Chapter 1029: Chapter 1028 – Feng Xiaoxiao’s Wish

Chapter 1028 – Feng Xiaoxiao’s Wish

“Dv?” Xiaobo picked it up- it was a small camera.

“They weren’t thinking of taking pics, were they?” Lin Yi shrugged, “See if they recorded anything and delete them.”

Xiaobo took out the videos and looked at it- they were all the girls training, and they all wore only small amounts of clothing! Although, Mengyao and Yushu weren’t there.

Xiaobo only looked at them quickly before deleting all of them. He was a bit of a pervert, but he wouldn’t look at immoral things like this.

“Boss, what do we do with this dv?” Xiaobo asked.

“Take it home I guess. Not like we can give it back to Xie Yufeng,” Lin Yi didn’t care about him at all.

“Oh, okay, I’ll give it to Fen,” XIoabo said happily.

After what had happened, Lin Yi didn’t have the mood to look around the school field anymore, “Let’s go back.”

Xiaobo wanted to go back and look at this camera, too, and take personal videos with Fen… Although they weren’t at that stage yet, they could do selfies…

Lin Yi and Xiaobo came back to the classroom to find the empty seats of Yufeng and his lackeys. They were at the hostpital.

Lin Yi didn’t think about them- since the guy wanted to hide his strength, then fine. Let Xiaoxiao and Yushu mess with them all day, see how long they could take it.

Xiaobo was working on figuring out the camera while Lin Yi went back to playing the mobile game from before.

Feeling bored after a while, he exited the phone to see what else was in there.

Lin Yi was just casually scrolling around when he accidentlally clicked into a diary called, ‘My Wishes’.

Lin Yi was about to quit the program imediately once he saw that it was a private file, but seeing the words ‘My Wishes’ made him pause! He knew what situation Xiaoxiao was in, after all, and she didn’t have much time left, and one year would be an ideallistic date! They didn’t know when she’d pass away, and it might even be tomorrow…

And so, Lin Yi really did care a lot about what she wanted before her death!

If possible, he wanted to make these wishes come true for her! It would let Xiaoxiao pass away having lived a life without regrets!

But just as he was about to look at this file, the bell rang! He frowned- the girls coming back would only take about a couple minutes!

Without hesitation, he opened the file and looked inside.

He realized then that the file wasn’t something recorded in one day- it had many pages in there! Some pages only had one wish along with its date, and some wishes had been fulfilled, as can be seen from the checkmark Xiaoxiao gave.

Lin Yi smiled bitterly. He would’ve been able to finish in a couple minutes if everything was written on one page, but if he were to go page by page he wouldn’t be able to finish it today! Fortunately, there were PE classes every week, so Lin Yi didn’t need to finish it in one day. He decided to just take what he can and try to make those wishes come true!

He went back to the earliest page, and started reading.

‘Will this sickness really be cured? I’m gong to Yanjing with my father tomorrow, they said it was a hospital specialized on dealing with hereditary diseases! I hope they can cure me!’

Looking at this particular wish, Lin Yi didn’t know what to say. If he was able to cure her disease why would he even be trying to fulfill her wishes in the first place…

Looking at he date, however, he smiled bitterly and shook his head. This was three years ago, back in a time where Xiaoxiao still had some hope…

But, had she been using this phone ever since three years ago? Perhaps she transferred her old file to her new phone.

Lin Yi closed the first wish, and opened the second one.

It was much more simpler than the first.

‘I want a sports car!’

This was three years ago as well, but it’d been checkmarked. Only then did Lin Yi realize that he had no time to be looking at checkmarked wishes- he quickly exited to look for unchecked ones.

But, in this file, there were a large portion of wishes that had been checkmarked- he looked for one that wasn’t, and clicked in.

‘I want a best girl friend… I’d be able to tell my loneliness to her, and I’d be able to share the same bed with her as we share happy stories and sad stories… But there’s no way I’m ever getting a true friend. I don’t want them to suffer after I leave.

Lin Yi couldn’t help but sigh deeply, his mood heavy as he looked at the wish. From the way she wrote this, Xiaoxiao probably knew at this point that her sickness couldn’t be cured. Perhaps she had completely given up on the possibility she could survive!

Having a friend- a best friend- this was a simple thing in any normal girl’s eyes! Who never had a good friend when they were small, and which girl never had a best friend to share a bed with?

But simple things had become wishes in Xiaoxiao’s eyes- her kindness prevented her from bringing pain to her friends upon dying, and this touched Lin Yi deeply!

But, this wish wasn’t something Lin Yi could fulfill… Because he couldn’t be a best girl friend! He was a guy! Although, suggesting Tang Yin to be Xiaoxiao’s best friend might be a nice option.

Lin Yi speedily used his phone to take a picture of this wish, and quickly moved on to the next unchecked wish without pause.

“I want to become a professional racer, and participate in a heart-stopping competition! The thrill you get when you race- I love that feeling. But… My driving skills are horrible, and no one’s going to let me take part in a competition…’ A sweat-drop emoji followed that sentence.

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