At daybreak, Lintian walked out of the room and looked around. He only felt that the sky was clear, the wind was gentle, and he was relaxed and happy.

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The scenery is still the same, but when the mood is different, the scenery will be different.

There was less than a month left before the end of the nine regions battlefield. Lintian planned to take this opportunity to accompany Zhao Jingxuan.

Last night, Zhao Jingxuan once said, "I know that you can't put the summer solstice in your heart. I don't ask you to marry me, and I don't want fame. As long as you don't let me down, it's enough."

It was also because of these words that Lin Xun was moved and felt guilty.

Zhao Jingxuan, the daughter of ziyao emperor, is a peerless beauty in the world. She has the blood of a real dragon in her body. She is gorgeous in talent and vulgar in appearance, just like a fairy in the dust.

It's a great blessing for other monks to be accompanied by this beautiful woman.

But now, Zhao Jingxuan made such a concession. How could Lintian not be ashamed?

Even Lintian himself had the feeling that the beauty was so attached to him.

If he didn't accompany Zhao Jingxuan well, Lintian felt that he was a man of great sin.


In the next period of time, Lintian didn't care about anything. He left the city of moat with Zhao Jingxuan and traveled all over the battlefield.

Take a boat to pan the lake, view the clouds on the top of the mountain, tread the waves on the blue sea, lie drunk with fireflies, and enjoy the waterfall

It's not easy to be at ease.

Once in a while, Lintian picked the grass, cooked tea with rootless water, and drank with Zhao Jingxuan among the flowers.

Leisure life, half of the edge of cultivation, half of the edge of the king.

What is the battle of the nine realms, what is the pursuit of the enemy, what is the cultivation of the Dharma, are all left behind by the two men.

The happiness here is not equal to the external humanity.


Time goes by day and night.

On this day, a land of snow-white glaciers.

Lintian splits a section of ice core to get water and cooks tea in a small red clay stove. Zhao Jingxuan embraces his knees and sits on one side, smiling and watching Lintian busy.

On the sky, a strange roar suddenly sounded, just like the sound of the road, spreading between heaven and earth.

Almost at the same time, the ancient desolation orders that were worn on Lintian and Zhao Jingxuan all resonated at this moment, buzzing and trembling.

At the same time, they stopped their actions and looked at each other. They both realized that the time for the end of the nine regions battlefield had come!

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Looking at the tea that was about to boil on the red clay stove, Lintian sighed softly. As time went by, no matter how happy it was, it was short.

"Eating marrow and knowing taste, don't give up to leave?"

Zhao Jingxuan's star eyes are smiling, and her tenderness is surging among them.

Lintian nodded.

During this period of time, I accompanied Zhao Jingxuan to go sightseeing. I was at ease and naturally did not give up.

"Let's go. There will be many opportunities in the future."

Zhao Jingxuan took Lintian's hand and walked far away. She was satisfied with her company and fun these days.

What's more, if the two feelings last for a long time, will they be in the morning and evening?


When he returned to the moat City, Lintian was stunned.

Because I don't know when, in front of the magnificent and majestic golden city wall, there stands a stone tablet several feet high.

On the stone tablet, lines of iron and silver hook like handwriting are carved in the form of Da Dao.

"In the Third Battle of the nine regions, the sage Lin Xun, the leader of the ancient wasteland generation, led the battlefield of the nine regions by holding the supreme power."

"At the beginning, the sage Lin Xun killed 30000 Li with blood, surrounded a city by one person, and was arrogant and invincible After that, the city of moat was rebuilt, the Allied forces of seven regions were broken, and the black cliff sea was conquered

"I've been wandering around the world alone, killing thousands of heroes with one sword..."

Above, Lintian's deeds in the past three years were listed in detail. In a trance, Lintian's mind also recalled the scenes of these years.

"Magnificent, only this person is called leader, only this hero is called sage..."

"Your heart is like the sky, and you have great achievements. Your power is unparalleled. Who can compete with the enemy..."

"My generation's stele is here. I hope that the sage Lintian will live forever and be famous in history. I hope that future generations can learn from it!"

After reading the monument, Lintian could not help but feel a surge of emotion.

He did not expect that the ancient wilderness camp would set up such a monument for himself!

"Look at that."

Next to him, Zhao Jingxuan looks into the distance.

When Lintian looked up, he saw countless figures gathering on the top of the city, and each person looked at himself with a smile.

"Brother Lin, this monument of merit is everyone's heart. Every word is written and engraved by different Taoist friends. Only in this way can we express our respect."

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SHAOHAO spoke in a loud voice.

Others nodded.

Lintian couldn't help touching his nose and said with a bitter smile, "can I still refuse?""No!"

All of them said the same thing. Immediately, they all couldn't help laughing.

Today, the battlefield of the nine regions has come to an end. The monks in the city, from different places in the ancient wasteland, will leave today.

I just left this time, and I don't know when I will meet again, so I gathered in front of the city.

Just to say goodbye to Lintian!

"Thank you very much, everyone."

Lintian took a deep breath, arched his hand and made a sound, which rang through the world.


Blood demon world.

A remote place like poor mountains and evil waters, the sky is full of sound, but also let the blood green clothes hidden in the depth of a stinky mire wake up from the dormant silence.

"The curtain has finally come to an end..."

Regardless of the smell of the dirty mud, xueqingyi rushed out with excitement. Listening to the continuous sound of Tao, it was like hearing the most beautiful melody in the world.

He stretched out his hands to the sky, closed his eyes, and looked intoxicated.

It's been dormant for nearly a year, and now it's finally back in the sky. For xueqingyi, it's like opening a new path.

Until for a long time, blood green clothes and scarlet eyes showed deep and cold hatred, gritted his teeth and said:

"shame and failure are not terrible, what's terrible is to know the shame but not the courage. Lintian, you are proud this time, and I will repay you in the future!"


The next moment, he disappeared.


The northern underworld.

Deep in the vast sea, a crazy figure is sitting on a rock and crying.

His hair was as disheveled as grass, his clothes were ragged, his eyes were sunken, his body was thin, and his appearance was more miserable than that of a beggar.

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But if Lintian was here, he would be recognized as the leader of the northern underworld camp, kunshaoyu!

However, how beautiful and arrogant he was in those days, just like the sun in the sky, shining, leading a field of coquettish.

But now he is in a state of depression. He is not a ghost, he is insane, and his mind is in chaos.

When the sound of the road resounds from the sky, Kun Shaoyu is squatting on the ground, whimpering and crying, like being struck by lightning, the whole person is stunned.

His face began to change, cloudy and sunny, lax eyes began to gather a little bit

Until for a long time, he suddenly got up, hissed and yelled: "I've been in a muddle for decades, and today I know I'm me!"

Word by word, like a dragon roaring, surging on the nine clouds, the sound is full of free and open-minded meaning.

"Lintian, wait. When I help Qingming, I will be ashamed of the past!"

Kun Shaoyu suddenly stepped into the air, and suddenly turned into a Kun. He didn't know how many feet he was. He collapsed the void and swept away all over the sky.


Ancient wilderness.

In front of the city of protecting the road, countless monks in the ancient wasteland are also in action. They take out the ancient wasteland order, move it to the void, and disappear in the battlefield of the nine regions.

"Master Lin, let's go ahead."

"The green mountains will not change, and the green waters will flow. Master Lin, we are looking forward to meeting you again in the ancient wasteland."

"Master Lin..."

There were many people who came to say goodbye to Lintian. Some were familiar with it, some were unfamiliar with it, some could name it, and some could not.

However, everyone had his heart's respect and blessing. Lintian responded one by one with a lot of emotion.

The living can return to their homeland.

And those who are buried in the ancient wasteland are doomed to be silent here for ever.

Life and death are so cruel.

Gradually, the figure of monks in the city is less and less.

"Goodbye, brother Lin!"

You hengzhen and ye Maha came to say goodbye.

"Take care."

Lintian arched his hand with a smile.

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"Lintian, after you return to the ancient wasteland, you must come to the Beidou world. I'll treat you to drink the ten thousand year wine of Ziwei holy mountain!"

Night Chen big voice way.

Next to him, the smiling heaven chimed in: "no, I'd better go to Qingfeng valley. I'll take out the" seven treasures drunken immortal wine "collected by my ancestors to drink with you."

A word, cause night Chen to glare angrily: "do you dare not to make a fight with me?"

Laughing at heaven, he said with a sneer, "I'm just not used to seeing you. What's the matter?"

Well, the two guys who were born with the wrong eyes are fighting each other again.

Lintian couldn't laugh or cry, but he was warm in his heart. This was a friend and a brother who shared weal and woe!

"Brother Lin, we have to go too."

Before long, SHAOHAO and ruowu came to say goodbye.

Lintian talked with them and watched them leave one by one.

Until the end, only Lintian, Zhao Jingxuan, Laoge, ALU, big blackbird, Xiaoyin and Xiaotian were left in the field.This is also normal. When they first came to the jiuyu battlefield, the ancient wasteland strongmen moved from different places.

When we go back, we will naturally return along the same road, which is doomed to be impossible.

Just like Lintian, when they come, they come from the gate of immortal mountain. When they go back, they will return to immortal mountain.

"Brother, let's go, too."

Old clam and Alu looked at Lintian.

Lin Xun stood at the head of the city and looked around, as if he wanted to remember all this in his mind. He took a deep breath, and his eyes were firm. He said:


After a flash of light, Lintian's figure disappeared into the void one by one, leaving only a huge city of road protection, standing in silence in the vast world, filled with the immortal sacred atmosphere.

On this day, after three years of fierce fighting, the nine domain battle ended. No matter what camp, all the strong who survived left today.

The vast battlefield of the nine realms fell into silence again. I don't know how many years it will be before the next opening.

At that time, the moon was shining, and the clouds were shining!


(after writing the battlefield of the nine realms and returning to the ancient wasteland, it's a new journey. This time, demon Lin will be happy with his love and hatred.)

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