Chapter 1028: Chapter 1027 – Tragedy Strikes Again

Chapter 1027 – Tragedy Strikes Again

Lin Yi was talking with Kang Xiaobo as they moved around the field. He remembered that they planted trees here before, and so he wanted to check it out with Xiaobo when he saw Yushu setting traps!

But Lin Yi didn’t make his presence known- instead, he was thinking about how he should get Yufeng to fall for it as he watched Yushu set the traps! After all, with Yufeng’s ability, he’d be able to jump away once he saw the shoes and skates.

The next instant, he saw Yushu hide and made the meow signal, and not long after, the three were zapped- falling from the metal net.

Upon closer look, he saw that it was Xiaoxiao at the other window, covering her smiling mouth and holding a baton in her other hand!

Lin Yi shuddered- these two girls were witches! This Yufeng had to have done a lot of bad things in his previous life to meet up with these two!

But, Lin Yi soon felt that Yufeng was using his qi to protect himself- and so Lin Yi made his move! He knew that Yufeng wanted to hide his strength from him, and so he didn’t mind letting him have some fun and enjoy the fall!

As expected, the instant Lin Yi spoke, the qi dispersed!

Yufeng only did that subconsciously, but once he had removed his qi he rememebred the spiky things below him! This wasn’t funny, it would be serious if he slammed his ass on there!

Even if Lin Yi saw him use his qi, he couldn’t just let himself fall on those nail shoes! It was a death sentence!

But it was too late! He couldn’t us his qi in time, and so his ass landed right into the nail shoes, and he cried out in pain, “Ouhhhhhhh!!!”

The two followers who fell with him weren’t in a very good position, either- Panghu was fatter, so when he sat down onto the ice skates the blade sliced past his two butt cheeks, cutting his balls! He rolled his eyes and twitched, fainting instantly!

Congming didn’t get his balls cut, but his butt got sliced into four pieces! It was hell!

Yufeng, on the other hand, felt that his anus was turned inside out…

“Oh!” Yushu clapped happily, not expecting Lin Yi to have come. She smiled and ran over, “Shield Bro, you came! Look, they’re performing masochism!”

Yufeng almost faited from the words! Performing masochism? Who the hell in their right mind would do this sort of thing?

But he knew that what he was doing wasn’t acceptable, and his name would be ruined if people knew he was peeping, let alone chase after girls! With that, he gritted his teeth and got off from the ground, enduring the pain!

He was a practitioner, after all, and had strong tolerance! He kicked the half-dead Panghu before yelling at Congming, “Get up and go to the hospital if you don’t want to die!”

Panghu’s balls were cut, but he did still wake up from the kick! And so, he got up and ran to the hospital with Yufeng and Congming!

Xiaoxiao, upon seeing Lin Yi, dropped her baton and rushed out to him!

The teacher and students weren’t aware of what had happened- after all, it was a hot day and they were all training. They were much louder than whatever took place outside.

“Lin Yi, why are you here?” Xiaoxiao didn’t want to fall behind once she saw Yushu talking to him.

“You two…” Lin Yi smiled bitterly, “Isn’t that too cruel?”

“Oh, Shield Bro, who do you think was crueler, then!” Yushu asked in anticipation, and Xiaoxiao did the same. They were at a tie, after all, so Lin Yi’s rating would be vital.

Of course, even if they weren’t at a tie, Lin Yi’s opinion would still be the most important- since they wanted his approval!

“From what I can see, you two need to be together to reach your full potential!” Lin Yi said.

“Oh, is that so…” Yushu frowned as she listened to Lin Yi. After some thought, she forced herself to turn to Xiaoxiao, “Since Shield Bro likes our combo, I’ll give you a chance and team up with you occassionally!”

“Hmph, give me a chance?” Xiaoxiao curled her lips, “I’m the one who’s giving you a chance for Lin Yi’s sake! But if you mess with me then I’ll blast you away!”

“Fine, I won’t mess with you, but only if you do the same!” Yushu said, thinking, “Alright, the one who starts trouble needs to give up on her own accord!”

“You’re just a small wife, why would I cause you trouble if you don’t do anything to me? I’m a small wife too, so you wouldn’t be able to affect me!” Xiaoxiao said.

“You’re right!” Yushu nodded, “Fighting over it like this doesn’t change anything- we’re just the small wives! I guess I’ll let Yao Yao handle the fight for main wife position.”

Lin Yi smiled. He knew that Yushu was taking the initiative to call a truce- after all, if she didn’t compromise first, Xiaoxiao wouldn’t do so easily, either. The result now was ideal- the two weren’t enemies anymore, and while they couldn’t become good friends without time, they were getting there.

The two were a match made in heaven, after all.

“Alright, we’re still supposed to be in class- bring those nail shoes and stuff back before someone notices,” Lin Yi said as he pointed at the shoes with blood on them.

“Oh, okay,” Yushu picked up the stuff, and Xiaoxiao helped out- the two quietly sneaked them back in…

Xiaobo, on the other hand, stood there quietly the whole time, only sighing after Xiaoxiao and Yushu left, “This Xie Yufeng sure has shitty luck, his ass got split! Good thing you’re able to hold these two demons at bay, otherwise life would be so tough!”

Lin Yi smiled. It was true- Yushu and Xiaoxiao were demons to outsiders. Although, when it came to him, they were as gentle as could be.

“What’s this?” Lin Yi saw a silver white item on the ground- it seemed to have belonged to Yufeng, who left it when running.

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