Chapter 51. Perplexing behavior

In total, there were two bikes in the village. One was the leader family's and the other was Lin Qing He family's.

It was conceivable how much respect Lin Qing He's family get for owning such a bicycle.

Second Sister-in-law was extremely upset, and also very discontent.

She wanted to see the joke, but instead, the other person showed off. Which really tore down her spirit.

When cooking lunch, Second Sister-in-law was like someone had owed her money.

Eldest Sister-in-law and Third Sister-in-law exchanged glances, and they knew what was up.

After the meal, they each went back to their room. What was great about Old Zhou Family, was that each family had their own room instead of squeezing together.

Toward Second Sister-in-law's thoughts, Eldest Sister-in-law and Third Sister-in-law was pretty clear about it. After all, they have been sisters-in-law for so many years, who doesn't know what the other was like.

She was envious.

Second Brother also caught on. When he returned to the room, he coaxed her: "What are you doing? Fourth didn't spend your money to buy the bike. Who are you giving that look to?

"What? I can't be angry in this house anymore!" Like she was ignited, Second Sister exploded at once. She angrily roared.

"Be quieter!" Second Brother immediately said.

"Why should I be quieter? Have I said anything? I can't speak, is it?" Second Sister-in-law yelled

The couple quarreled for no reason, and Second Sister-in-law angrily packed her things and stormed back to her maternal family.

Father Zhou and Mother Zhou didn't say anything. They acted like they didn't know.

Second Brother didn't go bring her back and let her live at her maternal house. If he brought her back now, her fire will definitely be burning.

Lin Qing He found out Second Sister-in-law had returned to her maternal family when she came to borrow the sewing machine.

Perfect timing. The only person she didn't want to interact with in the old Zhou's house was this Second Sister-in-law. Let's all comply with 'Well water does not violate river water'. Why must she speak and act so obscure each time they meet. It was great that she wasn't home. (T/N: idiom, basically mean I live my life, you live yours. Don't intrude into another's territory)

She brought some white rabbit candy over and gave Eldest Sister-in-law's three daughters one each. Then shared one to Eldest Sister-in-law's only son at the moment.

"Fourth Auntie, I want two." Little Zhou Yang, Eldest Sister-in-law uttered.

"No more. Fourth Auntie only brought four. Yang Yang and your sisters get one each." Lin Qing He said.

Zhou Da Ni wanted to give her share to her brother when Lin Qing He stated: "He already has his. You girls got to have a taste."

"Listen to your Fourth Auntie," Eldest Sister-in-law added.

Zhou Da Hi ate hers. The white rabbit candy was so sweet that everyone was in a good mood.

Lin Qing He asked Eldest Sister-in-law to guide on the detailed part of making clothes for Zhou Qing Bai. Eldest Sister-in-law saw that she was really getting involved now, so naturally, she was willing to connect with her. She diligently taught her.

Lin Qing He's comprehension skill was high because the original owner knew how to. She just had to adjust it and it wasn't difficult to make two sets of clothes for Zhou Qingbai.

"I can see that Eldest Sister-in-law had a much better complexion now." Lin Qing He quickly improved and conversed with Eldest Sister-in-law.

"Is that so? I have recently felt a lot more comfortable in my body. The benefits of eating apple aren't little." Eldest Sister-in-law remarked.

"If it's not good, I won't have told you. That's right, if Eldest Brother needs to do something in the county city in the future, you can tell him to come over and ride the bicycle." Lin Qing He.

"That would be very nice." Eldest Sister-in-law smiled.

Although they might not necessarily use it, it made her feel at ease when Lin Qing He gave her the go-ahead.

Now it came up, Eldest Sister-in-law couldn't understand what Second Sister-in-law was angry about.

This bicycle didn't spend a cent of her money. They definitely used Fourth Brother-in-law's retirement fund. Fourth Brother-in-law bought it back, so in future, if the family ever needs it, he will definitely lend it.

This meant the three families can use Brother-in-law's bike for free. It counts as taking advantage. What was Second Sister-in-law mad about?

"During this period of time, it is the highest peak for development in your belly. Eat more nutritious things, and the baby will be very smart after birth." Lin Qing He advised.

Although she had never given birth, but her colleagues in her previous life had. She heard an earful of the pregnancy experience.

With the current condition at home, it was better than most people in the village. At least because of their pregnancy, she and Third's wife can still have an egg for nourishment each day.

Second Sister-in-law did not receive this treatment.

Of course, when Second Sister-in-law was pregnant, she had it.

However, Eldest Sister-in-law made no comment. She instructed her on making clothes. The stitches and the likes were taught clearly.

After coming a few days, Lin Qing He almost completed Zhou Qing Bai's first set of clothes.

It was a close-fitting one. It had both the top and the trousers. As it was made with earthen cloth, so it was very warm.

Zhou Qing Bai was in a very good mood, receiving his new clothes. He implied that it was fine to casually make it. Apparently, she put in the effort. Her stitches were impeccable.

And it was also very close-fitting, just his size.

"It was hard on wife." Zhou Qing Bai looked at her.

Lin Qinghe didn't know if she was the suspected neighbor for robbing the ax. She always felt that his gaze was slightly hot. Wasn't it just a set of clothes, what's up with you?

There was no need to make any for Da Wa and his brothers. This year a set of cotton coats was made for them. They also have two sets of clothes inside. Shoes and socks were complete. No need for tomorrow and the slightly cold spring. Autumn was also fine. Just need to make the summer set.

It goes without saying that Zhou Qing Bai's summer clothes also need to be made.

The preserved eggs marinated last month were ready to be eaten this month. After coming over for few days to continuously borrow old Zhou Family's sewing machine, Lin Qing He brought two salted eggs over for Father Zhou and Mother Zhou.

As soon as she entered the door, she saw Second Sister-in-law. When Second Sister-in-law saw her, she smiled and said, "Fourth Sister-in-law had come. Is this cloth brought to show filial to Father and Mother?"

"No, I'm going to make clothes for Qing Bai with this. These two salted eggs were personally pickled by me are for Father and Mother. By the way, Second sister-in-law, what are you going give to Father and Mother as filial piety?" Lin Qing He threw back.

Second Sister-in-law laughed it off, "With my family condition, how can I compare with yours?"

"That's true. It really can't be compared." Lin Qing He nodded.

This enraged Second Sister-in-law a lot and she turned around and left.

Lin Qinghe snorted. Eldest Sister-in-law gave her a wink. Lin Qing He nodded and went over to Mother Zhou's room. She gave her the salty pickled eggs: "I marinated it myself. Mother, you and Father have a taste. If you like it, I'll bring some more. "

"Keep them for Da Wa and his brothers, no need to bring them." Mother Zhou responded.

"There's still some at home." Lin Qing He left the egg and came to the storeroom.

Old Zhou Family's storeroom was where the sewing machine was placed.

She began to sew clothes. In the past few days, she was already thoroughly familiar with the process. Not long later, Eldest Sister-in-law also came over.

"What happened just now?" Eldest Sister-in-law asked.

"Who knows. She behaved perplexingly when I enter the door. It's becoming a habit." Lin Qing He couldn't care less.

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