Chapter 1025: Chapter 1024 – Showdown

“Alright, let’s go now then. Is the camera ready?” Yufeng asked, “Phones have bad quality cameras!”

“Of course, this is the newest item on the market, I just bought it!” Congming brought out a small DV camera, grinning, “How is it? Not bad, right? Newest technology, I heard they use this to shoot adult videos!”

“Oh, looks nice,” Yufeng took it and tried it out before giving it back, “Let’s go, peeping time!”

The three left the classroom, and only then did he realize that Lin Yi wasn’t in the room either, “That Lin Yi wouldn’t also be peeping too, would he?”

“It’s possible!” Congming nodded, “Why else would he go out?”

“Don’t let us bump into him!” Yufeng frowned.

“Bumping into him would be better- we could use the camera the record him peeping, and then we could tell everyone about it, ruining his life!” Congming grinned. He was the more evil type, always thinking up some evil concoction.

“That’s a great idea! We’d kill him with that! Heh heh, Lin Yi, this is what you get for being good with the ladies, we’ll see what happens once people know you’re a peeping tom!” Yufeng nodded with approval.

LKin Yi, naturally, didn’t know that Yufeng had already labelled him as the same pervert as him. He was only chatting with Xiaobo as they walked around the field.

“Boss… So Feng Xiaoxiao really is going to die? Even you can’t cure her terminal ilness?” Xiaobo’s eyes were wide as he listened- Never would he have expected for such an energetic girl like Xiaoxiao to have a sickness like this!

“I can’t!” Lin Yi shook his head, helpless, “My medical abilities aren’t all-powerful, they’re only limited to some already known sickenesses, but those that are unknown… I can’t do anything. I told you, I couldn’t even detect any sickness in her body, how am I supposed to cure her?”

“You’re right! There’s no way to cure her if you don’t even know what the problem is,” Xiaobo sighed, “She really does have a tough fate!”

“Yeah, I thought she had some ulterior motive when she first started getting close to me, but it seems like it doesn’t matter now. If she wants me to teach her how to race cars, or anything else, I’ll try to fulfill it- she doesn’t have more than a year left,” Lin Yi said- he had thought about it this case before.

If Xiaoxiao wanted to race cars, then he’d fulfil her wish. Although, they couldn’t really do that on normal roads, it was too dangerous… And so he planned to bring her to a racing competition and show her what it was all about.

“Boss, actually, Feng Xiaoxiao talked to me about you before, but I didn’t tell you…” Xiaobo said after some hesitation.

“Oh?” Lin Yi narrowed his eyes, a smile on his face.

Xiaobo was a little embarrassed. He coughed his throat, “Boss, actually, she told me before that she liked you, and wanted to pursue you… I pitied her a bit, and couldn’t help myself… So I told her how to chase you…”

“Oh? How?” Lin Yi smiled.

“I told her that playing hard to get or messing with you wouldn’t work… She had to be nice and soft and try to ease into you, listen to you, and then there’d be hope…” Xiaobo said, embarrassed.

“Haha, it’s fine.” Lin Yi nodded. What Xiaobo told her wasn’t a secret or anything, but as someone Lin Yi trusted, he still had to say something, “Xiaobo, you had good intentions, but try not to tell people about stuff like this next time. Try learning to keep secrets.”

“I understand, boss! I actually regretted it a lot some days later!” Xiaobo smiled bitterly, “I read some books about business management, and they talked about keeping things confidential, but now that I’ve come clean to you, I feel a lot better!”

“Haha, this isn’t anything confidential,” Lin Yi waved his hand, “But if you just tell any girl to come chase me just because they like me, it’ll be tough for me too!”

“Ha, I wish that would happen to me!” Xiaobo laughed as well, “Right, boss, next month there’s a new product announcement, and Chairman Lai wants me to join, but I feel like I can’t really walk on stage as an inter, can I?”

“What’s wrong with it? This sort of event will be happening a lot, you have to get used to it at some point,” Lin Yi said, “Just follow Fatty Lai and see what he does.”

“Alright, boss!” Xiaobo nodded.

“Let’s go, we’ll walk around,” Lin Yi felt that the sun was hot after sitting for so long.

Xiaobo felt that the exams weren’t as important anymore now that he was doing business. He’d use some money to get into a college later, and there was no need to be serious. After all, studying for more than ten years was for the sake of a good future- now that he had a good future already, there was no point.

Looking at the familiar scene of the school, Xiaobo was deep in thought. Two months ago, he was still a regular student, but after meeting Lin Yi, everything changed! He was now the vice-chairman of a company, and even had a pretty girlfriend!

Her leg had some problems still, but with Lin Yi here, he’d be able to cure her!

In the gym, both Xiaoxiao and Yushu were getting ready to have a showdown.

The two were at the start of the running track, their eyes wide as they glared at each other.

“I knew you really were weak, you’re supposed to throw the gym ball far, but you barely managed to not hit your own foot!” Yushu said gleefully, “Now I know what it means to smash your foot with a rock!”

“You’re fat, that’s why you’re stronger!” Xiaoxiao was frustrated- she’d never practiced throwing the gym ball at all, she always skipped class or went to the hospital, of course she never touched a gym ball! This was her first time, and she lost completely to Yushu.

“Don’t drag in so many objective elements, you’re the type who blames the toilet for being unable to poop!” Yushu grinned, “Just admit you’re weak, stop finding excuses!”

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