A furnace of suspension, such as the day in the sky!

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The sound of the great road is surging, surging heaven and earth, percussion in everyone's heart, between heaven and earth, is filled with a sacred breath.

The cauldron is just like the origin of dominating all kinds of Tao. On its surface, there are many great scriptures. The Scriptures are flowing and flowing, turning into fist skills with the power of shaking the earth, turning into countless roaring sword Qi, turning into real dragons, wandering in the void, turning into

A furnace of land, melting all the Tao and Dharma in it!

"My God


"What kind of method is this?"

I don't know how many shocked voices are ringing at this moment.

SHAOHAO, ruowu, Laoke and ALU, all of them feel a terrible pressure, which makes their bodies tense and oppressive.

However, no matter how hard they try to feel the mystery of the cauldron, it is useless. On the contrary, because of their strong self reaction, their spirits are suffering from a mountain of oppression and impact.

At this time, Lintian got up from the ground and bathed himself in the magnificent Daoguang flying rain. His sharp figure was like a spear that pierced the sky. He looked down at the sky and looked down on the mountains and rivers.

Everyone had a feeling that Lintian had changed and had a real dominating style, just like standing on the top of the holy mountain.

Self is the peak!

No shaking, no insurmountable, let a person see all suddenly born small meaning.

Of course, it's just the feeling of the public, and it's an instinctive reaction to the shock in the mind.


Suddenly, there was a dark cloud like ink on the sky. It was only ten mu, but it completely covered the sky above Lintian's head.

Innumerable magnificent and colorful thunder and lightning are running and rolling among them. The glittering luster is full of the horror of destroying the world.

"The Dharma was created and robbed. Is it because the Dharma created is too terrible and violates the power of taboo?"

Suddenly, the big blackbird jumped and exclaimed.

Other strong people are also cold in their hearts. Their sweat is up and they are scared. The thunder is gorgeous and colorful. It's so beautiful that people are trembling, and it's so terrible that people almost despair!

Only Lintian looked calm and his black eyes were clear, as if he had expected this scene.

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Hum ~

with his mind moving, the cauldron, which was suspended in the void and as big as the void, suddenly turned and became bright.

It's like a great abyss running, twisting and breaking the void, collapsing and exploding.

An incomparable power of traction and phagocytosis was also released from the cauldron and rushed to the sky.


The cloud rolled, and a thunder burst down to the cauldron like a spear.

Deafening roar resounded, cauldron was split in a flash, light and rain splashed, light rolled, almost decomposed.

This made everyone's heart tight, and their breath was suffocating. The power of robbing thunder was too terrible. Fortunately, it was aimed at Lintian's "Dharma".

If it is aimed at the monks, the consequences are unimaginable.

After this blow, when the cauldron stabilized again, it had a more concise and thick boundless atmosphere than at the beginning.

Lintian's black eyes were deep, and he could not help laughing when he saw all these changes. This robbery came at the right time!

You can use the power of thunder to further refine your own method!

Boom ~ ~

the gorgeous thunder robberies begin to pour down like a storm. Every thunder robber has a dangerous atmosphere of destroying the world.

When they came together, the terrible scene made all the strong people in the city of moat feel out of control.

Bang bang!

The cauldron bombarded by thunder is like being hit by thousands of hammers. The light and rain splash, the light sweep, and it decomposes in an instant.

Just when everyone thought that Lintian's method had failed, he saw that soon the broken cauldron had gathered again.

Under the disaster, Lintian tried his best to "spread the law"!

The cauldron was his Dharma. It was like a fierce fight when he was attacked by thunder. Lintian had to do his best.

For a moment, I saw the thunder, rolling down, the dense electric arc, thunder and shock, which easily broke the cauldron.

But every time, it is agglomerated again by the cauldron, and every time it agglomerates, it makes its breath concise and profound, and becomes more and more clumsy and boundless.

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This scene of incredible pictures, see SHAOHAO they all mind rolling, dumbfounded.

It is inconceivable to create one's own law, but it leads to a thunder robbery, just like an impossible legend.

But now, the scenes of Lin xunyan's fighting against Lei Jie are undoubtedly more shocking.

No one thought that there was such a terrible thing beyond imagination in the world!

"Niang, it's amazing!"The big blackbird flapped his wings and yelled, excited and inexplicable. A Dharma, however, caused disaster in heaven. How terrible is the power of this dharma?

Except for the big blackbird, everyone else was very nervous, because the thunder robbery was still venting, as if Lintian's method would not stop.

And Lintian's situation became extremely difficult.

His face gradually pale, in the process of derivation, obviously began to work hard.

"Yes, we must hold on."

Zhao Jingxuan quietly clenched her hand, and her eyes were full of worry.

"The master will certainly be able to break through the robbery!"

Xiao Yin is cheering Lintian up.

Other people are also looking forward to, nervous attention.


With the passage of time, the power of the thunder becomes more and more terrible, and can even be described as crazy.

The supreme atmosphere of destruction makes the whole city feel numb, oppressive and terrifying.

It was just a wait-and-see. What kind of pressure did Lintian bear when he was under the thunder?

No one can understand!

They could only see that Lintian's face was getting paler and paler, almost transparent, and his body was shaking from time to time, as if he could not support it.

Only his eyes were as firm as before.

"It's terrible. It's terrible. Who has ever experienced such an incredible disaster in the process of creating their own law?"

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At this moment, the big blackbird couldn't calm down and murmured, "if you don't see it with your own eyes, how can you know that there is such a robbery in the world?"

Yes, I haven't heard of this kind of robbery against Daofa, let alone seen it!

As for other people, it's doomed to be impossible to know.

All of them are astonishing and unimaginable.


The thunder disaster became more and more fierce. It was as if God was angry. After all, Lintian couldn't help it. He began to cough up blood, and he was embarrassed.

Zhao Jingxuan couldn't bear to see it. It was so torture!

Others are also pale. If they can't hold on to it, it will destroy not only the Dharma created by Lin Xunfang, but also himself!

However, at this time, Lintian suddenly let out a long cry, and he swam in the void. The whole person and the cauldron merged.


A big drink, earth shaking.

The next moment, the cauldron and Lintian glowed together. With a roar, they rushed out a terrible wave of power and swept away from the sky.

See that all over the sky rob thunder and rob cloud, all be swept away!

Boom ~ ~ ~

the heaven and the earth vibrate, everything loses its voice, and everyone stares and is shocked there.

One hit, break the thunder!

High above the sky, Lintian's lofty figure stood upright, and a cauldron emerged around him. His invincible posture was deeply imprinted in everyone's mind, and he was destined to never forget it in this life.

Because, this is like a legend, a myth!

I don't know how long it took for the atmosphere of turbulence in the world to return to calm, and the atmosphere of terror and oppression of disaster also faded like a tide.

"It's done!"

The silent atmosphere of death was broken by an excited cheering.

Immediately after that, the huge city was like a frying pan, boiling completely, and countless people were shouting and cheering excitedly.

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"Magnificent, master Lin!"

"Ha ha ha, today I can see such a rare and incomparable event. Even if I leave the battlefield of the nine regions now, I have no regrets."

"It's so domineering. Master Lin is worthy of being the leader in the holy land of our ancient wasteland. He is so different from others even in the way of robbery."

At this time, SHAOHAO, ruowu and Laoge were all relieved. They looked at each other and couldn't help laughing. They were happy for Lintian.

Listening to the sky shaking cheers, Zhao Jingxuan's tense heart gradually calmed down. Looking at Lintian's figure in the distance, her lips could not help lifting a proud radian, full of joy and glory!

"Xiaotian, see? The host will never let people down!"

Small silver arms in front of the chest, a proud face.

Xiaotian flutters his wings and nods.

"He really succeeded. If those ancient forces in the starry sky knew about it, they would have attracted countless coveted eyes. Fortunately, in this nine domain battlefield, there was no need to worry about similar dangers..."

The big blackbird sighed, until now, it is difficult to calm down.

It's really unusual for Lintian to make a move this time!

In the sky, Lintian took a deep breath, his black eyes were clear, and the Qi of his whole body was converging a little, and the virtual shadow of the cauldron around his body also disappeared in his body.

His hand is in the void, and his heart is full of joy.

After seven months of silence, Yanfa has finally been robbed by thunder!"The way is infinite, and the power is infinite. It can be called" Dao Hong Lu Jing "!"

Lintian murmured.

At this moment, he had a wonderful feeling in his heart, as if he had opened a new door on the road of cultivation.

In this gate, is own law!

In the eyes of innumerable practitioners, this is the foundation for sages to preach and stand on the road.

With this method, not to mention the founding of the school, even enough to open up a party of orthodoxy, with other orthodoxy contending inside information!

For a long time, Lintian restrained his mind and looked at the city of road protection in the distance. There were countless faces and eyes looking at himself.

He floated down and walked past.

On this day, Lintian created his own Dharma, which was tempered by thunder. The name of the Dharma "Dao Hong Lu Jing" shocked the whole camp of the ancient wasteland!

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