Chapter 1024: Chapter 1023 – Not Afraid

Yushu came over, coincidentally, with one look at Xiaoxiao, “Oi, dumbass, you wanna come have a showdown with me at the gym?”

“You’re the dumbass!” Xiaoxiao hmphed, “Fine, let’s go, I’m not afraid of you!”

Xiaoxiao and Yushu hadn’t been able to find a clear winner yesterday, after all, and now that there was an opportunity, Xiaoxiao naturally wouldn’t let it go. On the other hand, she didn’t know that Yushu was trying to get close with her! Mengyao and Yushu had already discussed it, after all, and had agreed to let Xiaoxiao spend her final moments in a relationship with Lin Yi.

If they were going by things from yesterday, then they had to be in conflict today as well. Changing suddenly would arouse suspicion, and so Mengyao told Yushu to find a way to get closer to her, so they wouldn’t be butting heads so much in the future.

“Lin Yi, here’s my phone. Help me take care of it!” Xiaoxiao said as she took out her phone for Lin Yi.

The sports gym didn’t allow phones in it, since it would affect their training. Another reason was to remove the chance that someone might take photos of fellow students who weren’t in full clothing.

As a result, there were detectors at the entrance of the gym, and people started not bringing phones there at all. Putting them in the gym lockers didn’t make you feel safe, either.

“Okay,” Lin Yi nodded and took the phone.

A smile appeared on Lin Yi’s lips as the two left- Yushu was already making a move. It seemed that these two devils would get along just fine.

Lin Yi was right- Yushu really was making a move, and had prepared to be on Xiaoxiao’s team as they messed with someone. It would improve their relationship easily.

Lin Yi’s old phone was destroyed by Ma Zhu, so what he was using now was the Miss’ old phone, an outdated one like that computer Yushu gave him. There weren’t as many functions, and it wasn’t a smart phone, either. No games could be played.

It was PE for the girls, and that meant self-study for the boys. You could stay and study, or you could leave and play- no one would say anthing. Although, twelfth graders were pretty self aware of themselves. Who would go play around when the big exams were in the corner? Nobody would play with you, anyway.

Lin Yi may have been listening intently in class, but he never studied afterwards.

He casually used Xiaoxiao’s phone and turned on Plants Versus Zombies after Xiaoxiao left.

“Boss, you’re an item with Feng Xiaoxiao now?” Xiaobo peeked behind him after all the girls left.

“An item?” Lin Yi smiled bitterly.

“Heh heh, I heard you two whispering earlier- seems like Feng Xiaoxiao offered to let you touch her boobs?” Xiaobo grinned.

“…” Lin Yi didn’t know what to say- Xiaobo heard even that? He explained helplessly, “I didn’t touch her- you know how she is, she’d say anything if she felt like it.”

“Oh, oh!” Xiaobo nodded. “I know you didn’t accept the offer, but it looks like your relationship’s going a little fast? And I saw her with Tang Yin this noon?”

“Yes.” Lin Yi nodded.

“No way, Tang Yin’s that generous? She agreed to let you be with Xiaoxiao?” Xiaobo’s eyes widened with shock. He’d already guessed that Tang Yin and Xiaoxiao were at peace now, since he saw them laughing and talking like friends earlier. They didn’t seem like enemies at all, and now that he had Lin Yi’s confirmation, he made a thumbs-up, “Boss, that’s so great! You’re amazing, boss! You’re the master among masters at hitting on girls!”

“Uh…” Lin Yi sweated, “Actually it was Tang Yin who accepted Feng Xiaoxiao first before letting me accept her… You got it wrong…”

“Wha??” Xiaobo almost rolled his eyes at the words! Tang Yin accepted it first before letting Lin Yi accept her? Seriously? How was that possible, was Tang Yin looking for mistresses for Lin Yi’s sake?

“Okay, this is a little complicated- I’ll explain in detail later,” Lin Yi wasn’t planning on hiding this from Xiaobo, either- he needed him to understand so that they could work together.

“What is it? You could tell me now,” Xiaobo was curious.

“Uh… Alright,” Lin Yi nodded, “Let’s go for a walk then…”

Xiaobo stood up and left the room with Lin Yi, heading downstairs..

Xie Yufeng, Wang Congming, and Li Panghu, on the other hand, seemed to be scheming.

“Master Xie, I heard that the girls don’t wear alot in PE- you can even see their nipples!” Congming whispered.

“Oh? Yufeng was interested, “Seriously?”

“Of course! Think about it, it’s summer now, and it’s already hot in there… A bit of movement and you’d be sweating a bunch, and then… Heh heh!” Congming smiled like a pervert.

“Then aren’t there a lot of peeping toms? You just transferred and even you know this- wouldn’t everyone else be aware?” Yufeng didn’t fully believe it.

“Of course they’re aware, but the windows to the gym are high, and the lowest one is three meters high. They can’t climb that high.” Congming smiled. “Only a master like you, Master Xie, can jump up!”

“Hm… But this isn’t very safe, is it? What if someone sees…” Yufeng said hesitantly. He wanted to feel the thrill of peeking, but he didn’t want to ruin his good reputation, especially when he still wanted to hit on girls at this school. It’d be over for him if he lost his face for a moment’s thrill.

“Behind the gym is the back mountain of the school, nobody will be able to see you!” Congming grinned, “I already know the layout!”

“You’ve plotted this from the start?” Yufeng nodded, relaxed now that he heard it was a mountain back there.

“Yeah, I’ve already planned to have you take pictures of those girls like Feng Xiaoxiao, and use it to threaten them into submission, or else you would post those pics!”

“Good idea!” Yufeng nodded, agreeing. All girls wanted pride, and posting pics like that would make them lose all of their pride. They might as well just let him do whatever he wanted to them!

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