Chapter 57. The way to raise pigs

Don't assumption from how her family seems to eat meat and egg every day. Actually, they didn't.

Each time she bought meat, it was only so much. Even if she took out a bit more again, the amount was limited. There was a big man like Zhou Qing Bai at home. How was the meat bought from Mei Jie enough?

The same was true for eggs. Every day, she takes out up to six eggs a day to eat.

Even like this, the consumption rate was also extremely fast.

But compared to the guys in the village, who ate meat a few times a year, her family's life was indeed heavenly.

In addition to pork belly and loin, this time she bought a pig's tail, which was stewed with soybeans.

There were also three portions of ribs. Knowing that she likes big bones, she was given two.

Altogether, these spent seven yuan, which wasn't expensive.

Lin Qing He was still very skilled at making bacon. It's been four days after marinating the bacon and the flavor had submerged. She then hung it in the backyard.

Da Wa said: "Mother, is this bacon you made delicious?"

"Is there anything your mother made that isn't tasty?" Lin Qing He fired back with raised her eyebrows.

Da Wa grinned: "Everything made by Mother is delicious!"

At least no one in the village had more delicious food than his family!

Er Wa started to fixate on this bacon: "Mother, when can we eat it?"

They all witnessed it. In order to make this meat called bacon, their mother put a lot of ingredients, including sugar!

"It still takes about ten days. So wait." Lin Qing He said.

In the past few days, the wind and snow have not been small. Lin Qing He answered and picked up San Wa, who was hugging her leg. San Wa uttered: "Eat meat."

"Every day eat meat. Look how much fat you gained, little guy?" Lin Qing He said with a smile.

The pig's tail was stewed a few days ago. These two days were ribs and big bones.

Every day there was at least one meal with oil content.

Speaking of this, Lin Qing He, who had never married, was really good at raising kids. Look at the three brothers of old Zhou family. Who wouldn't give second look when they go out? They were raised so well by her that no can pick fault.

Even more so with Zhou Qing Bai. After returning, Lin Qing He can feel that he seems to be a little fatter, right?

Even if he goes out for a run every day, Lin Qing He could still feel that he was really well fed by her. Of course, if he didn’t flirt with her at night, she would have no complaints.

From the day before yesterday, when her thing left, she tactfully slept holding San Wa. This made Zhou Qing Bai unable to find an opportunity.

This had Zhou Qing Bai feeling powerless.

"Mother, I'm heading over to grandma's place. Grandma said that it would be Laba in a few days. It was time to drink Laba congee." Zhou Da Wa announced.

"I know. I'm already preparing. There are all kinds of food at home. I will make you a delicious Laba congee then." Lin Qing He said.

She carried San Wa back to the room. Now it was warm. The Kang was more comfortable.

"Get on the Kang. Time to write and study," Lin Qing He ordered.

It was snowing outside now. It had been falling every day for the past few days. It really made people shiver.

Zhou Da Wa swiftly went to Kang to study. Zhou Er Wa followed and grabbed the pen and paper to write and draw pictures. As for San Wa, he messed with his eldest brother, then switched to his second brother. He had great pleasure from it.

Lin Qing He continued to knit the woolen pant. This woolen pant was knitted for San Wa. Ther elder two had theirs. and weren't afraid of the cold.

Once she knitted San Wa's, she will knit one for herself. Although it was certainly not very beautiful, the key point was to keep warm!

This weather really made her wish to stay in bed and not get out every day. It was impossible to imagine what kind of courage she had to summon up to cook for the father and sons.

"What is Father doing?" When he finished his mother's homework and brought it over for his mother to inspect, Zhou Da Wa asked.

Lin Qing He examined it once and pointed out two errors. She got him to copy five times before answering: "I don't know what your father is doing."

Actually, she knew that Zhou Qing Bai went to the community's Tofu Workshop to get soybean dregs.

He was bringing it back to raise pigs. After feeding them for a while, the two little piglets were raised very well and grew a lot.

Lin Qing He also had the experience. When she lived with her grandmother before, she heard the neighbor say that raising pig used this. Of course, they had to add cornflour and rice bran and cooked it. The pig loves to eat it very much.

So she asked Zhou Qing Bai to get some to try.

At this time, there was no such so-called feeding method. Soybean dregs from the Tofu Workshop were used as fertilizer. It was enough for Zhou Qing Bai to bring eggs over.

He brought back two sacks of soybean dregs.

"That jin of eggs were exchanged so much soybean dregs?" Lin Qing He was a little surprised. This can be fed for ten days to half a month.

Because they were still piglets, it was time yet for them to gorge.

"They told me to exchange next time." Zhou Qing Bai explained like this.

This meant that other person was delighted to. But he doesn’t know if the soybean dreg can feed the pigs well. His wife said that she had read it in the book. Zhou Qing Bai trusts her now, so he went to buy a little to try.

It was just trying. There won't be any major problems. If it doesn't work out, he can go back to the usual.

"Then exchange it next time," Lin Qing He nodded, and then continued, "Don't let anyone know about this method, otherwise it won't be easy to get food for our pigs!"

"Okay." Zhou Qing Bai was helpless, he didn't know if the piggy would like to eat it.

Lin Qing He didn't mind him. This time he also brought two jins of tofu back. Tonight, they'll eat corn mantou and bone and tofu soup.

Zhou Qing Bai started experimenting with soybean dregs, rice bran and corn as a feed.

Lin Qing He had given him a method of proportion and fermentation, as for the rest, she didn't care. Her method was great, the pig could grow to two hundred jins.

In a year, how many jins could the village nurture the pigs to?

It can be regarded as an excellent fat pig if it can reach one hundred and twenty or thirty jins. And that took a whole year of effort.

If the pigs in her family were raised her way, they can certainly grow to two hundred jins a year. Most importantly was that the piglets don't get sick easily if they ate well.

Others in the village also had pigs at home. A while ago, some people had no piglets at all.

The two piglets of her family were raised until it was really smooth and glossy.

From time to time, Lin Qing He used her memories from her previous life to look at things, so she felt it was normal. But Zhou Qing Bai, a native man, didn't even think it was such a wasteful thing to raise pigs with corn at this time.

Although it was only a little scoop, cornmeal was also good grain.

Farmers raised pigs by scrubbing the pot with water. Only when they were about to send to the slaughterhouse, they will give a few meals of cornmeal in hope for them to grow meat. As for other times, how can they get such good treatment?

However, at Zhou Qing Bai's previous place, there were pigs raise behind their kitchens for their own consumption. They would feed them like this, so Zhou Qing Bai did not feel Lin Qing He being wasteful at all. Instead, he thought her method from the book could be tested.

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