Chapter 53. Looking for fault.

It wasn't just Mother Zhou who thought so. Father Zhou was the same.

It was only once every three or five days, but in the past, there was no such treatment.

Got to say, even though the soup doesn't fill the hunger, the body felt a bit different after drinking it for a while.

"There are benefits from youngest's retirement," Father Zhou remarked.

"As long as she can take care of old Fourth and the boys, we don't need her to send stuff over." Mother Zhou also commented.

Judging by Lin Qing He's current performance, Mother Zhou was quite satisfied. Of course, that was on the premise that she doesn't spend money.

Otherwise, Mother Zhou would have a hard time reining in her temper because she couldn't stand it anymore.

While on Lin Qing He's side, she doesn't care what the old couple thinks. The reason why she would get the soup sent over is because it's what they should be doing. In the end, they were the boys' grandparents and they treated the brothers well.

If it were someone who treated the brothers terribly, she would definitely not go through so much trouble.

Zhou Qing Bai was back. Her steamed mantou was ready. So the family ate the mutton soup with mixed grain mantou, which was also tasty.

Although there were still a lot of materials in the space, Lin Qing He did not follow modern standards. She would still make it with other grains for the children to eat.

For example, this mantou was a combination of cornflour and wheat flour. Lin Qing He got Zhou Qing Bai to make it. He did it and stored a lot at home.

When not eating other foods, she'll steam mantou and then make soup. With this, the meal was complete.

Even so, if the guys' food was the second-best in the village, and no one dares to label themselves as first.

After Zhou Qing Bai returned, he didn't seem to get thinner. Not only did he not lose weight, Lin Qing He obviously felt that he had too much energy with nowhere to vent. Otherwise, why would he get up in the morning to run and not afraid of the cold?

Running wasn't enough. He would go back to the yard to practice boxing. If Lin Qing He didn't stop him by saying Da Wa was still young, afraid he would pull him in to box together.

For such a dinner, one steamed mantou and a bowl of mutton soup were enough for Lin Qing He. Her current figure was just right because the oil content at home was sufficient. She was afraid that she would get fat.

In Zhou Qing Bai's eyes, her standard was clearly thin. When he saw her finished, he stuffed another one to her and used his eyes to tell her to eat instead of retaining it for them, father and sons.

Lin Qinghe: "..." Silently broke a small piece to eat and the bigger one was given to him.

Zhou Qing Bai didn't receive it, uttered: "Eat more."

He found that her intake quantity was too small. This size mantou, he can eat five before he's full, but she actually ate only one.

"Can't eat anymore," Lin Qing He maintained.

Zhou Qing Bai saw that she really didn't want to eat anymore and accepted it with no other choice. He stated, "You are too thin."

"That's right. Mother, you are too thin." Da Wa also nodded: "You only ate one, while I have eaten two!"

"Mother eats less than me." Er Wa had one and a half.

"Mother." San Wa hugged his mother. Mother ate one just like him. He felt he was the closest to Mother.

"Quick eat, let's go walk around after eating." Lin Qing He smiled.

Zhou Qing Bai told her to drink more mutton soup. This time Lin Qing He did not refuse his good intentions and scooped up a small bowl to drink.

Afterward, when coaxed her again, she ignored him. Really, was it easy for her to maintain such a good figure?

Zhou Qing Bai didn't make her eat anymore. The children were full, and the rest was eaten by him alone. His appetite was enormous.

Lin Qing He wiped the boys' mouths and washed their hands. Then they got fully armed and went out to continue making a snowman.

All the brothers have gloves. This was what she entrusted Mei Jie to keep an eye out for at the cooperative. If there were some, set them aside for her. And Mei Jie did.

Three gloves cost six yuans. So one required two yuans. It also needed a coupon.

It wasn't cheap at all. But Lin Qing He still bought it. She didn't want the kids to freeze their hands and get damaged. The current winter can't be compared with the future greenhouse effect. It was extremely freezing to death.

Lin Qing He took the three brothers out to play for half an hour before gathering them back to the room. The Kang was already heating. After washing their feet, they were allowed to go on the Kang.

Da Wa began to recite numbers. Lin Qing He started training him half a month ago, and now he can count from one to twenty without errors. He can also add and subtract up to ten, which indicated relatively high in IQ.

Otherwise, he won't be able to mix so well in the future.

Lin Qing He gave him a book for him to start writing. As for Er Wa and San Wa, whether the two write or draw, it was up to them. Anyway, teaching one or teaching two, it was still teaching.

"Are you going back home before New Year?" Zhou Qing Bai asked her when he brought her foot bath.

At first, Lin Qing He hadn't caught on. Only after a pause did she understand he was talking about her maternal family. Then she nodded and said, "I'll see which day I'm free to go back."

"I'll go with you." Zhou Qing Bai gazed at her.

Lin Qing He shook her head: "No, just me going back is enough."

This time she went back, she didn’t plan to go back during the New Year. She wasn't visiting relatives. She was going to find fault, so it was better not to take him with her.

She will not allow those from old Lin family to destroy her present life. She had no guilt for mysteriously becoming the original owner, so she won't have any guilt toward the old Lin family. It wasn't possible.

Old Lin Family can extinguish their hope of wanting her to supplement them like she was the original owner.

Both old Lin Family's Father Lin and Mother Lin were still alive. They were older than Father Zhou and Mother Zhou. She had two elder brothers and two elder sisters above, and a younger brother below.

This younger brother was pretty nice. He used to be summoned by the original owner to find firewood. He didn't accept any money given. And if he did, he used it to buy candy for Da Wa and his brothers.

But after he got married, there was less contact. After all, he had to take care of his own family.

As for siblings above, the relationship with the original owner was mostly good. Even so, it was the original owner being beneficial to them a lot.

For example, a new military coat sent back by Zhou Qing Bai. It was given by the original owner to her second brother, this lazy bum.

Not even her younger brother had a share.

Moreover, the current one on Zhou Qing Bai was old. He only sent it back because he was worried about the family's bed wasn't warm enough.

Such a big set, it can be used as a quilt. These words weren't a cover-up.

"What's the matter?" Zhou Qing Bai looked at her. Why did he get the slight feeling that his wife was approaching the pigs and sheep with a sharpened knife?

Lin Qing He stated, "Nothing, It's just that I felt 'I' was pretty stupid before."

Zhou Qing Bai: "..."

"I'll make a trip back tomorrow." Lin Qing He couldn't stay put from the thought of picking fault. She simply declared: "After finishing breakfast, I'll head out. I will come back for lunch at noon. Watch the home for me."

Zhou Qing Bai stared at her and expressed, "No need for me to go with you?"

"No need." Lin Qing He waved her hand.

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