Chapter 54. Stealing grain

In the evening, Lin Qing He supervised Da Wa over his writing practice and math before letting the three brothers sleep.

Zhou Qing Bai moved the three sleeping brothers in a row at the end of the Kang and freed up space for the two of them.

Lin Qing He 's heart leaped out. Then she remembered her menstrual period and became calm.

Zhou Qing Bai said quietly, "It's time to sleep."

Lin Qing He nodded: "Sleep."

As for sleeping, Zhou Qing Bai had eaten mutton today. So sure enough, he was restless. Lin Qing He indifferently pointed out: "My period is here. Behave and sleep properly."

Zhou Qing Bai was disappointed when he heard that.

Lin Qing He slept comfortably. The kang burned was heated at dusk, so they could sleep warmly all night. After all, her seven-jin quilt wasn't covered for nothing.

And also a four jin was added on top.

"Sleep." Even Zhou Qing Bai was disappointed, at least he could still hold his wife to sleep.

Lin Qing He was cuddled in his arms. Feeling that her heartbeat speeding too fast, she uttered, "I can't sleep if you hold me!"

"You can." Zhou Qing Bai spoke sulkily.

Lin Qing He mentally refuted, 'Then you wear a pair of pants. You ate lamb again tonight and had abstinence for so long, so at this moment, that spot is very spirited. With that against me, how can I sleep?'

"Wife." Zhou Qing Bai called out.

Lin Qing He felt the man's voice was pleasing, deep, sexy, and magnetic.

However, Lin Qing He chose to pretend to be dead. Tonight, she made a mistake. She thought he couldn’t do anything, so she ignored him and forgot that she had to sleep with him!

The three brothers' sleeping quality was excellent. At this moment, they were asleep. They will wake up in the middle of the night to pee and drink a glass of water before snoozing to the next morning.

Zhou Qing Bai didn't get a response from his wife, so he didn't say anything. After all, holding his soft wife was also a very enjoyable thing.

"Still not sleeping?" Lin Qing He pretended for a while and could still feel that he hadn't dozed off. The hand resting on her waist was extremely hot.

"Wife, when does that go away?" Zhou Qing Bai said sullenly without answering the question.

"I don't know." Lin Qing He uttered in a displeased mood.

"Wife, you don't want me?" Zhou Qing Bai sighed.

Lin Qing He mentally answered, 'I don't. Not one bit! Quickly go to sleep!'

She directly turned her body to face the same direction as the children. Zhou Qing Bai huddled over from behind. Lin Qing He could still feel his enthusiasm for her very clearly.

After the New Year, Zhou Qing Bai was only 28 years old. While she was 24 after New Year. She was 4 years old younger than him.

But whether it was twenty-eight or twenty-four, it was the period of young people's passion ah.

After being provoked by him, Lin Qing He's heart became erratic. However, she paid no mind to him.

Before she thought it through, don't even think about touching her, no matter how fervent he was.

Lin Qing He didn't fall asleep until about 9:30 that night. Only when Zhou Qing Bai felt that his wife was sleeping, did he dozed off with regret.

Forget it. Let's take it slowly. It seems that his wife hadn't completely put down her prejudice toward him.

However, she was willing to share the same quilt with him, which was also a good start.

Lin Qing He slept very warmly that night. She felt like she was holding a big stove, it was very comfortable.

It was still snowing outside in the morning, so Zhou Qing Bai didn't go out. Most importantly, his wife held him as she slept so soundly. How could he push her away?

When Lin Qing He woke up, it was almost seven o'clock. Seeing that he was still on the kang, she froze: "You didn't go out for a run?"

"It's snowing outside." Zhou Qing Bai gazed at her as he spoke warmly.

Lin Qing He nodded and then felt their position was a bit intimate.

She was hugging his waist and buried her entire face in his arms. While his long arm wrapped around her waist. Their posture was almost the same as the posture of a couple who were in love!

"I slept too comfortably, don't take offense." Lin Qing He laughed dryly and got out of his embrace.

Zhou Qing Bai didn't press in on her too tightly and said: "Sleep some more. I will steam the buns."

Breakfast was steamed bun and shrimp soup. All made by Zhou Qing Bai. He also brought in hot water to wash up.

Because the snow was too heavy in the morning, Lin Qing He didn't plan to go back to the old Lin's House and find fault anymore. No need to risk through this heavy snowstorm.

She brought her three sons to breakfast, while Zhou Qing Bai went to take care of two piglets.

Now there was no more chicken in the chicken pen. The last chicken was stewed by Lin Qing He. It can no longer lay eggs, why keep it? Waste grain? Better to stew it for nourishment.

Today's snow kept going all the way until ten o'clock in the morning. It was a substantial amount.

The snow stopped, and Lin Qing He stopped knitting trousers. She took Da Wa, Er Wa, and San Wa, out to walk around. They couldn’t keep staying isolated at home all winter. Bundling up and wander around wasn't a bad idea.

While strolling, they came to Zhou Dong and Zhou Xi sibling's home.

Zhou Dong was shoveling the snow. The clothes on his body did not seem to be cold resistant. His cheeks were a little bit red.

"Shen!" Zhou Dong immediately shouted when he saw Lin Qing He.

Inside, Zhou Xi heard the voice, and happily chirped: "How come Shen have free time to come over? It's cold outside, hurry into the house. The Kang is heating, it's really warm."

"Shenzi, quickly bring the kids in." Zhou Dong said.

Lin Qing He noticed the kids didn’t want to enter the house, so she let them be. She stomped through the snow and came in. She directed to Zhou Xi: "Is there enough food this year?"

"Enough." Zhou Xi nodded and smiled.

This year, a lot of food was distributed to their household. And because they had money in their hands, they also bought some from the team. It can be said that this year's winter was better than the previous years' winter.

Although they eat two meals a day, they can eat half-full with each meal.

In fact, not only Zhou Dong and Zhou Xi were like this, everyone else tightened their belts during the days of winter isolation. From the usual three meals a day to two meals a day.

Because after the food distribution, the next food distribution will be at the time of the summer harvest.

Once it was spring, it was a period of temporary shortage. At that time, some people in the village had to go to exchange food coupons and then go to the supply and demand cooperatives to buy commodity food.

If they don’t want to spend money to exchange food coupons and then spend more money to buy food, then they have to frugally eat now. They have to hold it up to summer harvest.

"Under normal circumstances, someone must always stay home. I heard that someone in the neighboring village seems to have their food stolen," Lin Qing He warned.

This wasn't a joke. She heard it from Chen Daniang. Chen Daniang was the most informed about the latest news. It was an orphan and widow, who had their food stolen. At this time, getting their food stolen was like taking their life.

Fortunately, the neighboring team had a small hefty harvest this year and still had food left. So they were sent, otherwise, the pair wouldn't be able to live.

"I know, there will definitely be someone at home!" Zhou Xi confirmed quickly.

"It's enough to see you, brother and sister, be able to get through. But if there is any difficulty, just come over and tell Shenzi." Lin Qing He said, and then took out a handful of red dates from her pocket: "I brought this for you. Keep it."

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