Chapter 55. Reselling Pork

"Shenzi, no need. Leave them for Da Wa and his brothers to eat." Zhou Xi responded quickly.

"It's just a handful of red dates. What is there to push around for?" Lin Qing He said: "And girls got to eat more red dates, it's good for the body and replenish blood."

Zhou Xi bashfully accepted it.

This year her eldest brother got a share of 34 yuan. From her Shenzi's firewood, he earned nearly ten yuan.

Don't underestimate the ten yuans. It can let them siblings eat more.

"These two days are really cold, don't save the firewood at home. Your brother brought so much firewood back for Shenzi. Even til next year, it won't be used up. If you guys are short, come over and take some back. Wait until next for your brother to make it up." Lin Qing He expressed.

"There is enough firewood at home." Zhou Xi answered at once.

Because their family put in the effort, it was possible for them to go to the team and get a share of corn stalks, wheat stalks, cotton stubble, beanstalks, and sweet potato stem.

There were only two of them in the family. It was enough to burn the Kang twice a day. After all, there was also firewood collected by her elder brother.

Lin Qing He chatted with her for a while, and then took the boys back house.

"Brother, here. Shenzi gave it." Zhou Xi shared some red dates with her brother as she spoke.

"No need. You can it yourself." Zhou Dong shook his head.

Zhou Xi remarked: "Shenzi is so nice."

This year's winter was much warmer because there was a new quilt. In the middle of the night, they don't have to wake from the cold.

Zhou Dong nodded.

There was no doubt that Shenzi did take care of them.

Lin Qing He, who returned home, was planning to make bacon.

It had already entered the twelfth lunar month, and it was the best time to make bacon.

So in the afternoon, she came to find Mei Jie.

Mei Jie received her. Lin Qing He saw that no one was around, lowered her voice, and told Mei Jie her plan about the meat she got.

Mei Jie shook her head repeatedly: "No, it can't do. If this got found out, we will be in trouble!"

"Mei Jie, don't worry. If I got caught, I certainly won't say that Chen Ge is involved. We have known each other for so long, you know what kind of person I am. I dare not be careless on important matters. Besides, I have no choice. There're three kids in the family to raise. Now my man has retired, if I don’t find other methods to supplement the family expenses, my whole family can't keep on living."

Chen Mei's man was also surnamed Chen, the exact same surname as her.

"This is too risky." Mei Jie opposed.

"Mei Jie, don't worry. I won't do it often. Only once every three or five days. A few jins at a time. Any meat will do. I'll pay a dime extra for each jin, more or less can help with the household expenses. It’s not easy to raise children during this time. I don’t want them to live the kind of days we had when we were kids.” Lin Qing He persuaded.

The phrase 'a dime extra for each jin' made Mei Jie's heart moved.

Of course, this was also because her impression of Lin Qing He was indeed very good. In addition, she had seen Zhou Qing Bai, the husband. If the husband and wife weren't living in a rural area, she can't tell that they are rural people from their aura. They seem more city-folk than everyone in the city.

It was obviously dependable. After all, no one wants to get into trouble, right?

"But the county city is pretty far, especially now it is snowing." Mei Jie pointed out with hesitation.

Although she wanted to use her husband's position to make extra money, honestly, she made none over the many years, other than what she benefitted from Lin Qing He.

"Not doing it now." Lin Qing He shook her head. It was too cold these days. In order to make that little money, there was no need to suffer. She came to give a heads up first.

"When it's spring, I will ride a bicycle to take the meat from Chen Ge in the morning, and then go directly to the county city." Lin Qing He whispered.

"There's a bicycle at home?" Mei Jie surprised.

"Specially prepared for this." Lin Qing He said with a wink.

With this, Mei Jie felt that she could give it a try.

"Mei Jie, go back and discuss with Chen Ge. It's no problem if he doesn't agree. If he agrees, then I can assure you now if anything happens, I will never pull anyone into it. I take whole responsibility for my own matter!" Lin Qing He declared.

"Then I will go back to discuss with your Chen Ge." Mei Jie nodded hesitantly, then whispered.

"Alright then. Tomorrow I'll buy pork belly and loin. Mei Jie, how many jin can you get for me? I want to buy it back to make bacon." Lin Qing He said.

"Making bacon, then I can get three or four jins for you. As for the particular part, I'll have to see. Come around at 5:30 in the morning, I will wait for you over there." Mei Jie stated.

"Okay." Lin Qing He nodded.

But she was in a slight dilemma in her heart. Five thirty, that was too early!

What she didn't know was that the slaughterhouse got up to work at one or two in the middle of the night. 5:30 was very late. It was because the sunrise was later now. Otherwise, they can't go that late to get the meat. It'll be too eye-catching.

Lin Qing He returned, while Mei Jie absentmindedly went back to work. Once she got off work, she headed home immediately.

Then she woke her man, who was catching on sleep, to talk about this.

"Old Chen, do you think we should do this?" Mei Jie went over it again before asking.

Mei Jie was willing. Them, husband and wife, certainly have a workplace but in fact her job was not guaranteed. That's because the old director's daughter-in-law was about to give birth, and only then did she get this position. Once the baby is born, her being able to continue was another matter.

She used to be a temporary worker, and that related on connections.

Only after she officially went to work, did the living pressure eased a lot. Let's not mention how tightened their belt was in the past.

At present, her salary was 14 yuan, while her old Chen was more than her. He got 16 yuan and can still get some oil content back home on most days.

The two add up to thirty yuan, which wasn't little. But the family got three children studying now. Although they have moved out, they still give three yuan each month to her parents-in-law.

Waking up every day, they have to eat. Those who aren't heading the family do not know how hard life at home was.

"Are you sure she is reliable?" old Chen was solemn for a bit before voicing out.

"Reliable, otherwise I won't be taking her food coupons and stay in communication with her. Her man has retired, so now she wants to supplement the family. I think she is a smart one." Mei Jie said.

"Then wait until spring and let her come and try. If it doesn't work out, then immediately stop." old Chen stated.

Hearing this, Mei Jie became relieved.

Each time take a few jin of meat, so a few jins of meat equal to a few dimes. This can buy them a jin or two of eggs back home to nourish the children!

"She ordered a few jins of pork belly and loin. How much do you think you can get?" mentioned Mei Jie.

"I can give her five pounds." old Chen said.

He was somewhat stunned. To be still able to buy meat to make bacon during this time, they definitely know how to eat.

"That's enough," Mei Jie nodded.

Ge: Brother

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