In the next period of time, Lintian left the city of moat with the summer solstice and walked in the battlefield of nine regions.

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Travel between mountains and rivers, walk under the stars.

Along the way, Lintian completely put aside all the common things and took out all the delicious, funny and interesting things he had collected over the years.

What made Lintian laugh and cry was that he only liked to eat at the summer solstice, but he was not interested in those funny and interesting babies.

What's more, my favorite food in summer solstice is meat, cooked, fried, roasted, stewed, stewed As long as it's meat, you're welcome.

This made Lintian feel that eating was a blessing.

The words of summer solstice were always very few, and they accompanied Lintian quietly. Occasionally, Lintian couldn't help teasing her, but she always beat him with a kind of "childish" look.

At this time, Lintian could not help chatting, then he was dumb, and then he laughed. It seemed that only in front of the summer solstice would he be like this "Naive"?

A summer solstice, a pot of wine, accompanied by a leisurely tour, happy as Nong, how many people?

Unfortunately, good times are always short.

Half a month later, the summer solstice will leave after all.

"Lintian, wait for me to come back."

It's the same as when I left. This time, the summer solstice spoke so seriously.

"Go, go."

Lintian also wanted to open, took out the wine gourd and waved goodbye.

But the summer solstice came up and hugged Lintian. His slender and delicate body was as soft as nephrite, and a cold and ethereal body fragrance filled the air.

Lintian took a deep breath and held the summer solstice tightly, as if afraid that the other party would disappear next moment.

"You can marry her, but you have to beat me first."

All of a sudden, the summer solstice was cold, which made Lintian's body suddenly stiff. His face was dull for a while, and the corners of his lips twitched slightly.

"She" of course refers to Zhao Jingxuan.

But Lintian didn't expect that the summer solstice was still thinking about it.


After thinking for a moment, Lintian was full of pride. "Would you like to have a try now?"

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Xia Zhi raised his eyes, looked at Lintian's eager look, and said, "are you so worried?"

Lintian was embarrassed and said, "next time."

Two steps back from the summer solstice, a white bone spear suddenly appeared in his palm. He stabbed it gently in the empty air and came to kill Lin Xun.

Simple, no fancy.

But in Lintian's eyes, the spear was like the sharpest blade in the world, which could pierce everything. No matter how he dodged, he could not avoid the edge!

That feeling, just like the arrival of the road, the spear is the road, the road is the spear, the road is everywhere, everywhere, so is the spear!

Time is as if in this moment become very long.

Lintian's pupil contracted, and his fighting instinct honed by years of fighting and expedition made him make a reaction in an instant -


But at this time, all these things disappeared, the road did not exist, the spear did not exist, and the distant summer solstice stood alone.

Lintian sighed. He had completely concluded that the summer solstice was invincible in this situation. Even if he really fought, he might have a chance to win, but he didn't have much hope.

Summer solstice came and said, "do you want to try again?"

It wasn't a show off, but it made Lintian smile bitterly and said, "why should we fight at this time, you two?"

The summer solstice came forward. Suddenly, a narrow smile appeared on the beautiful little face that was enough to make the country and the city beautiful. He said, "Lintian, you are as lovely as Xiaoxiao."

"Who is Xiaoxiao?" Lintian was stunned.

The next moment, he saw in the summer solstice shoulder, a fist size, hair presents a kind of light pink rabbit, a pair of black eyes full of aura.

The little rabbit turned his lips and grinned, revealing a pair of crystal white rabbit teeth, which looked very funny.

But Lintian's face was almost black. Did the summer solstice say that he was as cute as a pink rabbit?

If this spread out, how should the heroes of the ancient wasteland treat him?

Summer solstice smile is bright, tease the pink rabbit on the shoulder, way: "you see, smile up more lovely."

Pink rabbit is very fit to crack the mouth, happy smile, make a squeak sound, like a pink ball rolling on the summer solstice shoulder.

Beauty looks like a girl, graceful figure, beautiful as a fairy who doesn't eat fireworks, rarely like now such a bright smile.

It was also at this time that Lin xuncai suddenly found that no matter how strong and beautiful the summer solstice was, she still had a simple, clean and childlike character in her heart.

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It's just that she rarely shows it.

For a moment, looking at the lively and beautiful summer solstice, Lintian was in a trance, and his mood fluctuated.


Before long, the summer solstice simply left.She has never been a muddler.

In the void, she walked farther and farther. On her shoulders, the pink rabbit grinned and waved her paws to say goodbye to the forest.

Seeing such a scene, Lintian couldn't help laughing and waved.

A dark door of nothingness appears in the sky, and the figure of the summer solstice enters and disappears.

"Which gateway, however, can ignore the power of heaven and earth in the nine regions battlefield. What kind of place does the summer solstice go to?"

Lintian had dark eyes. He had seen this dark door.

When the summer solstice left the star chess sea that year, it also entered this portal.

However, it was at this moment that Lintian found out how difficult this dark door was!


The summer solstice is gone.

As far as the ancient wilderness camp is concerned, there is no big movement except some emotion.

The eight regions camp was conquered, with no casualties, which also made the ancient wilderness camp obtain a huge amount of booty.

The booty was sorted out and distributed one by one.

Even Zhao Jingxuan and others who did not take part in the war also got a share.

Little silver, little sky and big blackbird have their own harvest.

Among them, the one who gained the most was Lintian, because all the spoils that originally belonged to the summer solstice were given to him.

Lintian only counted the holy treasures he had got, but he was shocked. There were more than 400 pieces!

And there is no lack of precious rare holy way treasure!

In addition, there are a large number of divine materials, pills, rare treasures, secret classics, mineral materials Numerous.

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Next, for the ancient wilderness camp, there are only two things left.

One is to pursue, encircle and suppress the remaining enemy forces in various places. The so-called "good general" should be brave enough to pursue the poor bandits. You should not sell your name to learn from the overlord!

When dealing with the enemy, he should be as cold as the autumn wind sweeping the fallen leaves.

In this case, SHAOHAO and ruowu, as leaders, have begun to take action to control the strong of the ancient wilderness camp.

The second thing is to find the chance to become a saint.

There is still one year to go before the end of the nine regions dispute.

In this year, there will be a lot of mysterious places coming to the battlefield. Among them, there are some places like juejian and yuanci, which have the chance to become a saint.

In the ancient wilderness camp, there were many strong people who had the ability to become a saint but failed to set foot in the holy land.

The big blackbird, the old clam, and Aru are responsible for this.

Lintian put everything aside and devoted himself to building the city.

Today's moat city may be called powerful. But after the last invasion of the eight regions, Lintian realized that it was not enough to make the City immortal in the years to come!

Three months later.

The city of road protection has a new look, and the golden city wall radiates a kind of vitality, connecting heaven and earth, just like a sacred place in legend.

Three months later, on the basis of the "four unique eight imperial array", Lintian smelted a lot of divine materials and rebuilt a new holy array, called "yuxu Zhenwu array".

This array can resist Zhou Xu's power and develop into the forbidden of real martial arts. It can kill the enemy at a distance of 8000 Zhang. Its power is unpredictable.

In this way, even if the enemy appeared in a place of eight thousand feet, he would be attacked, which greatly made up for the weakness of the four unique eight imperial array.

Moreover, after further renovation, the city will become more and more solid under the influence of the forces of the holy way.

In short, a city is just like a defense treasure. If it is pregnant and raised in the battle, its quality will only become higher and higher.

After finishing all this, Lintian completely put down what he was doing, and decided to create his own method before the end of the nine domain battle!

On the same day, Lintian left the city of moat.

The sky is blue and white clouds are like cotton.

In front of a green and gem like Lake, Lintian sat cross legged by the lake, holding a bamboo fishing rod and a green wine gourd beside him. He was fishing with a leisurely manner.

The breeze is gentle, the waves are blue, the clouds are blue, and the fields are quiet.

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A day later.

Lintian had no idea in his mind. He fished alone on the blue lake and did not move.

Three days later.

Lintian's Qi disappeared, and there was no fluctuation.

Seven days later.

A bird with colorful wings came and landed on Lintian's shoulder. He combed his feathers with his beak. He didn't realize that the place where he landed was a living creature.

Ten days later.

Lintian opened his eyes and shook his wrist gently.

Huala ~

an amazing scene appeared. The vast lake, which covers an area of thousands of mu, was "fished" by a fine hairline.

The water rose slowly, and the whole lake soon appeared in the air, like a huge crystal, shining in the sky.In the crystal, there are colorful gravel rocks, swaying water plants, and groups of swimming fish

Such a large lake, was "fished" to the air, but not a drop of water spilled, the lake scenery delicate, present in the field of vision.

Moreover, it gives people the feeling that the lake should have been suspended in the void, producing an indescribable coordination and fit with this heaven and earth.

Looking at this scene, Lintian could not help frowning.


The next moment, the lake fell to the ground again, and all the visions disappeared.

Holding an empty fishing rod, Lintian murmured: "naked fish out of the abyss, carefree and unimpeded, come back, mind unimpeded, is the essence of the state of mind transcendence, unfortunately, the state of mind again transcendence, I create their own method is not very useful..."

"This method should be found in yourself!"

After that, Lin Xun got up, put his hand on his back and set foot on the lake.


(2 consecutive shifts!)

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