Before long, the old clam came down from the platform. He looked like he was drunk and in a trance.

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At half an hour, he said with intoxicated emotion: "the road is full of good fortune. Is it really It's wonderful, and it's indescribable. "

"I'll try."

Alu couldn't help it and went up in high spirits.

Before long, ARU also staggered back, rattling his mouth like aftertaste: "it feels like It's like the heart is flying, the bones are crisp, absolutely

With a smile, Lintian looked at Zhao Jingxuan and said, "try it, too."

Zhao Jingxuan nodded, stepped on the platform and sat on the ground.

"Big brother, when shall we take revenge?"

Taking advantage of this opportunity, the old clam asked excitedly, "in those days, there were many enemies who bullied our brothers. Now, it's time for a wave of big rewards."

"Old clam is right." Aru nodded fiercely.

But Lintian shook his head and said, "not now. You'll talk about revenge when I come back."

Why didn't he want to take revenge immediately?

It should be noted that the spirit of the spirit bow is still trapped in the nest of the golden and black veins!

In addition, before entering the battlefield of the nine regions, many old men tried to kill him secretly in order to avoid future trouble.

Such as "Falin" of dadizang temple, such as an elder of Tongtian sword sect, such as an antique named "Xiao Yao" from Tianshu holy land.

These people, worried that he would grow up completely after entering the battlefield of the nine regions, and become a serious trouble, so they started to fight hard one after another.

But in the end, they were not able to do so. They were stopped by the drunk sword old man who rode the green donkey and hung the sword gourd, as well as the older generation of strong men, such as the white haired beautiful woman who was happy in the sky, the night, the smile did not return, Wei zangyun and so on.

All this was arranged by Mr. Shen.

According to Mr. Shen, this is hatred. If those enemies don't take this opportunity to solve Lintian, they will not have many opportunities.

At that time, Lintian was almost invincible in the holy land.

He has a strong foundation and extraordinary talent. One person can influence the situation of the world, which is enough to make those who are strong in the ancient wasteland despair.

Such a person, when entering the nine domain battlefield, as long as there is no accident, he will be able to become a saint!

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When Lintian returned from the battlefield of the nine regions, it was his turn to sleep and eat!

So at the beginning, those enemies who were hostile to Lintian would attack him at all costs.

Unfortunately, they all failed in the end.

Now, with great power, Lintian returned to the ancient wasteland as the first person in the battlefield of the nine regions!

Of course, it's impossible to forget those old accounts.

"Big brother wants to go to Shenji Pavilion by himself?"

The old clam was stunned.

Lintian nodded and didn't explain anything.

Because the ultimate goal of this trip is actually to fight in the front battlefield of the ancient wasteland, which belongs to the world where the strong in the quasi imperial territory fight!

It's too dangerous to take them with you.

At this time, Zhao Jingxuan also returned. Hearing this, he couldn't help saying, "I don't even take it with me?"

Lintian was dumb and said, "you, old clam and ALU, just wait for me to come back."

Then, without waiting for Zhao Jingxuan to speak again, he flashed to the platform and sat down with his knees crossed.

Zhao Jingxuan, old clam and Alu looked at each other and realized that Lintian's attitude had been decided and no one could change it.

As soon as he sat on the "Taoist platform", Lintian had a wonderful feeling that his spirit was immersed in the chaotic torrent, drifting with the current in a vast and mysterious situation.

That's the power of the road!

But when you really meditate on it, you can't understand the "mystery" in it. It's too obscure and mysterious to name.

Life and luck are always one, and the arrival of Dao Qi Yun is enough to affect a person's pursuit of Dao Qi Yun.

The change of qi movement will inevitably affect the trend of the temperament.

However, no matter who is, even if the cultivation is as lofty as the emperor's realm, it is difficult to get rid of the fetters of fate!

It's OK to jump out of the world, but it's almost impossible to jump out of causality and fate.

At this moment, even in Lintian's present state, he could not understand the true mystery of Dao Qi Yun.

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But this did not prevent him from acquiring this mysterious power.

Moreover, the huge amount of war medals accumulated in his ancient wasteland was enough for him to gain the great fortune far beyond his imagination!


Sure enough, not long after, the spirit servant who had been paying close attention to all this also noticed the abnormality, and could not help but be surprised and said, "how much merit has this son accumulated?"

In his eyes, the road's air transportation power, which had been gathering in the whole immortal mountain for a long time, was constantly pouring into Lintian, just like a burst of water, with no end!"A lot, too much to imagine."

Old clam and Alu look strange.

After careful calculation, in the three years since the beginning of the nine domain battle, the number of eight domain strongmen who died in Lintian's hands was just like a constant number, which could not be counted at all!

Now, all of these have turned into many meritorious deeds, and become the weight for Lintian to get the good fortune.

"You can't tell?"

It's unimaginable for the servant to stay.

"Master, you don't know that the reason why the ancient wasteland camp won the nine domains battle was almost entirely due to my elder brother..."

The old clam couldn't help explaining.

Knowing this, the spirit servant was stunned, and then sighed: "no wonder, no wonder..."

But before long, the spirit servant's face changed and said, "is this boy going to swallow up all the good fortune of immortal mountain?"

The spirit servant was transformed by the rule power of immortal mountain. Only he could clearly realize that nearly four Chengdu had been acquired by Lintian alone on the huge immortal mountain!

Moreover, this situation is still going on!

When Lintian came down from the platform, the spirit servant's face was green, and his eyes were staring at Lintian, and he was ready to kill.

This made Lintian startled. Didn't he get some good fortune? As for putting on this kind of expression?

He didn't know that he had swallowed up more than half of the great fortune that immortal mountain had accumulated over a long period of time. How could it be that the spirit servant didn't hurt?

Fortunately, the spirit servant is just the power of the rules. If the master of immortal mountain is not dead, he would have killed people already.

"Big brother, what's the change?" The old clam couldn't help asking.

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Hearing the words, Lintian couldn't help exclaiming: "it was really wonderful. In a short time, I was able to further my cultivation. Now I have entered the later stage of the true holy land successfully!"

“……” Old clam, ALU and Zhao Jingxuan were all stuffy and speechless.

The big blackbird couldn't stand it any more. He cried, "it's just the luck of the road. It affects your own fortune. Why does it make your cultivation go further?"

Lintian said innocently: "I don't know. Maybe it was influenced by luck?"

Lucky you!

The big blackbird has the impulse to beat people.


On that day, Lintian and his party left immortal mountain and returned to Xingqi sea.

At this time, there is a carnival in the whole ancient wasteland. The fight of the nine realms has won a great victory, which makes the whole world of monks excited. There is no reason not to celebrate.

This is an unprecedented event!

But there are also some orthodoxy and forces that seem to be very dull, and everyone's mind is blocked.

Such as Tianshu holy land, Heiyan Tiangou clan, Dadi Tibetan temple, Jinwu Yimai, haihun clan, xuandu daozong, wanhuolingshan and so on.

These forces had blood feuds with Lintian.

When he learned that Lintian had made great achievements in the nine regions, and that this young man, who had been regarded as a thorn in the flesh by them, had now become "the first man in the nine regions", how could he feel happy?

"The situation is gone, this son It's a big problem! "

I don't know how many people sigh and wail.

"With his reputation now, it would be a disaster if he wanted to get revenge."

I don't know how many people are worried.

"Damn it! How could that be? He is a little bastard who has no family and no school, but now he has become the Savior of the whole ancient wasteland? "

"If I had known this, I would have strangled it before the holy land, no matter what the cost is!"

More people are resentful and furious.

"This son is fierce in nature, and he will be rewarded for his aggression. Now that he has gained power, it is absolutely impossible for him to choose forbearance. He just doesn't know when he will choose to do it."

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"Also, it is said that in the battlefield of the nine regions, almost all the young people in the ancient wasteland, who have become saints at the top of the mountain, take this son as their leader. If they know that this son is attacking us, how can those young people who have already reached the top of the mountain not help us?"


Similar comments resounded in every force hostile to Lintian. For a moment, those forces were gloomy and worried.

Lintian is totally different from before. Now, he has become a threat to the existence of one party's orthodoxy, no matter in strength or reputation!

Who can not worry about the hostile forces?

Even, from this day on, they have already begun to plan, if Lin Xun really comes, how to deal with it.

If only Lintian was one person, it would not be terrible.

But if those young people who have set foot in the holy land of jiuyu go together to find out for Lin, it will be trouble!

However, unexpectedly, with the passage of time, a few days later, Lintian's voice was still singing in the whole ancient wasteland.

But others like the world evaporated like, no news.No one knows where Lintian went after returning from the battlefield of nine domains.


Shenji Pavilion.

"The frontline battlefield is extremely dangerous. All the strong people in the quasi imperial territory are in danger of falling. Do you really want to go?"

Mr. Miao Xuan can't help reminding.

Just now, Lintian came to visit in person, which surprised him. But when he realized the purpose of Lintian's visit, he couldn't calm down.

The frontier battlefield of ancient wasteland.

It's a dangerous place where saints and kings can turn pale and flinch. From ancient times to the present, I don't know how many people in the quasi imperial realm are buried in it.

Lintian planned to go there alone!

How can Mr. Miao Xuan not be surprised?


(2 even more! Go out to work at night)

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