Chapter 60. Behave like the family head

In a flash, it was Laba festival.

Lin Qing He was prepared to cook Laba congee. She got up early in the morning to make it. Once the kids were up, a large pot of Laba congee was ready.

Fragant and sweet glutinous.

But the sweetness was only moderate. She doesn't like to eat sweetness too much, so she didn't put much sugar.

Once the Laba congee was ready, Lin Qing He immediately scooped out a large bowl and got Zhou Qing Bai to deliver it to the old Zhou's house.

She dared to guarantee that the Laba congee she made was the most delicious. There were lots of ingredients as well as sweet. So how can it not taste good?

Old Zhou's house also cooked theirs on that side, but it was casually made. It was enough to go through the motion. So naturally, it couldn't be compared to the one sent by Lin Qing He.

Father Zhou and Mother Zhou didn't have a bite. They shared a mouthful between the grandsons below. As for the granddaughters, they got none.

"There's really no words for how Fourth Sister-in-law live." Second Sister-in-law remarked at the smell of sweet Laba congee eaten by the children.

It goes without saying, her tone was a little sour.

Eldest Sister-in-law and Third Sister-in-law made no comment. That was because Third Sister-in-law currently had no son, so her daughter also had some. After eating the other's Laba congee and talked bad about the other. That was something Thrid Sister-in-law couldn't do.

The same goes for Eldest Sister-in-law. She looked at Third Sister-in-law's belly and said, "How are you feeling?"

Third Sister-in-law's stomach was already very big. It should be due any day now.

"Should be soon," replied Third Sister-in-law.

She can feel it herself. She should be about to give birth soon.

Mother Zhou had Laba congee before coming over to talk to Lin Qing He about it. When she came, Lin Qing He was eating with Zhou Qing Bai and the kids.

The boys were clearly overjoyed. This Laba congee was really delicious.

Inside were coarse rice, sticky rice, white polished rice, millet, peanuts, red beans, chestnuts and red dates, with white sugar and brown sugar added. It was especially yummy.

The brothers were satisfied after drinking it up.

Even Zhou Qing Bai also liked his wife's craft.

In fact, since he came back, Lin Qing He had never let him ate terribly during the three meals a day. Which meal didn't leave him fulfilled?

The only thing that made him helpless was that his wife barred him from joining her in the quilt. This was torture. He hoped that one day he would be free from his sentence.

"Mother, have you eaten yet?" Lin Qing He greeted.

"I have. Don't mind me. Enjoy your meal," said Mother Zhou.

Even so, Lin Qing He went in and brought another bowl out. She scooped a bowl for Zhou Mother and had let her sit down and eat together.

Mother Zhou was pleased with Fourth's wife's current attitude. Although her habit of spending money can't be corrected, it had to be said that her care towards her man and children beat everyone else.

Mother Zhou sat down and ate with them. She brought up Third Sister-in-law's matter.

"There's no problem on my side. I'll just go and give a head up." Lin Qing He confirmed.

"I'll give you the money first," Mother Zhou said.

Lin Qing He darted a glance at Zhou Qingbai and saw him say nothing, so she accepted it, "Trotters don't need that much. When the time comes, I will buy some meat for Third Sister-in-law as well. Got to ea some meat during post-natal confinement."

Mother Zhou gave five yuan.

"Up to you." Mother Zhou nodded.

Originally, the meat will be divided again at the end of the year. But that wasn't definite. If her diet was bad now, she may not be able to have breastmilk even if she eats meat after giving birth.

Lin Qing He gets it, so on the morning of La Shi(two days later) when the sun had yet to rise, Zhou Qing Bai hopped on the bike and brought five jins of fatty meat, six trotters and three jins of pork belly back. There were a few pork ribs and a pigtail as well.

As for Lin Qing He, she was still snoozing.

In the beginning, she wanted to go, but Zhou Qing Bai refused and had her sleep a little longer. Lin Qing He didn't act demure and naturally let him go alone.

The things that were brought back was up to Lin Qing He to distribute.

Lin Qing He divided old Zhou Family's share according to the quantity of five yuans. She arranged two pounds of fatty meat and two trotters with the remaining four were kept by her own children. She also set aside one jin of pork belly and one position of rib for them.

This was in line with five yuans worth.

And this was in the countryside standard. If it was a black market in the city, you can't buy so much for five dollars.

Lin Qing He packed these things into a basket and grabbed some seaweed. Then she delivered them to the old Zhou's house. She'll check on Third Sister-in-law on the way as well.

Third Sister-in-law's stomach was really big. Lin Qing He became a little bit terrified from the sight. Fortunately, she didn't need to give birth again, otherwise she couldn't imagine it.

"The two pig trotters I brought will be eaten after birth. The fatty meat and pork belly are also bought according to the money given by Mother. Ask Eldest Sister-in-law to stew rib with the seaweed into a soup for you. This is what I given you. You can eat it all by yourself." Lin Qing He clarified.

Then to Eldest Sister-in-law, who was present, she continued: "When Eldest Sister-in-law is about to give birth, I will buy it for you too."

She still had a lot of affinity for these two Sisters-in-law. So she expressed it to them at a time like this. It was also a display of handling relationships, right?

"No need. It's quite expensive." Eldest Sister-in-law smiled.

"It's only just this one time, so it won't cost much." Lin Qing He insisted.

When Lin Qing He went back, Third Sister-in-law expressed: "Da Wa's mother is becoming more and more like a family head."

"It's wonderful." Eldest Sister-in-law nodded in agreement.

Eldest Sister-in-law mentioned Lin Qing He's additional rib for Third Sister-in-law in front of everyone during breakfast. Mainly for Second Sister-in-law, to prevent her from nagging about Third Sister-in-law having a private stove.

Second Sister-in-law was verbally silent, but her face was pretty twisted. When she was pregnant before, why didn't she see Lin Qing He do anything?

Now she sends a rib to Third's wife. Although the ribs don't have much meat, still there's a saying that anything with oil is a good thing. Who doesn't want a free rib?

But the rest of the old Zhou family didn't say anything, same for the Zhou brothers. They just felt that Fourth's wife know how to behave now.

Lin Qing He doesn't want to get involved with old Zhou Family's matter too much. She had no idea that Zhou Qing Bai likes to eat pigtails?

Lin Qing He stewed the pigtails with soybeans. She drank some soup and ate nothing else.

The boys never refuse what was given. They chewed quite joyously. Zhou Qing Bai ate most of it.

As for the big fatty meat, she cut it into small pieces and cooked it into lard. The remaining oil residue ended up becoming a filling. Mixed with fried eggs and cabbage as a filling, it was wrapped within a bun dough.

Because there was a big eater like Zhou Qing Bai at home, Lin Qing He went all out. The weather was still freezing, she won’t be afraid of spoiling even when she made a lot. It was really convenient, whenever they want to eat, they can just steam up and make some soup on the stove.

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