, "yes, I have been fighting in the dark all these years. I have been dying and changing in the battle. Only a few years ago did I have the power to leave the dark."

"I came to see you this time because I could sense your breath. I'm very happy to see you safe. Well, it's the first time in these years that I'm so happy."

Clear as the sound of spring, resounding in the night.

Looking at Xia Zhi's side face, Lintian suddenly felt an unspeakable love in his heart. What had she experienced in these years?

Lintian was silent for a moment and said: "this time Where are you going again? "

The summer solstice said, "that's my own battlefield. If I want to practice the nine turn method, that's the only place where I can achieve nirvana."

Lintian took a deep breath and said, "in fact, you can't go. With my strength now, you won't be wronged."

He really doesn't want to let the summer solstice fight alone again!

The summer solstice shook his head and said, "after my transformation, I know something about me and you. I must become very strong."

Lintian frowned and felt that there was something wrong with the meaning of the summer solstice words, as if he had noticed something dangerous, which forced her to go all out to become stronger.

And this kind of danger is probably related to oneself, not to the summer solstice!

"What is it?" Lintian could not help asking again.

The summer solstice was silent for a moment, then said: "the collapse of heaven and earth, from behind, fog confused, blocking the road ahead, thousands of killing and looting, are aimed at you alone."

Lintian was shocked in his mind. If he was struck by lightning, he immediately remembered that when he was in the ziyao Empire, the old priest of the observatory had said similar words!

However, in the words of the old priest, there was no saying of killing and robbing.

Did she "see" any omen at the summer solstice?

"You Believe that? "

At half an hour, Lintian stabilized his mind and said, "there are thousands of calamities and difficulties for everyone. If you want to continue to seek the way, it is inevitable for everyone in the sky, no matter who you are. If you choose this way, you just need to face the difficulties. If you worry about these, you don't have to, let alone force yourself to do things you don't like."

Summer solstice not false think cableway: "this kind of thing, regardless of like or not, since I know, I must help you resolve, this is my destiny."

Lintian frowned: "fate? I never believed that

Summer solstice asked: "but if there is no fate, why can we meet? Why do I only want you to be in my world? Besides, I'm only willing to be good for you. I don't care about anything else, and I don't want to care about it. "

Looking at the serious appearance of the summer solstice, Lintian was silent for a long time. Then he sighed and said, "can you choose to stay for me?"

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Xia Zhi shook his head: "no way, Lintian. You said that it's not the difference between life and death. There's no real parting. I just leave for a while. After that, I will stay by your side forever."

Lintian didn't know what to say for a moment.


But the summer solstice always did it for his good.


Not at all!

He Lintian has risen from the beginning to the present. He has become an invincible presence in the battlefield of nine regions. He can be superior to others in the holy land.

But now, he found that some things, even he can't do.

For example, the question of the summer solstice!

"Or am I not strong enough?"

Lintian murmured.

The holy land on the top of the mountain is not strong enough to stop and resolve the "robbery" mentioned by the summer solstice?

The summer solstice turned his face and looked at Lintian like stars. He said seriously, "no, you are already very strong, but there are many things in the world, which are only aimed at people like you.""And what I said is far away from you, which is also the best way to let me have enough time to prepare for the response."

At this point in the conversation, Lintian fully understood that the will of the summer solstice could not be changed, which made him feel disappointed.

How strong should it be so that the summer solstice doesn't have to leave because of its own affairs?

To be the sage king?

Or empire?

Suddenly, an unspeakable emotion stirred Lintian's mind.

He turned, looked into the eyes of the summer solstice, and said, "one day, I will make you never leave again, forever!"

The summer solstice was stunned, and a smile appeared on the beautiful flawless face.

The smile is like the most brilliant light in the world, which makes the night dim and the world pale.

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