Ancient wasteland, Shenji Pavilion.

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In front of a quiet and ancient palace, Mr. miaoxuan held his hand on his back and looked at the distance, but his heart could not be calm.

It has been three years since the opening of the nine domain battlefield. If nothing unexpected happens, perhaps today, the nine domain battle will come to an end.

And this time, can the ancient wilderness camp change the pattern of inevitable defeat and stick to the end?

Mr. Miao Xuan couldn't see through.

"In the first battle of the nine realms, the ancient wasteland camp suffered a disastrous defeat, and there were no casualties. In the end, none of them could return alive."

"In the second battle of the nine realms, the ancient wilderness camp only held on for less than half a year and was completely destroyed. In the end, only a few dozen people were lucky enough to recover their lives..."

"What will be the result this time?"

The more he thought about it, the more restless he was.

This time, when the great world came, a group of real top figures emerged, but compared with the other eight domains, there was still a big difference!

After a long silence, Mr. Miao Xuan suddenly remembered that his elder martial brother, Mr. Shen, had said a word when he left three years ago.

"On the battlefield of jiuyu, if there is a glimmer of hope to reverse the defeat of the ancient wasteland camp, then this glimmer of hope lies in Lintian."

But, is Lintian really OK?

Mr. Miao Xuan is not sure.

How cruel and terrible the battlefield of jiuyu is. It's impossible to turn the world around with one person's strength!


At this time, a great sound of Tao suddenly sounded on the sky, and the power of the laws of heaven and earth began to shake in different areas of the ancient wasteland.

The battle of nine realms is over!

Mr. Miao Xuan suddenly raised his head, and his eyes were full of magic, as if he could see through the mystery of nine days and ten places.

Almost at the same time, the ancient orthodoxy and ethnic forces distributed in different areas of the ancient wasteland were all aware of the celestial anomaly for the first time.

"The three-year period has come, and the dispute over the nine regions has come to an end today!"

"This time, I'm from the ancient wilderness camp What will the war be like? "

"I hope I hope you will come back alive... "

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"It must be, it must not be bad news. We have lost too long and humiliated too long. If we lose again, it will be difficult to look up in the future."

Countless ancient clan bigwigs, old monsters and senior figures are also nervous at this moment.

Boom ~ ~

in the sky, the sound of Taoism is booming. In the vast ancient wasteland, the boundless territory and different regional cities, the grand, powerful and majestic sound of Taoism is everywhere.

Even ordinary monks were shocked and realized that the three-year dispute over the nine realms had come to an end today!

"This time, our ancient wasteland Can we win? "

I don't know how many people are nervous.

The dispute over the nine realms is not only about the honor and disgrace of the ancient wasteland, but also whether the ancient wasteland can survive for a long time in the future.

Who can not pay attention?

"Don't say win, at least don't lose too miserably..."

Many people sigh in their hearts.

Everyone knows that after two disastrous defeats in the battle of the nine realms and endless years of decline, it is too difficult for the ancient wasteland camp to win in the battle of the nine realms!

The sound of Tao is still roaring in the sky, just like the sound of the horn at the end of the battlefield, which makes all living beings in the ancient wasteland fall into a kind of tangled, nervous and uneasy mood.

Just wait for one result!

In different regions of the ancient wasteland, there began to appear a lot of figures in front of the transmission gateway to the battlefield of the nine regions.


Xuanhuang mountain.

It is located in the north of Dongsheng boundary. At this time, in front of the xuanhuang holy mountain, which is ten thousand feet high and covered in the golden radiance, many figures have gathered.

Almost all of those figures came from the great figures of the ancient orthodoxy, such as the origin of the god religion, the sun and Moon Temple, taiyidaozong and so on.

At this time, their eyes, all closely staring at the top of xuanhuang mountain, where there is a gateway to the nine domain battlefield.

On that day, when the sound of the dome road was full, the door also hummed and opened slowly in the void.

Then -

a group of figures emerged from the portal.

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"Good! As long as there are living children back! "

For a moment, the scene broke out a noisy sound, all with surprise, surprise and excitement.

Because in the past, when the battle of the nine realms ended, there were few monks who could return from the battlefield of the nine realms alive.

But now, just after the end of the third nine domain battle, so many figures have emerged, which naturally makes people very surprised!

"How's the war going?"

There is an old man in the temple of sun and moon who can't help but make a sound like thunder.

All of a sudden, the atmosphere of the whole scene was quiet."Lao Zu, we won!"

Also at this time, you hengzhen's figure came out of the transmission array. When he heard this, he couldn't help laughing.


The audience was silent again, and countless old monsters could hardly believe their ears.

"Heng Zhen, you mean Did our ancient wilderness camp win? "

The old man couldn't help asking again.

You hengzhen took a deep breath and said, "yes, our ancient wilderness camp won. A year ago, we swept the eight kingdoms camp and defeated all the enemies."

Every word, like the thunder of the road, resounds between the heaven and the earth and smashes in the heart of every big man.

They stare at each other, just like hearing an impossible miracle, unable to recover for a moment.

Sweep the eight domains camp?

Defeat all enemies?

It's just It's incredible!

"Heng Zhen, let me ask you again, this Is that true

The antique was in a trance, still making a sound of disbelief.

Like you hengzhen, the strong men who have just returned from the jiuyu battlefield can't help laughing. They feel that not only the big men, but also themselves, even when they think of what they have experienced in the jiuyu battlefield, have a dream like feeling.

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You hengzhen looked firm and said: "Laozu, don't doubt that we really won! This time, our ancient wasteland has been able to outcompete the other eight in the fight for the nine realms. We have won a great victory! "

"We I really won

An old monster couldn't control his emotion. He cried out excitedly and his eyes were red.

"Come on, tell me about it. I want to know how you defeated those eight domains. It's a pain and pleasure that never happened in the past!"

A big man was ecstatic.

"Won Win Ha ha ha I have finally swept away my former shame and won a great victory today

Some people laugh wildly, smile, smile, tears flow down.

It's not easy!

Since ancient times, in the struggle of the nine realms, the ancient wasteland has suffered many humiliations and tears, and the accumulated anger and hatred are higher than the sky and deeper than the sea.

Now, at last, we have a big revenge!

For a moment, the whole xuanhuang mountain area was filled with excited, boiling and cheering voices.

This kind of thing also happened in different areas of the ancient wasteland and before different transmission portals.

When Xiaotiantian, yechen, ruowu, Xiao Qinghe, Yue Jianming, ye Mohe, Ji Xingyao and other strong figures return to the ancient wasteland.

It also brought about the victory and good news in the fight of nine domains!

For a time, the world was a sensation, and the whole ancient wasteland was boiling.

When the news of the great victory spread like a hurricane, the details of the great victory also spread.

"What? He is looking for a man in the forest to pacify the foreign enemies in the eight regions? "

The first time they got the news was from the ancient orthodoxy in the ancient wasteland. When they learned that Lintian's feats in the battlefield of the nine regions were all shocked, and they lost their manners.

"How is that possible? How did he do it? "

"A person, turn the tide, turn the world around?"

I don't know how many startled voices rang out, and I don't know how many big people couldn't sit still and trembled.

Three years ago, before entering the jiuyu battlefield, two supreme sages, SHAOHAO and ruowu, were born in the ancient wasteland.

A man and a woman, like the sun and the moon in the sky, became the most remarkable existence in the ancient wasteland.

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At that time, Lintian had never been a saint at the top of the mountain, and he was only the king at the top of the mountain. Although he was well-known all over the world, he could not talk about the existence of many ancient forces.

Just like that sentence, under the sage, are mole ants!

But after these three years, everything about Lintian was completely different.

He is not only the supreme sage, but also has the invincible potential in this situation. He is invincible in the nine domain battlefield!

No doubt it's incredible!

"Who can think of, who can think of..."

I don't know how many big people sigh and feel complicated.

When Lintian rose from the ancient wasteland, he did not know how many big forces he had offended and how many ups and downs he had caused.

Some people hate it, some hate it, and some admire it.

However, after his rise to the present day, he has never joined any orthodoxy. He has always been fighting alone.

What is a person?

For those ancient orthodoxy and ethnic groups, it is difficult for a person to become a big climate without support and influence!

However, such a person is regarded as "the first person in the field of nine domains" because he dominates the eight domains!

It's such a person who rebuilt the city of protecting the road in the ancient wasteland, protected all the strong people in the ancient wasteland, and finally turned the world around, avenged countless ancestors in the ancient wasteland!It's also such a person. If he is the most holy, he will win the battle of nine realms for the ancient wasteland camp!

From now on, who dares to underestimate such a person?

"This feeling is bigger than the sky. No matter who it is, no matter which force it is, it must be recognized! Because without Lintian, there would be no ancient wasteland today! "

There are antiques, excited and sonorous.

This view has become the common cognition of many religious forces.

Yes, this time, the ancient wasteland won the battle of the nine realms, and Lin Xunzheng contributed a lot.

Such a great achievement is enough to benefit all living beings, to be remembered in the history of the Qing Dynasty and for generations to come!

Even those who hated, hated and hated Lintian could not change this fact!

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