Chapter 1023: Chapter 1022 – Xie Yufeng’s Intention

But the thought that they were in a classroom kept him at bay. Xiaoxiao was way too strong at this, too seductive! How did she muster up the courage to say that?!

Xiaoxiao only blurted that out naturally, since the most intimate thing with Lin Yi she could think of was that time in the auction, where he touched her! She only said that without too much thinking.

But from Lin Yi’s perspective, it was a little bit of a seductive offer.

“What’s with that reaction…” Lin Yi’s reaction made her heart jump- she was already tense, and that sudden ‘Wha?!’ from Lin Yi only shocked her more.

“It’s nothing, Xiaoxiao, but maybe don’t seduce me in class…” Lin Yi said helplessly.

“Ah?” Xiaoxiao paused, her face blushing. “What? I wasn’t!”

“Haha…” Lin Yi smiled.

Xiaoxiao turned away, embarrassed. She couldn’t look at him anymore- as brave as she was, she couldn’t handle what Lin Yi just said.

But, just as the two were interacting, a not-so-friendly look came from Xie Yufeng. He looked at Xiaoxiao before giving Lin Yi a quick look.

His face was dark and cold, “This bastard’s pretty good with women, huh?”

“Yeah, Master Xie! He really is a bastard, for what he did to you yesterday!” Congming nodded, “If it weren’t for the fact that you had to hide your sterngth, he wouldn’t be your opponent at all! He’s just a Mystic early phase, that’s nothing in front of you, Master Xie!”

House Yu’s understanding of Lin Yi came completely from YuKun. Lin Yi was indeed a Mystic early phease at the time, but no one would’ve expected for him to have reached two levels higher in such a short amount of time, into Mystic mid phase!

As far as they were concerned, this defied all sense! After all, just how much practitioning and training was needed to raise just one level- House Yu understood the practicality and effort required! This made them not even think about the possibility that Lin Yi had leveled up in such a short time!

And so, Yu Feng didn’t know that Lin Yi was already a mid phase! From what he could see, an early phase Mystic like Lin Yi wouldn’t be able to fight a Mystic early phase peak like Yu Feng! And one couldn’t blame him for thinking so- he didn’t have that hidden trump card that Lin Yi had, he couldn’t see his opponent’s strength.

“Naturally! But for House Yu, I need to keep my qi hidden. I’ll have to endure this!” Yu Feng hmphed. “This Feng Xiaoxiao’s a slut too, it seems. Look at that face, being so intimate and hot with Lin Yi, she can’t be anything good! Right, those girls I asked you to check- what’s their background?”

He wasn’t able to claim Xiaoxiao yesterday, and that pissed him off- even more so when he saw Xiaoxiao being so close with Lin Yi.

“Master Xie, other than Chu Mengyao, who we already knew about, the others, I have finished researching on. This Feng Xiaoxiao’s house isn’t strong. Her father is a special ops, but he wouldn’t cross House Yu for her.” Congming said.

“Alright. Others?” Yufeng asked.

“That Chen Yushu’s from House Chen, so it’d be best if you don’t touch her, Master Xie.”

“House Chen? Noble House Chen?”

“Yes. Her brother’s Chen Yutian. The Chens may only have one practitioner, but they’re still a noble house,” Congming said, “So it’d be best if we kept away.”

“Alright, I’ll let her go then. That girl is quite a little devil, too, I would really rather not mess with her,” Yu Feng nodded, “Tang Yin?”

“Just a normal family. His father’s in the hospital, and they don’t even have a house,” Congming said, “This one we can do whatever we want, we can even kill her!”

“Oh, nice. We’ll go on Feng Xiaoxiao first, and then we’ll get to Tang Yin!” Yufeng nodded.

“Master Xie, this Xiaoxiao doesn’t seem to be an easy target- should we use some… tactics?” Congming suggested.

House Yu was powerful back in Yanjing, and the two followers did things without a fear of the world. From what they could see, doing this to get girls was perfectly normal.

“Not yet! We’ll see first. My sex appeal hasn’t come out yet, but once it does, I wouldn’t be surprised if they jumped into my arms!” Yufeng gritted his teeth with hatred as he remembered the scene of him getting beat up yesterday, “Fuck, that was such a good chance yesterday, but that Lin Yi bastard had to be there! Not only did I have to get beat up, I couldn’t even show off!”

“Master Xie, those people from yesterday…. Maybe Li Panghu and I could…” Congming made a head chopping gesture.

“No need- we just came here, don’t cause trouble!” Yufeng shook his head. “We’ll let them go for now, but I won’t forget them. Check their background first.”

“Of course,” Congming said.

They talked with their backs to everyone, so people wouldn’t be able to hear. Their angle, as well, would also prevent Lin Yi from reading their lips.

But, even though he couldn’t hear them, one look at them scheming like that was enough to put Lin Yi on alert.

The second class was PE. Many of these secondary subjects were cancelled in the twelth grade, but PE stayed. It gave the students who were at their desks all day not only a chance to exercise, but also a chance to prepare for the PE test that the Songshan exams included.

PE included a number of options- Running, long jump, basketball, push ups, pull ups, sit ups, and the like, with different requirements for boys and girls. And so, in order to have good grades in the PE test, the twelth grade PE class had become an intensive training class!

But it was summer, and they didn’t wear a lot- many girls wore skirts too, and so the sessions were separated between the genders. One week was for boys, the other, for girls.

This week, the girls were in the PE stadium, with a specialist female PE teacher training them. Many of the girls just took off their outer shirts and used the singlets they were wearing to train in them.

Xiaoxiao didn’t really want to go to PE- she was just getting steamy with Lin Yi, and she wanted to be with him at their seats longer. The other girls were getting up to leave, however, and so she couldn’t just stay in class, refusing to budge.

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