The road was full of chapters, just like the tide pouring into Lintian's body.

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Soon, everything was quiet, and heaven and earth were quiet.

All the people watching on the far end of the city can't help but breathe a sigh of relief.

Just now that scene, simply too shocking!

At this time, in Lintian's body, the sound of Taoist Scriptures was heard, just like the Taoist preaching and the divine acting.

A variety of Taoist inheritance forces were circulating in Lintian's body, surging in the five viscera, the sea of Qi, and even the bones and skin of his body.

And Lintian's breath became more and more ancient and boundless, just like the incarnation of the road and the source of all dharmas. The whole person was like a flood furnace of the road, boiling and roaring!


Until his whole body reached an unprecedented level of perfection, Lintian did not hesitate and began to practice.


At that moment, it was like the beginning of chaos in his body. All kinds of Taoism and Dharma were passed on and transformed into brilliant scriptures, which were integrated with the power of the whole body, and finally evolved into a cauldron.

Heaven and earth are furnaces, nature is work, yin and yang are charcoal, and everything is copper!

At this time, Lintian took himself as the "stove".

To star annihilation Tun dome, real dragon, Tai Chi, water fire, immortality and other road meaning for "work".

Take essence, Qi and spirit as "charcoal".

Take all kinds of methods as "copper"!

Based on this, we can create our own law by "containing all kinds of ways in one body and deriving all kinds of methods in one furnace"!

The sea embraces all rivers, and grace is great. Tao gives birth to one, life two, two gives birth to three, and three gives birth to all things. All kinds of roads and methods in the world, if we trace back to the source, we will eventually return to the original "one"!

These days, after a long time of exploration, deduction and comprehension, Lintian finally decided to create a Dharma that could "accommodate thousands of ways and develop thousands of methods."!

In this way, his body is like a furnace of heaven and earth. He wants to melt his own Dharma and his own way into it.

In the years to come, the more ways and methods of smelting, the more powerful the cauldron will be!

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It's just that it's easier to know than to do.

Is it a simple thing to put all kinds of ways and methods into one furnace? Since ancient times, there has never been such an incredible way!

But now, Lin Xun wants to turn his creation into his own "Dharma", which is equal to his own "Taoist scripture".

The reason for this is not that Lintian is ambitious, but that he has too many heritages. At the same time, cultivation will inevitably make his strength complex and unable to concentrate on one.

Now, the method that Lintian created was to melt all the secrets of these methods into one furnace.

Just like the mystery of "three in one, only essence and only one".

It's just, it's really hard.

For example, taixuan sword Sutra, Dayan broken empty finger, there is no return, Jiuqing Shengti Jue and so on, which is not the world's first-class inheritance?

Even Lintian had not thoroughly understood the mystery of it, and it was impossible to integrate the inheritance into one pot.

But if we can't create the unprecedented method, and can't cultivate the way that no one has asked for in ancient and modern times, how can we stand out from the arrogance of heaven?

And how can you control all your peers and be invincible in this situation?

If you want to build a strong land, you must seek the supreme law!


In his body, the essence, Qi and spirit are burning like charcoal fire, and all kinds of roads have evolved into furnaces, melting all kinds of methods.

However, each method is very obscure, and there will be terrible conflicts from time to time. If you are not careful, you will "destroy the furnace and eliminate the Tao" and eat yourself back.

Fortunately, this cauldron is rooted in Lintian's talent, the star annihilation swallowing dome. It has the magical power of "nothing can't be swallowed, nothing can't be tolerated", which can resolve many dangerous conflicts and backfires during smelting.

Otherwise, the conflict between Tao and Dharma is enough to make any monk go crazy and die.

It's no exaggeration to say that if there were no stars in the sky, it would be no different for Lintian to do so.

At this time, he was calm, empty and focused, and he was immersed in creating his own Dharma.

As time goes by, half a month has passed.

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During this time, Lintian sat on his knees three thousand feet outside the city, motionless, like a clay sculpture.

The monks in the city of protecting the road have been used to such a scene from the beginning.

In the process, Zhao Jingxuan, Xiaoyin and Xiaotian did not go out any more. They kept guarding Lintian for fear that something might disturb him.

Even SHAOHAO, ruowu and the big blackbird could not see anything, nor could they judge what hardships and dangers Lintian was experiencing in creating his own method.

A month later.

Lintian was still standing still, and even his Qi disappeared completely, just like a dead thing without life fluctuation.

Only an invisible rhyme of Tao lingers around him, proving that he is still in the strange state of creating his own Dharma.The ancient wasteland camp is also completely used to this scene. Everyone is busy. Some of them patrol the battlefield of the nine regions and hunt the residual forces of the eight regions.

Some are looking for the secret world that contains the chance to become a saint.

Two months later.

After all, Zhao Jingxuan failed to calm down and worried: "it's been so long, he How could there be no movement? "

Xiaoyin and Xiaotian look at each other with their brows locked.

At this time, Lintian's breath and movement were gone. Even the invisible Taoist rhyme around him became as obscure as dead water.

It makes no one worry?

The big blackbird walked from a distance, looked at Lintian's state, tut tut said:

"wait, if you want to build the supreme Dharma, you have to go through the most difficult way. The longer this boy has built the Dharma, the greater the harvest will be. It seems to see something, and its eyes are full of different colors.

Three months later.

"Not awake yet?"

Even SHAOHAO, ruowu, Xiaotiantian and yechen could not help but worry. No matter who they were, they could not see Lintian's state at the moment, and they were doomed to be unable to help.

"It's less than half a year before the end of the nine regions war. If he continues like this, he will be in some trouble."

The old clam sighed.

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"Wait and see. There's still time."

Alu said in a deep voice.

During this period of time, the whole nine regions battlefield was calm and nothing big happened.

The remaining power of the eight regions camp is being eliminated by SHAOHAO's efforts. In the ancient wasteland camp, there are more and more top saints. It can be said that there are many happy events.

However, no matter how they look for them, they have not been able to pick up the two leaders, Xuexue Qingyi and Kun Shaoyu.

This makes many people feel some regret.

Unconsciously, three months have passed.

Lintian was still as silent as a clay statue, and even the invisible Taoist rhyme around him could not be found.

Anyone who sees him will have a feeling of emptiness.

"Big brother, he Can't you wake up again? "

Ah Lu could not calm down completely. Looking at Lintian's state at the moment, he looked like he was sitting in the silence.

There's no breath, no life, no body, no breath!

"Bah! Crow mouth

The old clam slapped Aru on the back of the head. "How can the peerless people like big brother be so silent? What's more, it's just to create his own law, which is doomed to be difficult for him. "

Having said that, the old clam was nervous.

Zhao Jingxuan, Xiao Tian and Xiao Yin were all silent. During this period of time, they had been guarding Lintian. If they were worried, they were more worried than anyone else.

As time went on, the whole camp of the ancient wasteland began to realize that Lintian's practice seemed to be very long.

For a time, there were many voices of discussion.

"The more outstanding people are, the easier they are to encounter natural disasters on the road of seeking talents. The so-called natural jealousy of talents is no exaggeration."

"Master Lin can't lift his head under the pressure of the eight regions camp alone. His intelligence and inside information can be regarded as the first-class leader in the world. The danger that a person like him encounters in his practice is absolutely beyond imagination."

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"Alas, this is the way to seek. Although master Lin is powerful and brilliant, the danger he encountered in seeking Tao is destined to be more terrible than ordinary people."

This kind of discussion began to appear in the ancient wilderness camp, and became more and more intense. They could not help but worry about Lintian.

"It's only one month before the end of the nine regions war. How can this boy not wake up? Unless... "

On this day, the big blackbird felt a little abnormal, but when its voice just half said, it suddenly stopped.

At this time, Lin Xun, who had been sitting on the ground for seven months, quietly opened his eyes like a clay statue.

Wake up!

The big blackbird was so excited that he almost jumped up.

Zhao Jingxuan, Xiaoyin and Xiaotian, who had been guarding Lintian, realized for the first time that their spirits were all in a state of shock.

When they all looked at Lintian, they saw a wave of invisible power spread around his body.


At this moment, the sky suddenly trembled, just like the beginning of spring thunder. Its sound reverberated in all directions.

In the city, countless monks were stiff, almost all felt a kind of terrible pressure, spread like a tide, and made many people sit on the ground with their legs shaking.

Even the saints were so upset that they almost coughed up blood.

Like SHAOHAO, ruowu, Laoge and ALU, they all took a breath and felt a terrible oppression from their hearts.Shua!

Almost coincidentally, all the eyes and all the divine consciousness looked out of the city, because the terrible breath came from there.

Then, they saw that on the void, I don't know when, the virtual shadow of a cauldron appeared, which was beyond the clouds. It was as big as limitless.

The surging Daoguang poured down from all around the cauldron, dropping hundreds of millions of Daohao lights. The divine light flowed, and the light and haze flowed, glowing and brilliant, showing the grand atmosphere of holiness and immortality!


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