Looking at Lintian coming from a distance, all the people standing in front of the city breathed and felt a heavy pressure.

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There was almost instinctive awe in my heart.

The tiger roars in all rivers, and all animals are subdued.

When the Dragon ascends nine days, all spirits are worshipped.

At this time, Lintian felt like an immortal coming from the clouds. He was the master coming from the sacred!

Even SHAOHAO and ruowu, who are the top sages, feel an invisible pressure and can't help looking different.

Lintian, who created his body method, was totally different from before. Every move had great dignity!

After years of incense and devout worship, the statues worshipped by secular beings in temples will have a solemn and dignified momentum.

Lintian, on the other hand, realized his transformation on the road, and his breath naturally changed.

Invisible without quality, but directly to the heart!

Lin xunmenrui noticed that people's looks were different. The next moment, with his mind moving, the whole person's temperament changed silently.

Simple and ordinary, wash all lead China, just like a God from the dark!

Almost instantaneously, the invisible oppressive breath suffered by all people disappeared.

Look at Lintian again. His clothes are dancing and his figure is straight and graceful. It gives people a kind of clean, warm and comfortable feeling.

It seems that SHAOHAO and ruowu are more and more surprised when they see this. Their Qi moves with their will. They can be as lofty as sages and as simple as hostages!

Such a state, so that they can only look and sigh.

How strong is Lintian now?

How terrible is the "law" he created?

No one can see.

But everyone knows that Lintian, who created his own Dharma in the highest holy land, is invincible.

Truly invincible!


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The success of Lintian's law made the ancient wasteland full of joy. On that day, many monks came to visit him.

It was not until late at night that the visiting guests gradually dispersed.

In the courtyard, Lintian, old clam, ALU and big blackbird were drinking. The lights were dim and the night was still.

"Brother, the fight of the nine realms is coming to an end. I'm sure that when we go back, the monks in the ancient wasteland can't believe we won."

The old clam opened his mouth in a dazed way. He piled up a lot of wine jars on the ground nearby.

Next to him, ALU said with a smile, "I'm more curious. After returning this time, which force dares to have trouble with elder brother again in the ancient wasteland?"

Hearing the speech, everyone could not help laughing.

This time in the nine areas of the fight to win, the significance of the great, absolutely beyond imagination.

It's not only to wash away the shame and blood hatred for countless ancestors, but also to defeat all the eight domains.

The most important thing is that this victory is enough to change the general situation of ancient wasteland!

What is the general trend?

Is to clean up the past decadent, declining situation, dare to call the sun and the moon for a new day!

It is to sweep away the haze of the past, and let the ancient wasteland have the confidence to raise eyebrows again!

In the past, the ancient wasteland was oppressed by the other eight regions for many years, and the strong in the ancient wasteland did not know how many times they bowed their heads.

But now, it's different!

Even if, in terms of overall strength, the ancient wasteland is still far inferior to the other eight areas, but this victory is like a long drought, which is enough to let all living beings in the ancient wasteland see the hope of rising again and surpassing the eight areas again.

This is the impact of the great victory in the nine domains battlefield!

And everyone knows that without Lin's efforts, the ancient wasteland camp would never have won the battle of the nine realms!

It's no exaggeration to say that without Lintian, the ancient wilderness camp had been broken many times.

In short, no matter who is involved in the battlefield of the nine realms or not, as long as he is a monk in the ancient wasteland, he must lead the forest to seek love!

Under such circumstances, when the dispute over the nine realms ended and returned to the ancient wasteland, if anyone dares to have trouble with Lintian

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It's like trying to die on your own!

There is no need for Lintian. SHAOHAO, ruowu, Xiaotiantian, yechen and you hengzhen are the first saints to stand up and help.

"Hum, it's just the supreme saint. Don't underestimate the heroes of the ancient wasteland. Among those ancient great forces, there are old monsters in the realm of great saints and saints!"

The big blackbird hummed coldly, like a guide to the country.

"In addition, there are many quasi imperialist strongmen fighting in the front battlefield of the ancient wasteland. It would be naive to think that they would be lawless if they came back with a big victory in the battlefield of the nine kingdoms."


The old clam slapped the big blackbird on the back of his head. He didn't like the big blackbird's contempt for all living beings.Old clam reprimanded: "you thief bird is too disappointed, obviously not beaten!"

The big blackbird was furious: "Damn, I kindly remind you, how dare you do it? Believe it or not? "

The old clam was not afraid at all. He rolled up his sleeve and went up: "come on, let's have a fight."

"Go outside the city, bird master will teach you how to be modest this time!"

Whoosh, the big blackbird flew away in anger.

The old clam followed closely.

For fear that the world would not be in chaos and the wine would not be drunk, ARU ran up and ran after him.

"Do you want to persuade me?"

Zhao Jingxuan looked at Lintian.

Lintian shook his head with a smile: "no, that thief bird is the most cunning and insidious. If he can't fight it, he will run away for the first time. As for old clam, with ALU, he won't be bullied by the big blackbird."

He knows too much about the temperament and temper of these guys.

"Master, Xiaotian and I also want to watch the war."

Beside, Xiaoyin is eager to try.

"Go, go."

Lintian waved.

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Soon, only Lintian and Zhao Jingxuan were left in the courtyard.

The night sky is deep and the wind is cool.

Perhaps because of drinking, Zhao Jingxuan's star eyes were dazzled, with a clear and beautiful face, red and bright.

Her head was on Lintian's shoulder, and she said in a soft voice, "I'm going back to the ancient wasteland soon. Time flies."

It has been three years since the opening of the jiuyu battlefield. When Lin Xun thought about what he had experienced in those three years, he could not help feeling.

Practice is like going against the road. I am also a pedestrian.

Even if the cultivation is successful, Shouyuan is enough to live with heaven and earth, and it is doomed to be unable to escape from the years.

"When the summer solstice left, did you mention me?"

Suddenly, Zhao Jingxuan opened his mouth, with a rare trace of tension in his voice.

Lintian couldn't help laughing and said, "guess what?"

Zhao Jingxuan raised his head and glared at Lintian angrily: "are you still in the mood to joke?"

Her appearance was slightly drunk, her jade face was red, and her star eyes were watery. Looking at her from such a close distance, Lintian couldn't help but be stunned. He didn't hide his admiration, appreciation and amazement.

Zhao Jingxuan bowed her head like shyness. If she followed the past, she would certainly change the topic and avoid Lin Xun's gaze.

But at this time, maybe it was related to drinking, so she didn't know where the power came from. She met Lintian's blazing eyes and looked at the familiar Qingjun face, and her heart couldn't help shaking.

"Jing Xuan, I've kept you waiting for a long time."

Lintian's voice was low, with the flavor of meaning difficult to understand. Looking at the delicate and bright peach blossom like jade face, he couldn't help but bow his head and kiss on the bright red and moist lips.

A touch is wonderful.

Zhao Jingxuan was shy, her white face was hot, and she closed her eyes. An indescribable feeling emerged from the bottom of her heart. She was nervous and uneasy, but also had a kind of unspeakable comfort, joy and expectation. The whole person seemed to have lost all the strength of resistance.

You can pick it up.

In his mind, Zhao Jingxuan suddenly thought of a sentence: "life and death agree, and the son said, hold the hand of the son, and grow old together."

The next moment, she only felt light body, was held up by a pair of strong arms, nervous mood such as the tide hit the heart, let her slender if small flutter fan like eyelashes tremble, clear and beautiful face more rolling, charming.

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Lintian couldn't help laughing. No matter what kind of temperament Jing Xuan was, and how wonderful she was, she was a woman after all, and she was inevitably shy and nervous at this moment.

The next moment, he hugged the jade man in his arms and went into the room.

"Jing Xuan, let me serve you tonight."

Vaguely, Zhao Jingxuan heard Lintian's low voice. Driven by strong emotion, she couldn't help but open her eyes and stare at the face close at hand. Finally, she only uttered a sound in her lips, as thin as a mosquito.

At the moment, her face is crimson, bright and lustrous, and her body is soft and crisp. She just feels like she has lost all her strength.

Lintian didn't talk nonsense any more. He took Zhao Jingxuan to his bed like a warm jade. The fragrance from his long and rich body made Lintian warm.

He almost rudely took off Zhao Jingxuan's clothes one by one, and then fell on the bed with her.

Her head is as green as a waterfall, and she is as beautiful as jade, and her body is as delicate as snow

The bed curtain was then lowered.


May I be as bright as the moon and the stars.

For a long time, anyway, I didn't know how long it was. This night, Lintian had a little taste of it. He couldn't have a good time, but he was satisfied with it.

On the bed, Lintian held Zhao Jingxuan. A kind of joy, peace and fullness flowed in their hearts.

Neither of them spoke, as if for fear of breaking the silence.It was not until dawn that Lin Xun opened his mouth and said with emotion: "so It's that feeling. "

Zhao Jingxuan was stunned at first, and then blushed. He looked at him shamefully and angrily, and said, "it's daybreak. You're still looking back. You're shameless."

Lintian couldn't help laughing, gently kissing Yi Ren's forehead, and said, "I'm greedy, but it's not enough to aftertaste all my life."

Zhao Jingxuan's star eyes were blurred, her heart was trembling, her body was soft, and she was in a trance.

On this night, the golden wind and jade dew met, but the world was countless!


(this chapter has been written for a long time and revised several times before it was finally allowed to be published, crash ~)

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