"In the future, we should change our attitude towards Lintian..."

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Many ancient orthodoxy realized that today's Lintian was completely different from the past.

He is already the overlord in the supreme holy land, and the "first person in the battlefield of the nine realms" that even the nine realms have to admit!

Looking at the whole ancient wasteland, looking at the past and present, there is only one person!

"One person can be a party of orthodoxy!"

There are the old things in the saint kingdom.

Maybe the present Lintian is just a true saint in the holy land, but his future achievements are destined to surpass any holy land in the world!

Just the word "juetong" is enough to make those true saints in the ancient wasteland bow their heads!

"In the past, when this son was regarded as a contemporary myth, I still sneered at him, but now You can't do without recognizing it! "

"The times have changed. The ancient wasteland in the future is destined to be the world of those young people, and this Lintian is undoubtedly one of the leaders."

Similar conversations continued to ferment. As time went on, the whole ancient wasteland also knew Lintian's feats in the battlefield of the nine regions.

For a time, the world was shocked everywhere, and the name of "Lintian" was discussed in the world!


Shenji Pavilion.

Mr. miaoxuan laughed, and the laughter resounded into the sky, which was beyond words.

His tense heartstrings are finally relaxed at this moment, and the whole person has an unprecedented ease, excitement and joy.

"What a Lintian, what a first man in the nine regions battlefield!"

"Elder martial brother, you're right. The hope of the battlefield change in the nine regions is only in one person. Now, all this has come true."

Mr. Miao Xuan has always been elegant, gentle and mellow, but at this time, he has a wanton manner and laughs.

At the end of the day, he even picked up a wine pot, drank a lot, and yelled, "tong'er, take the book and pen!"

Soon, a boy came forward respectfully and presented the spring and Autumn Annals and the Qing history books.

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Mr. Miao Xuan sat on the ground, holding a pen and waving a brush.

"After three years, the battle of the nine domains ended. Lintian, with his own power, ruled the universe and oppressed the eight domains..."

Lines of writing, like a road brand, appear in the thick, boundless history books.

"This victory is the first in the history of the ancient wasteland, and it can snow the blood hatred of the ancient and modern. With this skill, Lintian can live forever in the history of the ancient wasteland..."

Every line, every sentence, was written in the book of Qing history by Mr. Miao Xuan.

Until the end, Mr. Miao Xuan almost tried his best to end up with the eight words of "work in the future, magnificent Lintian"!

Write it.

Mr. miaoxuan drank and laughed.


When the whole ancient wasteland was in a sensation, it was on the immortal mountain.

Lintian, Zhao Jingxuan, Laoge, ALU, and the big blackbird are exchanging for "Heaven's blessing".

Three years ago, they and their party entered the nine domain battlefield from here.

According to the immortal mountain servant, the ancient desert order worn by every strong man has the magical function of accumulating war honors. The more enemies he kills, the more war honors he accumulates.

Zhan Xun, on the other hand, can be exchanged for heaven's blessing.

Immortality mountain is one of the "blessed places" that have gathered the great fortune of heaven and earth since ancient times.

When he participated in the competition for the list of small giants in those years, Lintian had experienced the magical effect of "good fortune" and had immeasurable benefits for cultivation.

This opportunity can not be wasted.

"I didn't expect that you did something that the ancients didn't do, so that the ancient wasteland finally won the battle of nine domains."

The spirit servant sighed.

He was formed by the rules of immortal mountain, and his mind fluctuated mercilessly. However, it was clear that this great victory was an earth shaking event.

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After sighing, the spirit servant pointed to the top of the immortal mountain and said, "there is a" Dao Tai "there. If you sit on it, you can exchange the ancient wasteland for the corresponding Dao Qi Yun. Which one of you will come first?"

Before the sound fell, whoosh, the big blackbird rushed up for the first time and cried, "bird, come first!"

"Shameless!" Old clam and Aru glared at each other.

Big blackbird does not care, squatting on the "platform".

In an instant, a wave of invisible road atmosphere diffused from the immortal mountain.

The naked eye can clearly see that on that stage, thousands of magnificent rain light and haze are scattered, which completely covers the big blackbird.

"That's the great road?"

Lintian couldn't help being moved. He was so lucky that he was always mysterious, subtle and unpredictable.

But now, the power of those great roads turns into a series of auspicious rain, light and haze, ethereal and transparent, illusory as the light of flying immortals.

Carefully to induction, but found nothing to feel, it is very mysterious."Everyone has Qi luck. The more gifted people are, the stronger their Qi luck will be, and the more gains they will get from practicing Tao."

"Those with bad luck can't grasp the opportunity even if it's in front of them. Even if they do, they won't be happy."

The spirit servant said in a voice, "some monks are stupid people. If they have a great chance, it will be a disaster for them."

"God, how unfair."

The old clam sighed.

"God, when is it fair?"

Alu said, "our generation's cultivation, whether it's for the sake of longevity or for the power of transcending the secular world, is just fighting against God and unwilling to accept his fate. Everyone knows that fate and luck are always closely related."

Lintian nodded to himself. What old clam and Alu said was true. In ancient times, anyone who could make great achievements on the road had a kind of spirit and breadth of mind that "life is not controlled by heaven, and man can conquer heaven".

Even, it's no exaggeration to say, from all to saints, from saints to emperors Every step of practice is also an act of changing one's life against heaven!

However, some people are born with good fortune. They are born with extraordinary talent and super talent. Some people are dull, just like rotten wood.

This is the difference between fate and fortune.

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The so-called "all souls in heaven are born equal" has always been an illusion.

Those born saints, gods, fairies, emperors Can you be equal to the children in Feiyun village?

Once they were born, their fate was totally different!

Before long, the big blackbird stepped down from the Taoist platform, wobbling, like drunk, fuming, dizzy, and tut tut Tut, saying: "this is luck, gathering the mystery of the ancient and modern heaven and earth, subtle and wonderful..."

"Thief bird, do you think there is any change?"

Aru couldn't help asking.

The big blackbird was stunned, his eyes were clear again, and he said, "I can't say it, but I can feel that he is closer to Tiandi Avenue, there is a kind of It's like a fish in water. "

"I'll try."

The old clam couldn't help it and rushed over in a hurry.

Soon, the old clam was shrouded in a series of auspicious rain and light.

Taking advantage of this time, Zhao Jingxuan asked, "brother Xun, what's your plan after you leave immortal mountain?"

The big blackbird next to him pricked up his ears.

Now, with the end of the nine realms battlefield, Lintian has become the supreme saint who created his own Dharma. Looking at the whole ancient wasteland, even the existence of the great holy land can no longer threaten Lintian.

Unless the sage king does it!

However, the existence of terror such as sage king has either gone to the front battlefield of the ancient wasteland, or in the closed pass, it is impossible to appear in the world without the situation of life and death involving the collapse of the sect.

What would Lintian do while he was waiting?

Will they seek revenge from the big forces such as the black nightmare Tiangou clan, Tianshu holy land, Dadi Tibetan temple, haihun clan and Jinwu vein?

Big blackbird wants to know.

It should be noted that when Lintian was in the ancient wasteland, he was beaten by these big forces for many times, and he had already formed a blood feud that could not be resolved!

Lintian thought about it and said, "I'm going to Shenji Pavilion."

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Shenji pavilion?

Zhao Jingxuan, big blackbird and Alu were all stunned.


Lintian nodded. When he was in sanglindi, the battlefield of killing blood, he promised Jinchan something that would involve the situation of the front battlefield. Now it's time to do it.

"Bird Lord, I thought you would go to the Dadi Tibetan temple for revenge It turns out that if you just go to Shenji Pavilion, you can rest assured. "

The big blackbird spoke with relief.

Lintian asked: "if I really want to do this, are you going to stop me?"

The big blackbird said: "you must stop it. That ghost place is very dangerous. If you go with your strength now, you may not be arrested. Even if those bald donkeys show mercy, they will suppress you forever."

Lintian raised his eyebrows: "how dangerous is it?"

The big blackbird wanted to talk but stopped, and finally sighed, "you should know very well how powerful the monk Duji is, but in the end Have you not been robbed? "

Lintian was surprised: "didn't the holy monk of Duji want to go on a road without going on, and he was in trouble because he broke the taboo?"

"That's just one of the reasons."

The big blackbird didn't want to say more and said vaguely, "in a word, don't underestimate Dadi Tibetan temple. You are invincible in juetong holy land, but Dadi Tibetan temple can suppress you like a fly if it really uses the means to press the bottom of the box."

At the end, he reminded, "bird, I didn't mean to hit you. I just told you that Dadi Tibetan temple is different from other holy places. Those bald donkeys There's someone up there

The big blackbird poked out his paw and pointed to the green hell.

"Star road?"Lintian's eyes were black.

The big blackbird acquiesced, sighed and said: "in fact, the forces behind the kunshaoyu, xueqingyi and jianqingchen, who you have seen in the nine regions battlefield, have a lot to do with some forces on the ancient star road."

"In the ancient wasteland, of course, there was such a situation. The Dadi Tibetan temple was only one of them. In addition, according to the bird master's knowledge, Shenji Pavilion should also be related to a certain orthodoxy on the ancient star road."

This is the first time that the big blackbird has revealed so many secrets.

Lintian couldn't help but be moved. He didn't expect that the roots of holy and secluded places such as dadizang temple and Shenji pavilion would be so deep!

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