Chapter 58. Flying Eagle

Once Zhou Qing Bai had finished serving the two piglets and returned inside, Lin Qing He poured him ginger date tea to warm his body and asked, "When will the dog arrive?"

But when she saw his face, she immediately exclaimed "You didn't apply the vanishing cream in the morning? "

Zhou Qing Bai said: "Forgot."

"The one day I don't apply it, you forgot? Do you know that your face is like a monkey's butt now!" Lin Qing He grumbled in irk.

"Monkey's butt." Er Wa gave a toothy grin.

"Father's face is a monkey's butt." Da Wa laughed out loud.

However, with one indifferent glance from Zhou Qing Bai, Da Wa's laughter came to an abrupt halt. Like a duck pinched by its neck, he tottered back into the room.

Lin Qing He went to pour some hot water to wipe his face and then smeared the cream on him again

"Let the kids sleep by themselves at night." Zhou Qing Bai waited for her to finish and grasped her hand.

Meeting his undisguised, heated gaze, Lin Qing He uneasily pretended to be dumb. "They are only that small. And the weather is too freezing. Let's talk about it in the spring."

Zhou Qing Bai stared at her, his eyes were serious.

Lin Qing He said: "Can't you think about something besides that every day?"

Zhou Qing Bai let go of her. When Lin Qing He thought he was probably injured by her, she heard him say, "Then it's settled."

Lin Qing He's mind, 'Settled? Who agreed with you? Wants to enter my bed? Let alone the door, there are no door seams at all!''

"The dog should be here in two days." Zhou Qing Bai replied as he drank the warm ginger date tea.

"Can they recognize this side?" Lin Qing He said.

"They can ask. It's not difficult to find here." Zhou Qing Bai stated.

ZhouJia Village was certainly easy to find. Zhou Qing Bai's old pal arrived in the evening on the next day.

The first dog brought to the house. Lin Qing He asked Zhou Qing Bai what his name was. Zhou Qing Bai said that he was called Fei Ying (Flying Eagle). Although his feet were a bit lame now, in the past he was the fastest, so he lived up to its name.

Lin Qing He liked him very much., while the three brothers adored it even more.

Fei Ying was so excited when he saw Zhou Qing Bai, whom he was familiar with. He felt the same scent as Zhou Qing Bai on the kids and also displayed care toward them.

Yes, it was care. Lin Qing He can feel this word from Fei Ying's attitude towards Da Wa and his brothers.

This was a specially trained, very spiritual wolfhound.

"It must have been a lot of trouble for Wang Dage. You can't go tonight. You have to stay and rest for one night. The snow is too heavy. I will ask Qing Bai to take you to the county city to catch the bus tomorrow morning." Lin Qing He expressed.

Wang Chuan agreed with a smile. He felt that Lin Qing He sincerely wanted to keep him, so he didn't act reserved.

He had a life and death bond with Zhou Qing Bai. This time he heard the phone call he made and volunteered to come over.

In fact, he was worried that his brother was having a bad time at home, so he wanted to take this opportunity to come and check.

But now it seems that he's suspicion was pointless. There was no complaint with Old Zhou's wife.

Lin Qing He made three solid dishes that night. She came over to the next room, the kids' room to eat. It was very warm with the Kang burning.

One was stewed pork loin with potatoes, stewed pork belly and starch noodle, and a plate of braised pork. This was pre-ordered. This morning Zhou Qing Bai headed over to collect from Mei Jie’s husband, Chen Dage. His old friend was expected to be almost here, so they had to prepare meat .

Not only meat but also wine. Lin Qing He took the sated kids and left the table to Zhou Qing Bai and his brother.

"Seeing my sister-in-law this virtuous, I feel relieved. You don't know how much we worry about you." After Lin Qing He left, Wang Chuan dared to speak his mind.

Zhou Qing Bai shook his head: "Don't worry about me. Everything is fine at home."

"Now that I have seen it, what am I still worried about? Haha, come and have a drink with me!" Wang Chuan grinned broadly.

The two men clinked glasses and toasted. Then they ate up all the remaining dishes. The two demolished the whole bottle of liquor.

Lin Qing He made two cups of honey water, and then told them each to sleep. That night Zhou Qing Bai slept with Wang Chuan next door. Lin Qing He was disgusted with his body full of alcohol smell and drove him out, not giving him a chance to drunkenly make an advance on her.

Early the next morning, Lin Qing He got up and steamed the mantou and cooked a shrimp soup. She then let Zhou Qing Bai and Wang Chuan eat before allowing Zhou Qing Bai to send Wang Chuan away.

Heading out so early in the morning, he came back after nine o'clock.

When Zhou Qing Bai came back, he saw that the pigs in his family had been fed. Fei Ying was sated too and was in the middle of being touched and played by the kids. Once he saw Zhou Qing Bai returned, Fei Ying wagged his tail.

"Dad, is Fei Ying adapted to his nest?" Er Wa asked.

"Er Wa wanted to take Fei Ying into the room to sleep." Da Wa frankly stated.

Er Wa didn't speak, only touched Fei Ying, and looked at his father with his small eyes.

"Sleep with me!" San Wa simply overbearingly announced.

"You wish." Er Wa rolled his eyes in response.

"Hit you!" San Wa said as he intended to beat him. But he wasn't Er Wa's opponent. With one push from Er Wa, he fell.

This kid was also resilient. After falling, he climbed back up without crying.

"Got on the bus?" Lin Qing He turned to Zhou Qing Bai, unconcerned about the brothers. It was normal for boys and brothers to fight and play among themselves. And she would not interfere as long as it was not out of line.

"En." Zhou Qing Bai's eyes were locked on her.

Lin Qing He can read the meaning from his eyes. This man was expressing his gratitude to her. What gratitude? Maybe it was her respectful performance last night, or her getting up early this morning to make breakfast for them?

"Continue to sleep next door tonight." Lin Qing He rebuffed as she lifted her chin.

Zhou Qing Bai paid no heeds to her and took Fei Ying with the boys to the village and walked around.

Don't be mislead by Fei Ying's lame, he was a first-class home watcher. An adult man may not be as alert as he was. With him here, Lin Qing He can sleep peacefully if Zhou Qing Bai wasn't at home.

Old Zhou family soon received the news. They heard that a big wolfhound was being raised. Eldest Brother and his brother all came over to take a look.

Having one more child in the family was already difficult to raise during this time, let alone a dog.

"This dog is really good." Eldest Brother examined and couldn't help sing praise.

Second Brother and Third Brother were in agreement. With this dog here, would anyone dare to act presumptuously?

Just by his look, all of them felt a bit panic, because this dog's gaze directed at them wasn't friendly.

"He's called Fei Ying!" Da Wa announced.

"That's right. Don't call him dog. That's a scolding word. Fei Ying has a name!" Er Wa added.

"Fei Ying." This was San Wa, who held onto Fei Ying without intention to let go.

The three brothers took Fei Ying out for a stroll, which attracted the envy of the children in the village. Not to mention the children, the teens also fell in love at sight.

Even if the leg is a bit lame, Fei Ying was still very strong. Only because the frontline forbade any flaw, so Fei Ying had no chance to go back into action again.

Da Ge: Big brother

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