Chapter 59. Who's bullying who

Eldest Brother, Second Brother, and Third Brother had seen it for themselves, so they went back.

Mother Zhou didn't come over in person. She inquired about it from them.

"That dog is top-notch. If there is one, our family should also raise a one. It's superb at watching the house." Third Brother honestly stated.

The dog was so astute that it seems to understand human words.

"Raise what dog in our home? It sounds good to have a dog at Fourth's side," said Mother Zhou after hearing that dog was really up to the mark.

Although keeping dogs costs food, the key point was that it's able to guard the home.

Old Fourth was the only man in his house. No one dared to go wild before he retired, but now that he had retired, men can't be lacking in the family.

Although Da Wa and his brothers were all sons, they were still very young and can't help out much. As for Fourth's wife, can't really count on her. So it was a good idea to keep a dog at home.

Mother Zhou concurred on this point.

For this reason, she visited it in person after having lunch. With Fei Ying, Mother Zhou couldn't even enter the door. She shouted for Da Wa and Er Wa as she was internally satisfied with Fei Ying's performance.

"Grandma is here."

Da Wa came out with a mouthful of oil.

At noon, sweet potatoes were cooked, accompanied by stewed meat and starch flour. He was very content with his meal.

"Fei Ying, this is grandma. Own family." Da Wa said to Fei Ying. Only then Fei Ying retreated to let Mother Zhou go in.

"Quite excellent." Mother Zhou was very satisfied.

"That's of course, Fei Ying is very smart." Da Wa puffed out, then turned to Fei Ying: "Fei Ying, go back and eat."

Mother Zhou saw that Fei Ying's bowl turned out to be a new porcelain bowl, and what's more, contained meat congee!

Mother Zhou's eyes widened at once: "Fei Ying eating this?"

"Yeah, Fei Ying just arrived. He got to have a good meal." Da Wa didn't care.

He was delighted to give Fei Ying a good meal.

Mother Zhou mentally remarked, 'good meal? People don't get to eat as well as a dog!'

Rice and lean meat congee!

Mother Zhou came in. Lin Qing He and Zhou Qing Bai were eating sweet potatoes with Er Wa and San Wa. Served with the sweet potatoes, was a plate of stewed meat and starch noodle, which tasted very good.

"Mother, have you eaten yet?" Lin Qing He greeted.

"I came here after eating." Mother Zhou said.

"Da Wa, go fetch a stool for your grandma to sit." Lin Qing He instructed.

Da Wa brought over a stool: "Grandma, please sit down."

Mother Zhou sat down and mentioned, "Is Feiying eating rice and lean meat congee?"

Lin Qing He said: "Mother, ask your son. He gave it. I didn't get to eat it myself."

With this, she reflected Mother Zhou's words. Obviously, she was the one who cooked it, but when pushing the blame, she had no pressure.

Zhou Qing Bai looked at his mother and said, "When Fei Ying was followed me, he saved me twice. Mother, don't feel remorse for this rice."

How could Mother Zhou know about this reason?

Even if she knew now, she still doesn't think a dog needs to be fed meat.

"I don't feed him meat often. It's just one or two meats." Zhou Qingbai said.

Isn't one or two meat still meat? Your Eldest Sister-in-law and Third Sister-in-law are currently pregnant and they still don't get meat!

But toward her youngest old son, Mother Zhou said nothing. Just uttered: "You need to be more prudent to live life. Future days will be long."

"I know, Mother. Don't worry." Zhou Qing Bai nodded.

Mother Zhou didn't stay long. After a while, she left.

Only then Zhou Qing Bai directed his gaze to his wife.

Lin Qing He felt it was natural: "You will have to deal with such things in the future. Unless you don't want to have peaceful days."

Once again, Zhou Qing Bai realized that another side of his wife, clever and cunning, like a fox that had been refined into a fine one.

Lin Qing He was full after eating three sweet potatoes and drank some congee soup. The tableware and chopsticks were handed over to him to wash. She continued to go back to knitting trousers.

At the same time, she was slightly depressed. There was no way. She hadn't confessed to Zhou Qing Bai about selling meat. According to her understanding of Zhou Qing Bai, he will never let her do this.

But she had a space. How can she be willing to let go of such a good opportunity to make money? And she was idle, might as well find something for herself to do, right?

It was a good distance away, but with a bicycle, it was more convenient now. Also, it won't hinder her cooking too.

However, Zhou Qing Bai's temperament will certainly not allow it.

This made Lin Qing He troubled.

Unknown to her entanglement, Zhou Qing Bai returned from scrubbing the tableware. Now the kids have Fei Ying, they are eager to play with Fei Ying. So they won't come to disturb them.

Lin Qing He watched him come over and sit next to her like he wanted to have a good chat with her.

"Tell me if something is up." Lin Qing He glanced at him and harrumphed.

Zhou Qing Bai actually wanted to nurture feeling with his wife. Although she took good care of his clothes, food, housing, and transportation, he always felt that there was something missing.

She seemed to be hiding from him. He didn't understand why she was hiding. At the end of the day, they got three children.

Although the days of his return in the past few years don't add up to a month, there was no barrier between husband and wife. He will definitely make it up to her in the future.

"Wife, you are worried about something." Zhou Qing Bai gazed at her.

Lin Qing He threw a glance at him, thinking, 'my worry is because of you.'

While her mouth said: "I eat and drink well now. My sons are sensible and my man got tenacity. What do I have to worry about"

These were angry words.

"Don't direct your irritation toward yourself, you can blow it up at me," Zhou Qing Bai stated seriously.

Lin Qing He denied: "There's no irritation. Don't disturb me. Go busy yourself. If you have nothing to do, then go up the mountain to see if you can hunt a wild rabbit."

"Okay." Zhou Qing Bai sighed and headed out.

Lin Qing He glimpsed at him. Zhou Qing Bai stood there unmoving, waiting for her to speak. Lin Qing He stared at him, her expression saying 'why are you standing there for? Weren't you leaving?'

Then Zhou Qing Bai went out. Judging by his back, he was a bit depressed.

Lin Qing He remarked in exasperation: "Acting like I was bullying you. Don't know who bullied who!"

He probably knew that she was in a bad mood because of him. Although he didn't know where he made a mistake, Zhou Qing Bai went up the mountain in the hope to bring something good back home.

Probably it was heaven's doing, as he actually caught a big rabbit.

It was about four jins. This weight was really heavy for a rabbit in this era. But if it were caught in the wheat field during the summer or autumn harvest, the rabbit can weigh about six or seven jins. That's what they call a fat rabbit!

But they weren't easy to catch.

This rabbit was made into a pot of braised rabbit meat by Lin Qing He. The whole family had eaten until their heart's content.

Lin Qing He's depression was also eaten into her stomach, so her mood improve.

Well, when she was sleeping at night, she still didn't plan to stick with him.

She held San Wa as she slept on the other side. Clearly indicating to him to sleep with Da Wa and Er Wa.

Zhou Qing Bai sighed in his heart. His wife still wasn't going to let it drop.

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