Chapter 1022: Chapter 1021 – A Big Jump

This Xie Yufeng was pretty rich, wasn’t he? Buying a sports car from day one of his transfer?

But Lin Yi didn’t care about what car he drove, it had nothing to do with him. He turned to leave after one look at the car. As long as Yufeng didn’t mess with him, he could do whatever he wanted.

Lin Yi reached class, and it was already the first period in the afternoon. He sat down in his seat.

Not long after, the teacher came in and started class.

Xiaoxiao felt disappointed- Lin Yi didn’t give her any special looks when he came in- didn’t he realize that she was different from usual? Even that idiot, Xie Yufeng, realized!

A while later, realizing that Lin Yi wasn’t looking at her and instead was paying attention to class with a textbook in hand, Xiaoxiao felt a wave of displeasure!

She cleared her throat, hoping to attract Lin Yi’s attention.

“Hm? You have a cold?” Lin Yi said once he heard the coughing. But he didn’t raise his head.

“No…” Xiaoxiao felt quite truobled! “Hey, Lin Yi, talk to me?”

“Talk? What about class?” Lin Yi asked.

“You skip class all the time, what’s the point? Come chat with me!” Xiaoxiao said, panicking a little.

“Then talk. I’m listening,” Lin Yi nodded.

“You… You… You…” Xiaoxiao was getting frustrated- she spit out three you’s, and couldn’t hold it in anymore, “Can’t you just turn around and look at me?”

“Look at you? For what?” Lin Yi asked.

“You’re afraid to look, aren’t you!” Xiaoxiao said, frustrated.

“Hah…” Lin Yi’s observational skills were high- the moment he entered the room he realized that Xiaoxiao was in makeup- and she looked stunning!

She never wore makeup in school, but today she was wearing a light makeup with carefully tended to hair, as well as a nicely dressed outfit, along with small accessories. It made her look tender and beautiful.

But Lin Yi knew what Xiaoxiao wanted- he just didn’t say it.

As expected, this Xiaoxiao couldn’t wait for him to see her.

“What are you smiling at?” Xiaoxiao asked again, “Are you afraid to look at me or what?”

“Yeah…” Lin Yi nodded.

“Huh?” Xiaoxiao froze, not expecting that answer! She gritted her teeth after pausing a moment. “Lin Yi… You… You… Why are you afraid?”

“Because you’re too pretty today- I felt an urge just from one look when I came in, and who knows if I’ll molest you if I look too much,” Lin Yi said.

“Ah?” Xiaoxiao’s mouth went open at the words, in shock- the next moment, however, she was smiling happily! So Lin Yi did see her! She was overjoyed, and couldn’t help herself, “It’s okay, look more! I’m not afraid of getting molested!”

Lin Yi cleared his throat!

“Lin Yi, what’s wrong? Do you have a cold?” Xiaoxiao smiled, knowing that Lin Yi was choking from what she said. Being able to mess with Lin Yi a little was a really fun thing to do.

“No…” Lin Yi smiled bitterly,”Xiaoxiao, you really do look pretty today.”

“Hehe, good thing I woke up early! I was so pissed that I almost went and removed all the makeup and messed up my hair because you weren’t there this morning!” Xiaoxiao smiled.

Lin Yi couldn’t hold back anymore- he had considerations before, but since Tianlong and Tang Yin all agreed for Lin Yi and Xiaoxiao to be an item, along with the Miss and Shu accepting the situation… Lin Yi suddenly felt his urges take over him, his hands going out of control…

Xiaoxiao felt her waist being grabbed by Lin Yi, and her face reddened! She was a daredevil herself, but they were in a classroom, and the teacher was right there! Xiaoxiao tensed up and panicked.

But, this was a rare chance of Lin Yi initiating a moment of intimacy- she didn’t want to pull his hand away, since it was hard for Lin Yi to do this sort of thing normally. She didn’t know what to think.

Her body, due to her nervousness, tensed up like a fried lobster.

Lin Yi felt that, and quickly took his hand away- he shouldn’t have acted on impulse. Xiaoxiao was a girl, after all, and brave and cocky as she may be, doing this in a classroom wasn’t really apppropriate if someone saw.

Feeling the hand move away, Xiaoxiao breathed in relief, but felt disappointment, the next instant. That moment where Lin Yi touched her body made her heart beat fast- to tell the truth, she liked that feeling…

Was this the happiness that couples felt? Xiaoxiao knew that she didn’t have much time left, and didn’t care whether or not things were moving too quickly. Since she’d already chosen Lin Yi, he’d be her first boyfriend, only boyfriend, and last boyfriend!

She was about to be twenty soon, and who knew when she’d die suddenly? Now that she finally had a boyfriend, she had to enjoy this lovey-dovey stuff more! She didn’t have time to have second thoughts!

But would she scare Lin Yi away if she was too passionate? Tang Yin was a more traditional woman, wasn’t she? The thought of that made her have doubts again. What a headache, she couldn’t even rush it…

“Xiaoxiao, I’m sorry,” Lin Yi said, thinking that her silence meant that she was pissed. He quickly apologized with a bitter smile.

“It’s… It’s nothing…” Xiaoxiao shook her head, “We sit at the back, so people can’t really see, so… If you want, you can continue…”

“Haha, maybe when we’re alone,” Lin Yi said, holding himself back.

“Oh…” Xiaoxiao nodded, a little disappointed. Although, Lin Yi did say they would do it when they were alone- and that meant he said yes! The old Lin Yi would reject her for sure, but now that he said yes, it made her very happy. She whispered in his ear. “When we’re alone, I’ll let you touch my boobs…”

“Wha?!” Lin Yi almost jumped off the chair! Xiaoxiao’s words reminded him of that time at the auction, and his heartbeat quickened as he looked at the pretty girl with half-closed eyes… He really had the urge to kiss her.

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