Chapter 1021: Chapter 1020 – Feng Xiaoxiao Going Crazy

After a comfortable hot water bath, Lin Yi put on his clothes and picked up his phone. He was about to go out when he saw ten missed calls and more than twenty messages!

The messages were sent in different times, but Lin Yi received them all when he turned on his phone. The phone calls must have been from before.

Lin Yi looked at the missed calls- one was from Tang Yin, and the others- from Xiaoxiao!

Lin Yi blinked. He looked at the messages, speechless- all of these were from Xiaoixao as well!

‘Honey, I miss you!’ This was from midnight.

‘I woke up early today, don’t be late!’ Morning.

‘I’m ready, should I go down first?’ Morning as well.

‘Lin Yi? Why aren’t you replying?” Morning.

‘Lin Yi, are you coming to get me or not? I don’t see you! We’re gonna be late!’ Morning as well.

‘Waaah, have you forgotten about me?’

‘Your phone’s turned off… You really aren’t coming…’

‘Lin Yi, you bastard, at least tell me if you don’t want me anymore! I spent the entire damned morning to make myself look pretty!’

‘I’ll get a taxi, I’m not waiting for you anymore!’

‘How come you’re not at school yet? Where are you? What happened?’ This was sent before noon.

‘Why’s your phone still turned off? What’s wrong?’ Before noon.

Lin Yi looked at the messages with a bitter smile. He slapped his head- he had promised to bring her to school this morning, but he couldn’t because of Uncle Fu’s healing!

What about Yin Yin? He wondered how she got to school. He checked his phone, and found Yin Yin’s message among a sea of Xiaoxiao’s messages.

“Lin Yi, Uncle Fu came to fetch me today, he said you needed to rest up after healing him. I’m okay, so you rest well!’

Lin Yi understood now, it was Uncle Fu who took care of her, since he knew that Lin Yi went to get Tang Yin every morning, and he took it upon himself to drive her! Xiaoxiao, on the other hand, wasn’t a constant like Tang Yin, and even Mengyao and Yushu didn’t think of her.

After all, Xiaoxiao always drove to school by herself- who knew that she had a date with Lin Yi in the morning?

Lin Yi sighed, but called her.

“Lin Yi, you finally called! I’m so happy, you called your mistress!” Xiaoxiao’s happy voice sounded from the phone.

Lin Yi was about to say sorry to her, since he felt that he was a little bit of a jerk judging from Xiaoxiao’s messages, making her wait for nothing. But at the same time, he couldn’t help but pull back the apology when he heard Xiaoxiao was so happy.

“I was healing someone and forgot the time, so I didn’t wake up this morning,” Lin Yi said.

“Okay, I know! I knew you wouldn’t ignore me for no reason- you even ignored your main wife, and called the small wife first! Yin Yin’s going to be jealous!” Xiaoxiao said happily.

“Xiaoxiao? What are you talking about, who’s jealous?!” Tang Yin said helplessly.

She didn’t feel anything from the fact that Lin Yi called Xiaoxiao first, since she never planned on fighting Xiaoxiao for this sort of thing in the first place. Plus, Xiaoxiao had sent more than twenty messages while she’d only sent one, in which she told Lin Yi that she understood the situation. Lin Yi calling Xiaoxiao first to explain was simply logical- what was there to be jealous of?

“Oh? You’re with Yin Yin?” Lin Yi paused, wondering if Tang Yin would be displeased that he called Xiaoxiao first. Although, she didn’t sound any different, so probably not.

“I couldn’t find you, so I had to go look for Yin Yin sis- she told me you didn’t come get me because you’re healing someone,” Xiaoxiao said, “Yin Yin’s call got through to you earlier, but you didn’t pick up, so I gave you a bunch more calls…”

“Haha…” Lin Yi shook his head. Xiaoxiao was quite optimistic- she got angry easily, and became happily equally as easily.

“Are you coming to school later?” Xioaxiao asked.

“Yeah, in a bit.” Lin Yi said.

“Okay!” Xiaoxiao said, excitedly. She woke up early to make herself look extraordinarily pretty today, preparing to give him a surprise this morning only for him to ditch her. She’d be really dispappointed if Lin Yi would not be able to see her at all today!

“Give the phone to Yin Yin, I’ll talk to her,” Lin Yi said to Xiaoxiao, since Tang Yin was right beside her he didn’t need to call her anymore.

“Alright. Yin Yin sis, Lin Yi wants you!” Xiaoxiao quickly gave it to Tang Yin.

Tang Yin took it with a smile, “Lin Yi, did you forget about your main wife so fast, after getting a small one?”

“Haha, of course not,” Lin Yi smiled, knowing that Tang Yin was joking.

“Anyway, are you okay? You should stay home if you’re tired,” Tang Yin cared about Lin Yi- she had been with him for a long time, and wasn’t in a rush to see him.

“I’m okay. See you later,” Lin Yi said casually.

“Alright, see you. You want to talk with Xiaoxiao?” Tang Yin asked.

“Nope, bye bye,” Lin Yi hung up.

Tang Yin gave the phone to Xiaoxiao, who took it happily, “I look good, right, Yin Yin sis? Should I touch up the makeup from this morning?”

“You already look good, there’s no need to.” Tang Yin smiled.

“Really? Good then…” Xiaoxiao nodded.

Lin Yi drove to school and parked behind the street food alley, next to Xiaoxiao’s car.

Except that there was another expensive car next to Xiaoxiao’s, a black Lamborghini.

One look at that car and Lin Yi smiled- this was probably that Xie Yufeng’s car, and from the looks of it, it had just been purchased. The licence plate wasn’t even prepared yet!

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